Notable Links: 10-3/14

Michael Dunn Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder In Killing Of Jordan Davis

Parent who sued over black sperm donor gives emotional TV interview

NYPD Witnessed Telling Black Kids To Leave White Neighborhood

Ted Nugent unloads on African-American “thugs” in horribly racist column about Ferguson

30 Men Show Us Who’s Really Responsible for Preventing Sexual Assault

Slideshow: 15 films that hurt black America

Donald Trump: ‘ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ is racist’

Cop Cleared After Shooting Unarmed Man Complying With Order to Remove Hands From Waistband

Arizona School District Fires Teacher For Not Letting Racist Kids Bully A Black Student (VIDEO)

How one tweet can lead to a St. Louis County grand jury investigation

Armed Man With Criminal Record Allowed On Elevator With Obama

Would You Want Your Kids Mentored by Paula Deen? Steve Harvey Thinks So

US Ebola Victim Made Several Stops on His Way to Texas

This Country Just Abolished College Tuition Fees (And the U.S. Could Learn From It)


Boston Herald spices up White House intruder cartoon with racism

Activists fight Kochs’ North Carolina voter suppression

George Zimmerman worries that if FBI agents come, ‘he’s probably gonna shoot a few of them’?


Cop Allegedly Shot Unarmed Man Parked In His Own Driveway

Mother of 4-Year-Old Girl Vanishes After Cryptic Phone Call To Family

Albuquerque police officer jokes about shooting James Boyd–kills him two hours later

Washington football fans freak out when confronted by actual live Native Americans


14 thoughts on “Notable Links: 10-3/14

  1. The parent of the biracial child is probably suing for the monetary means to relocate to another area. They’ve awoken to the realities of what being racially different means. I race is a more compelling factor in America than LBGT will ever be.

  2. ok guys, I know this is off the record, but it’s me KingoftheTeddybears and recently I started my own wordpress blog to post my stories on. I’m currently writing a fictional, black superhero novel called Children of the Comet. So I’m here just telling you about it so if any of you are interested, then feel free to check it out when you can, so far I only have the prologue up, and hopefully by the end of this weekend I’ll put up the first chapter

  3. ..Well, if it’s any tiny amount of solace at in the Jordan Davis (R.I.P.) case is that a U.S. jury finallY reached the correct and Obvious just verdict! Sidenote: How are you Brothawolf (and fellow lovely bloggers here) doing/coping with the new season and the ole’ ‘Murican police state these days? I pray it finds you all well..

  4. I’ve been busy with school (as practically always), but did manage to take a lil time off and awhile back in the summer-would really like to use my passport more often to take a loooong (perhaps permanent) vacation from the plantation aka U.S. lol

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