Notable Links: 10-31/14

Tribe members are threatened after Washington high school shootings GOP to Kick 7 Million from Voter Rolls in 27 States We must abandon Bill Cosby: A broken trust with women, black America The Police Are Still Out of Control Co-Founder of The Weather Channel: Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax Sen. Lindsey Graham ‘white men’ […]

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Halloween Racism Reloaded

‘Tis the season to be racist, or at least dress up as if you have that mentality. And already, some folks are gearing up to show their fondness for ignorance and jackassery. Story number one deals with some photos going around about a few individuals demonstrating how much they “care” about domestic violence. Pictures of […]

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Notable Links: 10-24/14

Marchers Protesting Michael Brown Shooting Block Atlanta Highway Video Showing 7-Eleven Employees Refusing to Sell Chips to a Black Child Until a White Woman Steps in Goes Viral Expert Who Analyzed Leaked Mike Brown Autopsy Report Says She Was Taken Out of Context Racial Diversity Among America’s Working Artists Virtually Non-Existent 5 Things About Slavery […]

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Vern’s Venting: Racial Profiling

By Lavern Merriweather: One of my most favorite people ever to appear on the Russell Simmons’ produced HBO show “Def Poets” is Arab- American Suheir Hammad. My girl really broke it down with her first poem about the unfair practice of generalizing all young Arab males as terrorists. She said, and accurately so, that people […]

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Vern’s Venting: Band of Brothers

By Lavern Merriweather Say what you will about acclaimed and controversial movie director Spike Lee. He does at least put his money where his mouth is. Spike Lee stirred up quite the hornet’s nest when he criticized fellow director and beloved actor Clint Eastwood for his WW2 film “Sands of Iowa Jima”. Iowa Jima is […]

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