Vern’s Venting: Tamika Huston Should Have Married Ray Rice

Tamika Huston, a 24 year-old woman from Spartanburg, South Carolina who went missing and was murdered in 2004

By Lavern Merrweather:

The media has finally taken a break of their wallowing in the misery that is black males to focus attention on yet another pretty, young white woman that has gone missing. Does anybody else, beside me, see the glaring hypocrisy of my statement?

White people, particularly white males, play a very good game and put on a tremendous show of disgust when a black male is guilty or accused of doing something heinous to a black woman. Funny, but they sure as shit don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about black women any other time. You know how I know that? Because I NEVER see them spending even a third of time on the plight of a missing black woman as they do on females like Natalie Holloway, Lisa Stebic, Stacey Peterson, Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Duggard, the three women locked in the house of horrors with monster Ariel Castro and the Russian model/new mom from New York married to a plastic surgeon.

Tamika Huston was a 24 year-old woman from Spartanburg, South Carolina that went missing ten years ago whose body was subsequently found later deceased. Tamika disappeared before many of the white women I mentioned; yet she was not giving the same amount of concern or airtime. She was, in all likelihood, forgotten as soon as she was mentioned, if she was even mentioned at all, which I doubt.

I certainly don’t recall her getting the same round-the-clock coverage as this 19 year-old college student from Philadelphia named Hannah Graham. Hannah’s face and name, as well as date and time of location and when she was last seen, has been plastered on media screens during several different broadcasts. It’s the typical route the media takes when the victim of interest is young white and reasonably attractive enough to warrant it. I had to look up the info on Tamika Houston, and that’s only because noted author and commentator Michael Eric Dyson spoke of her during the promotion of his book about Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Dyson so accurately stated that while he doesn’t begrudge Natalie’s mom Beth Twitty taking full advantage of the media’s resources to help her find her daughter, Tamika had been missing prior to Natalie, and neither she nor her parents got that much air time.

Matter of fact, a missing black female’s sister and aunt were schedule to speak on the MSNBC network program hosted by Nancy Grace when she said a producer called and scrapped their interview at the last minute. Why you ask? Because a pretty young white female named Stacy married to a cop and went missing around the same time. You don’t need to be Miss Cleo to guess which story of a missing woman got first priority from Nancy and her staff.

That’s why, along with the reasons that Brotha has so truthfully claimed about the white male dominated media, I have serious reservations going along with their obviously hypocritical and false sermonizing about defending the honor of a black woman.

The media’s racist fake pathology of protecting black females was also evident when Rihanna was attacked by then boyfriend Chris Brown after a Grammy party in 2009. I didn’t buy their load of bullshit then, and I damn sure don’t now with Ray’s wife Janay. If Janay had vanished off the face of the Earth without a trace, they wouldn’t give two shits about her. They would treat her just like they treat every black woman when something horrible happens and there is no national platform to play holier-than on or selectively target a black man. They pretend that it’s a crusade when it’s really nothing more than a bunch of arrogant, bigoted biased pricks doing a very poor job of disguising their racism as morality.

I find it almost sickeningly humorous that a full-of-it jackass like Donny Duetsch can proclaim this is a moral country as he and fellow denizens of the media are less than vocal about the white males they continue to glorify, despite any type of criminal or just plain wrong behavior. The worst part about it is that he spewed his barrage of nonsense on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe” hosted by Joe Scarborough. Scarborough is a former politician who quit his position after a dead female intern was found in his office. I certainly didn’t hear the ‘protect women at all costs’ group currently on a rampage towards black males speaking ill of Mr. Scarborough, despite his possible involvement in a relationship with this young woman and her untimely death. It’s like that old saying, “Cat’s rule and dog’s drool,” only you replace the word ‘cat’ with ‘white males’ and replace ‘dogs’ and ‘drool’ with ‘black males suffer the consequences of the media’s moral wrath’ over an issue that they have no qualms changing their opinion and mindset about when it’s one of their own that is guilty.

As I have said before, it would be one thing if white males could say that they can’t criticize each other, because they would never do anything like that. They know that’s too impossible a proposition. So, rather than take their own lumps and face the music they play when it’s a black male, they are hushed, as if ignoring their problem makes it less of one or nonexistent.

Hate to burst your little bubble, but that does nothing but continues you on your own destructive path. Not one black person is denying what Ray Rice did was wrong, but at least we are seeing it and your hatred of him for it as exactly what it is. We acknowledge the rotten apples in our barrels. I’m not sure I can say the same for you.

I read a great quote by a lady on this very website. She wrote that white people live in a hall of mirrors inside of an echo chamber. I agree completely. I also think that they should take a long, cold, hard look at one of them for once in their life.


12 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Tamika Huston Should Have Married Ray Rice

  1. Thank you Vern for this brilliant post. I’m so sick and tired of mainstream media hypocritically condemn Black men, i.e. Ray Rice, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, O.J. Simpson, Clarence Thomas(even though I don’t like him), Mike Tyson, and Marion Barry, etc., for their supposed sins against women while nonblack men such as Johnny Carson, Frank Sinatra, JFK, fmr. Rep. Bob Dornan, Chris Benoit, Claus Von Bulow, Axl Rose, Robert Blake, all of whom have committed violence against women and got away with it with help from the mainstream media. No one is allowed to criticize white men and that’s not right. It’s not fair. It stinks and it’s extremely hypocritical. They have committed more evil against women than any other group and they want us to believe that they’re so innocent. Please.

    Here’s a response from Radical Profeminist Julian Real regarding the OKC cop who raped eight Black women over the course of four months prior to his arrest:

    “I’m glad we’re engaging on this in a serious way and hope many privileged people are as well. It’s a perpetually ignored dimension of a larger atrocity. And to whatever extent it threatens to become front and center in corporate media, that will only happen with colonial and hegemonic narratives woven through the stories. Even with the stories on the margins of the margins, those narratives must be layered in.

    Here’s one view:
    There’s only one or two degrees of removal from the most privileged women that results in invisibility. With the most privileged women, dominant society pretends to care. The person victimised might just get to be seen as a victim.

    So, for example, in my experience of viewing major media, the story of a young or not-old blond thin white U.S. woman who is abducted, battered, raped, or murdered, or whatever other horrors happen to women ubiquitously, gets media recognition but sort of as an episode of CSI. Rarely is a person so harmed seen as a particular human being. Only when feminists point out she was harmed because she’s a woman do the patriarchal tyrants respond that the crime was particular to her. To say oppressor classes want it both ways is sometimes to miss they want it–and get it–in every way.

    So such stories become entertainment for the week until the next story is unfolded–and of course there are always plenty of true stories of misogynist violence. But the story-telling most likely spares the viewer of the kind of stereotyping that few to no Black women escape, as druggies and prostitutes. (There’s a problem there beyond the most obvious one, brought to my attention by a colleague, which I’ll attempt to address below.)

    It’s not only the issue of which women get the exploitive media attention and which don’t. As you know all too well, women marginalised by race, ethnicity, age, class, ability, sexuality, will fall off the dominant cultural radar as fully human people to be concerned about at all.

    What is additionally reprehensible and corrupt in the stories, is the more marginalised and oppressed the woman, the more she is portrayed as a threat: a druggie is a person who threatens the supposed purity of good white men; the prostitute is a person who allegedly exists to undermine the professed goodness, greatness, and holiness of rich het white men; Black womanhood, alone, signifies having too much power.

    When the perpetrator is also Black, then Amerikkka tells the story of how dangerous Black men are. When the victim is white, well, he’s just showing who his deepest misogyny is really aimed at: not white women, but white men who own the white women.

    There’s no dominant narrative in which Black women aren’t wh*res, mammies, or just plain evil (far too powerful and far too dangerous).

    Portraying any woman as a prostitute is simply to say she is more thoroughly a woman in the white male supremacist sense: seductress/spreader of disease/person of ill repute/carrier of evil.

    All women are that, in such a perverse view, but any man caught beating or killing a marginalised, intersectionally oppressed woman proves nothing about his lack of goodness, greatness, or holiness. It only tells us just how bad she must have been to warrant that level of “legitimate” disdainful force against her.

    This is far too similar with white cops murdering Black civilian men: all the white imagination conjures is, “The man who was killed must have been dangerous in ways that don’t show up in the video of the cop blowing bullets into his back.” But the evidence white people need does show up: he’s Black. Isn’t that what the cop is telling us: That all Black people are a threat to ‘us’?

    The cop doesn’t have to be white, of course. “Cop” signifies lethal-while-good white male colonial power and authority.

    Meanwhile, her humanity isn’t really allowed to exist even to that paltry degree. That’s what these stories tell me; it’s too painfully obvious:

    How can so many Black women and girls be beaten, murdered, and disappeared at such rates with no dominant cultural outcry and outrage? But how could there be such outcry and outrage when the private white male response is, “Phew! Now there’s one less threat to our morality and masculinity.”

    White male supremacy only exists and thrives by ceaselessly committing genocide and gynocide, with specialised atrocities of misogynoir aimed all too effectively at women of color; that is not a narrative even whispered about honestly in dominant media. It only gets spoken of mythologically, with white men telling it over and over through their use of terroristic ‘goodness’.”


  2. Wow that was a hell of a response and I agree with pretty much everything you said. Don’t forget in slavery days when black women were getting raped by white male slave owners the black women were seen as promiscuous and using voodoo on ‘helpless’ white males. The owners were never seen as evil bruttish thugs forcing women against their will to have sex. Anything to perpetuate their pathology I guess.

    1. And what is sad is that it was not a crime to rape, sexually assault, or sexually harass slaves as they were considered property and not human beings. All of that mess was legal.

      1. He forgot to mention that Carrie Otis stayed with Mickey Rourke after he attacked her multiple times. Pamela Anderson stayed with Tommy Lee when he assaulted her Sharon is still married to Ozzy even though he choked her and she almost died. Brooke Mueller finally had the sense to get away from Charlie Sheen when he held a knife to her throat yet she is criticized by white males in the media for drug use.

  3. I hope that justice and healing will be granted to that lovely woman’s family (R.IP. Tamika Huston)..such a man shame that news stories like this involving POC do not get equal if at all, any coverage-the U.S. is broken, indeed.

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