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By Lavern Merriweather:

I noticed something when I was reading the several posts written by Brotha about the whole Ray Rice incident and that is he prefaced his comments by saying that he doesn’t support abuse of any kind. It, of course, got the wheels turning in my head.

I have never seen a white columnist or member of the media make such apologies before they speak out on an issue. Maybe that’s because their pathology of hypocrisy fueled by their arrogance and undeserved privilege won’t allow it. They don’t have to defend their position because the people that resemble them never have to come under any kind of fire. So, they in turn never have to justify making what could be seen as an insensitive viewpoint. Although I do understand exactly what Brotha was saying, he shouldn’t have to be the only one made to say it.

The same pious high and mighty folks in the media should also have to explain why it is that they continue to attempt to pass off bullshit as truth. By that, I mean I buy their self-serving and frankly racist sermonizing to further selectively demonize black men. I believe in their so-called outrage about as much as I believe it if someone handed me a four dollar bill.

I was reading the other day a comment from someone in the blog world that stated they would have put a foot up Ray Rice’s ass, if his wife was their daughter. When I questioned if they would make such a passionate declaration about the many white male athletes and celebrities guilty of spousal abuse, I was met with a haughty attitude. I had to remind that person that I thought this was about the issue of domestic violence, not your personal feelings about a certain celebrity that you like. However, that’s what this has seemed to boil down to. This isn’t about protecting women any-more than the Civil War was about slavery. This is about entitled, egotistical, insecure bullying fools that have an easier time judging others than themselves.

Do you think for one second that them being as quiet as possible about white males is because white males don’t commit depraved acts like violence against women? HELL NO! It’s because the lens that they want reflected is not meant to shine on them and certainly not on any of their misdeeds. Make no mistake there are a number of white male athletes, politicians, movie stars, and those in the media themselves that have very sordid accusations against them for harming women.

Congressman Rod Jetton, who is a Republican representative from Missouri, once CHOKED his mistress from Brazil. Keep in mind Jetton is one of those holier-than types from the conservative side that preaches family values one minute, yet has a mistress the next. On top of that, this creep thought it okay to strangle her much like weirdo rocker Ozzy Osbourne did 30 some years ago to his current wife Sharon.

You read that right. Ozzy choked Sharon and she almost died from it. However, he has never had to deal with even half of the outrage that black males face. Nor has Sharon, to my knowledge, had anyone in the media question how the hell can she stay with him.

They also have never quizzed semi star Pamela Anderson on why she didn’t leave rocker Tommy Lee of the band Motley Cure even though Ms. Anderson claimed that Lee once punched her in the face while she was holding their then infant son.

Infamous madam Heidi Fleiss who used to date obnoxious drug addled actor Tom Sizemore says that he was extremely abusive to the point where he once burned her with a cigarette. Yet, once again the cries of anger from the white led media brigade were silent, as usual.

That’s not even counting the sports world itself with their number of white male abusers, such as Phillies pitcher Brett Myers who hit his wife in front of a bar full of witnesses.

Atlanta Braves coach Bobby Cox has been arrested more than once for assaulting his wife. Once again, white males in the media didn’t ask her why she stayed with a jerk that would hurt her like that.

Race car drivers Danny Sullivan and Al Unser Jr. are both guilty of abusing partners. In fact Unser left his ex- girlfriend on the side of the freeway to fend for herself after striking her multiple times.

Hockey player Patrick Roy has a history of arrests regarding his ex-wife, and there have been at least 3 different stories I have heard of hockey players attacking the women in their lives.

Still, the conversation always begins and ends with black men as noted commentator Julianne Malvueax once stated so eloquently. My girl Julianne once said that why is it certain issues only get attention when there is a black man accused? Why indeed. There was no special counsel hired by the NFL or an image problem when Steelers quarterback Ben Rothelisberger was twice accused of rape. Nor was there any outcry when San Francisco 49ers standout Christian Peter was also accused twice of rape or when Green Bay Packer player Mark Chmura was accused of raping his daughter’s then-17 year-old babysitter.

The media, particularly the black folks screaming intensely about this so-called crisis like former running back Chris Carter, were tight lipped when there was a rash of white men said to be rapists. When I say ‘tight lipped’, I mean he was too chickenshit like a lot of black people in the media to demonize white males as the scourge of humanity.

For those of you who want to complain that we haven’t ever seen a video of a white male hitting a woman like in the Ray Rice case, I say so what? There WAS a video of a white man beating a black female pedestrian named Marlene Pinnock for what reason I still don’t know. And there’s another video of a cop from my hometown of Chicago beating a female bartender, because he was pissed that she cut him off. Those situations didn’t raise one voice of ire from the media, and while I get that those women aren’t their wives or girlfriends, there are plenty of media folks who have said adamantly that a man, under no circumstances, should hit a woman. They should have added ‘unless he is white like us’.

I like that Brotha didn’t and doesn’t condone violence either. However, I also don’t condone agreeing with a bunch of self-centered, arrogant assholes that refuse to recognize the evil of themselves that they happily point out in others.