White Folks Love Guns

The argument I may get from the usual suspects will be that I can’t talk about white people since I’m not white. Therefore, doing so would mean I’m being judgmental or more precisely, a racist, race baiter or liberal. If I was indeed white, the response would still be vehement in the name of white honor. But in the aftermath of the media upheaval over the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and any other black NFL player who have been spotted for being accused of domestic violence and the usual outcry from white feminists that followed, as expected, there are a few violent, gun-related incidents I think society, including White America, need to be just as outraged over and start asking themselves what they can do to make some changes.

You may wanna get comfortable, because this will be a long one.

In Deltona, Florida, a man, Frederick Wenzel IV, was upset because he had to move back home to live with his parents. He got drunk as hell and was possessed by the NRA demon. He grabbed an AK-47 rifle and started firing wherever he felt like it. Luckily, no one was hurt, and he was arrested and slapped with multiple charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Imagine the surprise I didn’t feel when I heard how he was arrested instead of shot by police. I don’t think a “What if” scenario that imagines a color reversal is needed as we all know what would happen.

In another part of the country, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Sammuel Tooney went on a shooting rampage in an RV park that killed three people and injured one child. It was reported that he intended to murder the people since he had a long-standing beef with them.

Some people will use the “mentally ill” excuse, but we see too many cases like the next one not to accept it as a case of a few lonely, crazed nuts out to destroy everyone and themselves.

In Bell, Florida, a convicted felon and grandfather of six, one of them being a baby, Don Spirit fatally shot and killed his grandchildren, his daughter and himself. It’s unknown why he did it. But reports say that he had a lengthy criminal record which included accidentally shooting and killing his 8 year-old son and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pathetically, there are other cases of trigger happy white men who’s gun appreciation have endangered and cost lives. A father in Florida gave a gun to his suicidal son. A man in Missouri shot at a fleeing car after a Craigslist sale got screwed up. And a “survivalist” in Pennsylvania opened fire at a deadly ambush against cops at a state police barracks. Remember, these are just a FEW cases.

Has anyone noticed how most of these notable acts of violence happened in the South? Not that it makes a difference, but it’s not entirely surprising seeing as how it is virtually red with strong conservative values, one of which relies on the Second Amendment’s right to own guns. The only thing is that it is ‘acceptable’ if you’re a white male, especially with the crime and violence we Negroes cause, threatening the existence of the so-called “superior” white race.

A gun rights advocate wearing a bulletproof vest brandishing a firearm in Nashville named Leonard Embody was spotted by news outside a Metro school as a way of making a statement that “guns aren’t dangerous”. Apparently, he suffers from short-term memory or long-term stupidity as he seems ignorant of the long list of school shootings in this country alone. However, Embody is not alone. Open Carry marches seem to be a trend with white gun owners. One group even had the nerve to walk in a predominantly black neighborhood in Virginia. I guess they had a free pass with a black member among them.

I haven’t heard anyone discuss the incessant need for white folks to want to possess guns, not to mention an urge to carry them out in public as if they were fanny packs. It seems like white people seem awfully fearful about what “could happen”, and I speculate that menaces in black skin are at the top of their list. I doubt that these and other incidents of violence by white folks even register in their minds that white people are the biggest threat to white people. The killers and loons reported in local and national news are individuals who simply lost it in the white gaze. To white (male) gun owners, they may even be comrades or in a more outrageous sense, heroes.

Two black males were murdered by the police that are in the national spotlight as of now. One was John Crawford, who held a toy gun in a Wal-Mart store and was shot because…well, you know. Cameron Tillman who was 14 years-old, was the latest prey to be hunted by cops as he was the victim of being another young, black male suspect. Even though the reports say there was a scuffle with police in the latter case, there are no reports that state Tillman was armed. It’s hard to say if they were killed by white officers. Regardless, their lives was terminated due to the distorted vision of whiteness that sees black men as the eternal enemy.

Nevertheless, in most cop and vigilante shootings involving black people, the victims were unarmed. Yet, they scared the shit outta white people. Unfortunately, those white people were packing, and didn’t hold back pulling the trigger. This is a part of what it means to be black in America, you are more threatening WITHOUT a gun than a white person WITH a gun. 


12 thoughts on “White Folks Love Guns

  1. Well I usually refrain from commenting on your blog as I am not black and feel the attitude will be “Hey, you shouldn’t be commenting”, but your opening sentence mirrored my thoughts. I have had the threat of gun violence used against me and it was not done by a person who was African American. (I note you say “black” but I am cautious here, I hope you understand.) The NRA rising in power is a nightmare. So is the open carry movement, anyone who knows what those people are like should be “scared” of them roaming around with giant fire arms. I don’t want to be a fear monger so I will change “scared” to “deeply concerned” because it IS a mental illness, they are engaging in disordered patterns of behavior and there is no reasoning with them. Look at them. Ridiculous! They shoot up high schools, malls and movie theaters. I can say this because they are “my folks” although they don’t want me in their camp. I have to say your last sentence is poignant and raises an incontestable point, but the open carry culture of the “white folks” is one of the most disturbing things I have seen in years, and I have seen many a disturbing thing. There is ZERO reason to be armed in such a manner, unless we accept the motives behind their open carry, they want to shoot people. Don’t carry a gun unless you are prepared to use it, right? What else is there to shoot? So many of us do not want those self-appointed “good guys” in power or view them as “heroes” and we are rejecting their stance that they are entitled to rule us, but then again, perhaps that is why they carry the guns now for all of us to see. So you see, I KNOW the threat posed by white people to white people, I have lived it. I do not recommend it.

    1. Thanks for commenting. And come in anytime.

      A lot of people may think that I’m bashing white people, but I’m not. I just think it’s hypocritical to think that violence only comes from one group and that white people should fear that group. It’s also dangerous to ignore the realities that most violence is intra-racial, meaning white people should be more afraid of white people than anyone else. It’s a dangerous kind of thinking.

      1. Thank you, race issues in America is such an emotional and loaded issue that people get defensive quickly. You are absolutely correct, look at domestic violence, it is someone you know. The odds of intra-racial violence are greater. I had a difficult choice of where to send one of my children to school, but I said to my mother, “Hey, the white people are the ones that hurt us. Why bus my kids to be with them just because they are white? Where did that get us?” It is very dangerous thinking, it is a detachment from reality. It is a step into a fantasy world. That photo shows men in their own make-believe world, one where they are heroes and leaders! A fantasy world that will clash with our reality. The reality is, the world is not all white, and the better you get along with diverse people, the better your reality will be. Thank you for your hospitality. I am glad I followed your blog.

  2. I second that and say amen! Of course there is an outcry about some ‘epidemic’ when it’s black males but let that be white males and the voices of discontent are silent. And when white males in the media DO say something it’s to make excuses. I’m no fan of Stephen Colbert but I love that he brought up the fact after the Mike Brown shooting that there were TWO white males in a standoff with police. That dared the cops to shoot them and returned gun fire yet they are still alive typical.

  3. Yes they do. That’s why “law and order” did not allow blacks with guns until the Black Panther movement came about. Look, if “law and order” (white masculinity) was so superior to black masculinity, it wouldn’t be threatened by it, even in the slightest.

  4. “This is a part of what it means to be black in America, you are more threatening WITHOUT a gun than a white person WITH a gun.”

    And this is the big problem. This is what worries me because there is no logic behind it. This is why I racial profile white people with guns, they are the first to want to shoot any and everything, knowing they will get a slap on the wrist. I am not amused about them walking through a Black neighborhood, that historically is how numerous of black neighborhoods, Wall Street and more, and have been destroyed. The lone black guy with them is an idiot. The second amendment only applies to whites just like the rest of the constitution, smh.

  5. The NRA is a scary entity when you have folks in Chipotle with firearms i am nervous. I don’t want to get shot while i’m eating my steak and rice bowl.

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