Vern’s Venting: Where Is Everybody?

Adrian Peterson

By Lavern Merriweather:

This is a question I feel like needs answering any time there is an uproar over the actions of a famous, well-known black male. In this case, it’s about Minnesota Vikings stand-out Adrian Peterson who is being tried in the white-led media for crimes against human decency, because he took a tree switch to his son. Peterson was suspended after pictures of his little 4 year-old son surfaced with scratches from the instrument that Adrian used.

I have a shitload of feelings on this story but the main being where do these holier-than’s get off thinking they can tell a grown man how to discipline his son? Although I had an issue with some of the bruises, it’s not as if the child had severe marks on him or broken bones. Abuse is abuse and it doesn’t equal in any way shape or form discipline.

A number of self-righteous house Negroes like CNN correspondent Charles Taylor and advocate Stacey Patton once again played house slave for their massah bosses by throwing a fellow Negro under the bus. They were quick to criticize Mr. Peterson as if the boy was lying in a coma in the hospital near death. It wasn’t even hardly that physical traumatic. Yet, of course because this is a black male at the center of it, it’s being treated as such, even by the very same people that make pariahs of young black boys like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown.

See, it is easy for the pathology of white arrogance mixed with hypocrisy to turn on a fucking dime, The same young black males that you demonize when it suits you, you now pretend to want to protect. Maybe I’m missing something here, because I don’t remember any Negroes rushing to speak out about former assistant coach at the famed Penn State School Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky, as everybody should know by now, was arrested and convicted on several counts of lewd sexual behavior with minors, as witnessed by one of his co-workers at the college Mark McQueery who stated that he saw Sandusky taking a shower with a minor. That is extremely horrific, disgusting and illegal, and I, for one, am very grateful that the pervert finally got caught. I say ‘finally’, because Sandusky had accusations in 1999 and 2002 yet nothing was done about it. There were certainly no black folks around to give grief to Sandusky like they are with Peterson. Which leads me to believe that this is more about looking good for your white employers than it is about actually giving a damn about defending children from abuse.

While I am fully aware of the fact that sexual abuse is different than physical abuse, that doesn’t change them staying silent when it’s a white man. The reason I am coming down much harder on black folks and not their white counterparts is because of this wussy ass outdated mentality that we shouldn’t speak of white people’s ills. I say FUCK THAT! If you are as concerned as you claim, then everybody that is guilty should be feeling your wrath right about now. Still, that never happens; black folks are always tight lipped when a white person does wrong.

Years ago, a white Irish women named Marilyn Toogood wasn’t being too good to her 4 year-old daughter when she was captured on video yanking the girl harshly by her arm, then angrily slapping the little girl on the head. Ms. Toogood was discovered to be part of a group of roaming grifters that had been investigated numerous times for abuse towards children, said to be both physical and sexual.

Not only was there no outcry from black people, but a moronic black female columnist from the Chicago Sun-Times actually had the nerve to suggest that this white woman was getting criticized because she was poor, Irish and talked with a lisp. How about she was getting raked through the verbal mud because she was on tape beating the shit out of a child that she outweighed by about 75 pounds!?

I, like many other people, didn’t see what happened when Mr. Peterson gave his son a whooping, but I seriously doubt it was anywhere near the brutality that this white woman was inflicting. On top of that, if this were cover boy Tom Brady or the penis made from gold quarterback Aaron Rogers, I also doubt Negroes would be so bold to speak of it.

Another thing that burns my butt is those black people mentioning slavery in regards to this situation. OMG! Listen carefully people, I understand that slavery was a despicable, cruel, evil and wretched act to which we are still feeling the effects, but damn! Can’t a flat tire just be a flat tire sometimes with black folks? Everything in our pathology doesn’t always link directly back to slavery, including taking a switch to the backside of your son.

Since these high-minded Negroes, as I like to call them, are so damn troubled by what Mr. Peterson did, why aren’t they offering solutions instead of the usual criticism and targeting another black person selectively routine. They didn’t say squat about what Adrian should do in the future when his son steps out of pocket again. They also seem to be forgetting that he gave his son a spanking because his son had done something unacceptable to one of his other kids. I haven’t heard one argument from them about those kids who absolutely need a belt on their ass because nothing else is working.

However, because this is a black male, the expectation is for a bunch of pious black pundits, scholars and those in the media to hurry with the pitchfork and torches, something that DIDN’T happen when a 9 year-old black boy was put in handcuffs by a white male cop who proceeded to fling him to the ground when the little boy attempted to stand up. The cop later claimed that his was ‘afraid’ for his safety despite being three times this boy’s size and appearing as if he was capable of whooping a man his own age’s size. But he chose instead to bully to a child that he could have easily just given a ticket or fine for not wearing his helmet.

So, let me see if I have this perfectly straight, black folks will speak out on behalf of a child being giving a lesson in his behavior from his own father as long as they don’t agree. Yet, if a black child is being physically assaulted by a white male drunk on power who sees black life or black people as either the enemy or expendable, that’s very acceptable to them. I guess the pious crowd thinks God is wrong too, because he said, and I quote, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

It’s really not my place, or theirs, to determine if Mr. Peterson crossed the line, especially when they have had ample opportunity to speak out before and chose not to. They should spend less time with the all the phony moral grandstanding and more time working on their lack of consistency.


13 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Where Is Everybody?

  1. If you have lived in this reality long enough to develop your reasoning you will have to admit that the majority of humanity is not sane. We are being lied to and asked to accept policy, rules, laws, and ancient myths in civil society. In the U.S. much if not all of the above was perpetrated by WASPS. It is apparent to all minorities and whites that are with us that everything THE WEALTHY ELIET has done is for them to say in control of everything. Paranoid individuals full of fear and guilt cannot be trusted to serve in government; this to include democrats that stood worthlessly by although they knew what was happening.
    While many of our Black Athletes are looked up to as trend setters, they are expected to be role models and live the life of Piety by Whites Owners making Billions from Black athletic talent. I don’t love money but I do love humanity. It does not take a village as no one has a right to strike your child. Merriweather’s opinion regarding a Black athlete that is risking his life now and his health in the future is justified. The punishment sever as it is hurts his family but sounds an alert to other athletes of all genders and races.
    The blatant vile act of white cops throughout this nation is not being ignored and demands cops should not be allowed their freedom while being investigated for killing another human. Not until cops no matter what their race are arrested immediately and punished justly will humanity be satisfied knowing it is on its way to EQUALITY & JUSTICE and not be tempted to exact revenge. (What most prejudice Whites want) However this kind of war is a Charles Manson dream.
    The quicker all the Whites along with us, the Minorities organize to change this nation into the nation we know it should be will we be free and can live without the lying, cheating, gerrymandering fools that have oppressed citizens and exported their brand of Prejudice throughout the world. If we protest in great numbers and there is no change, then we vote in great numbers and there is no change. We will be facing the obliteration of the world economy as it is the only thing that will save the Rich & Powerful from the clutches of the poor and suffering all over this planet.
    Give up money and the hording of it as the Wealthy have the talent of making money; a useless mental slight of hand that has nothing what so ever to do with Humanity learning to care for its self. I believe their was a Black Jew some time back that told us that.

  2. Personally, I don’t feel the need to defend Adrian Peterson because I don’t whip my children to the point in which the skin opens up and lacerates regardless of whether or not the injures are superficial or not. I don’t defend him because he and Rice are public figures, and are well aware of what it is like to exist as a black man in this society, they all ready know that they’re a target, yet, I’m expected to stand up and defend them when they do wrong or else I’m a house negro?? PLEASE!. As I’ve recognized from the beginning that there is a double standard, short term memory, and often a lack of accountability with the other, however, It doesn’t ease the dilemmas that are going on within us and within our communities.

    I can’t help it if “white people” do it too and the white media is silent, and yes, there was outrage surrounding Mary the “Irish Traveler,” let’s not forget that was a white child she slapped around. Yet, if I’m to point out everything they do too and are silent about or sweep under the rug, does that eliminate the issues that are going on with our precious people who deserve to give one another better?

    1. There was outrage but there should have been more and there were no BLACK PEOPLE to speak out about Marelyn. I agree that Adrian went too far with his son but however some kids no matter what race need an ass whooping and to say otherwise is unrealistic.

  3. I cannot believe that the brutal beatings of slavery do not reflect in how some African-Americans deal with their children. To deny such a link is ridiculous. He did not have to beat the boy with a tree switch. During slavery beatings were used to help keep black children from being killed as you can see it didn’t do much then or now. Let us all be real he took it too far, are there children who deserve a good ass whooping? Heck yes! However, the whole beat first and make excuses annoys me to no end. He did not need to hit that boy with a tree switch, I don’t care how many people got hit with one, it doesn’t make it right. As for white people, they usually don’t call out their own so their “opinions” are not needed. As for some black people, well anything black=bad and they speak out from that mindset. I won’t deny color plays a part, but I am not an advocate for beating children, spanking is one thing, beating is another. What he did was beating and I do not condone it.

  4. I agree, there are talking heads that will speak out against anything or anyone black while avoiding dialogue in reference to the social ills that also plague white society, and we know for a fact that race plays a part in the way media has been relentless concerning Rice’s domestic violence and Peterson’s excessive discipline/abuse of his child. The black brute stereotype.. We know how the media operates, and we all know how race/prejudice operate in this society, and how it is essential to depict black as bad in order to maintain the illusion. Still, I refuse to give a pass to this type of conduct Rice/Peterson engaged in by dancing around the issue and being angry at those who call them out… Our community and our people are in peril, and the “White people do it too,” or “how dare you call us out when…” will not save us as a people from the sinking ship…

    1. If white people and other black folks want to call them out then WHITE PEOPLE need to be called out too! for no other reason than it supports your outrage. If you were a cop and you stood at a checkpoint ready to arrest anyone who had a DUI and you stopped 120 drunk people but only arrested 60 of them how is that justified? There has to be consistency to an issue or there should be an issue at all if you want to talk the talk then you need to walk the walk and stop playing games.

    2. Another thing if we are going to start calling people out we need to call out everyone. why is it that white people can attack OUR pathology day and night but we should be silent about theirs who the hell wrote that rule!

  5. POW!!!!!! K.O Mama Vern, Flawless Victory.

    Do you know who you remind me of? LovelyTi from YouTube. She’s a black commentator you should check out her channel if you’re not familiar with her.

    You both are intelligent, witty, objective but yet you keep it real, flavorful and edifying.

    Kudos to you both my black soul sistahs

    Here’s a link to lovelyti’s channel

  6. “A number of self-righteous house Negroes like CNN correspondent Charles Taylor and advocate Stacey Patton once again played house slave for their massah bosses by throwing a fellow Negro under the bus.”

    It would be great if you got your facts correct before calling out the folks you disagree with. The correspondent you referenced does not work for CNN and HER name is Goldie Taylor, a former analyst for MSNBC. See when you don’t get basic facts like people’s names and gender correct, or even the station you were watching us on, then that calls your whole argument into question.

    I don’t work for any “massah bosses” on any TV station. I wasn’t paid to say my piece. You know so much about me and yet you know nothing. As a child advocate, former foster kid, and abuse survivor I have been calling out racism and violence against black children for years! And if you actually LISTEN carefully to my words you will never once hear me throw Peterson under the bus. What I did was give historical context to people’s beliefs that whipping kids will somehow save them from racism and other traps.

    I invite you to get a more thorough view of the work I do on the intersections of race and parenting:

    Good day.

    1. As the moderator of this blog, let me say that I apologize for my comrade’s comments about you. I will discuss the matter with her as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting and letting me know.

    2. For you info you need to get YOUR facts straight because there IS a Charles Taylor on CNN and a Goldie Taylor and I called out both of them as well as you so obviously it’s you who doesn’t know anything. And maybe you should spend more time fighting for all children rather than come on here making false claims because you are butthurt.

      1. You also referenced Mr. Peterson’s actions to slavery when you don’t know him either or his motivation.

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