Vern’s Venting: Murder Is Not Self-Defense

Renisha McBride (left). Theodore Wafer (right).

By Lavern Merriweather:

A verdict has been rendered in the supposed self-defense case of homeowner Theo Wafer who shot and killed motorist Renisha McBride. Thankfully, unlike in the Zimmerman trial, or travesty as I call it, the prosecution did their job the right way, and Wafer was convicted on all counts, including second degree murder.

While it’s shameful that another young black life had to be taken for justice to finally be served, I’m very grateful that we had a smart jury this time, as well as an extremely competent prosecution team who showed the defendant’s bullshit reasoning for what it was. I believe that Wafer, himself, created his own undoing, and the jury pool obviously saw through his load of garbage. He told the court that he was in ‘fear’ for his life when he heard Ms. McBride banging on the door at four in the morning. Yet, he told police that he was actually angry and didn’t want to be less of a man and cower in his home.

Here’s the part where I would normally write ‘What the fuck’ in capital letters’ but you all know by now how I operate. So, it seems redundant. If this asshole was so damn in fear, why did he even open his door in the first place? That is the $64,000 question that he couldn’t answer, nor could he speak to why if he thought she was breaking in he grabbed a LOADED shotgun, instead of doing what most rational and intelligent people who are truly afraid do, and that’s call law enforcement.

For his attorney to say that the walls were shaking and the floor vibrating because Renisha was banging her hand so hard, I have to ask: What the fuck were they saying, that she magically turned into She-Hulk? Only a violent act of nature could compel that kind of force on a house, not an ordinary human being. His lawyer also had the nerve to say that he believed ‘they’ were going to get in. Who the fuck is they exactly? It was only ONE person standing at his door which he could clearly see, because he said that it was a screen door and that he could see her. So, how the hell did this prick come up with this idea that they were after him when he was fully aware by his own admission that it was a single person at his home and not multiple people?

There are, of course, the voices on Facebook and Twitter from the Fake Noise crowd pissed that a decent hard-working civil white male, who unlike the darkie that he murdered, is a productive member of society and that he was just trying to protect himself and his home from the Negro horde about to break in and invade his castle. Those same group of stupids never seem to acknowledge anything that remotely resembles the truth. How in the hell could this jag-off be protecting his house when nobody was trying to break in?

McBride wasn’t out for jewels or money; she was looking for help after she crashed her car. Wafer is thinking way too much of himself, because if she were to be out robbing, she’d have probably picked someone with a better home and more wealth. Seriously, this jackass looks like he doesn’t have two nickels to rub together, and he’s got the gall to be worried about getting robbed?

Sadly this is not an unusual or rare situation. However, because the right verdict was rendered, hopefully it sends a clear message that the vicious taking of a black life will be taken seriously, which is the same as in the case of Jonathan Ferrell, a standout football player at the University of Texas.

Jonathan Ferrell

Mr. Ferrell, like Ms. McBride, had crashed his vehicle into a tree and was injured. Also, like Ms. McBride, he sought help from nearby residents by banging on the door. Unfortunately, he was met with the same fate as Ms. McBride.  Mr. Ferrell was shot several times by a white police officer named Randall Kendrick and died on his way to the hospital.

I hate to say that I’m outraged about these and a few other senseless killings more for my own personal selfish edification than anything else. I have been in two different car accidents and it angers me to no end that rather than being seen with compassion, I’d be looked at as a threat to whoever’s home I stumbled upon in desperation. Then again, if you are black, you aren’t afforded the mindset of being human or being a victim that needs help. You are always the bad guy 24/7 even if it’s your own fucking house that you are entering.

Noted author, commentator and host of several wonderful shows on PBS Henry Louis Gates was very rudely reminded of how black life is seen by white homeowners and police when he tried to enter his own place through the window. Apparently Mr. Gates, who is a college professor, forgot the keys to his front door. A friend who had taken a trip with him was helping him climb into a window when a neighbor called the cops, saying later that she assumed he was a burglar breaking in, a story that I refuse to buy with a 4 dollar bill.

The arrest of Henry Louis Gates

I mean please! She must have saw Mr. Gates coming in and out of his house multiple times. So, she knew damn good and well he lived there. Her tale rings about as true as that prick Mr. Wafer’s.

Bottom line, this nosy old bat spied on two black males going into a home in an unorthodox way. Had someone actually been breaking in I doubt Miss Rush-A-Dial would have given a damn about what was happening.

When the cops arrived, they walked into Mr. Gates home, uninvited, and treated him as if he were a criminal. For those of you who still want to harp on the fact that Mr. Gates got belligerent with those pinheads, I say so what? He is in his own damn home and some strangers came in unwanted and unwelcome. You don’t just step into a tax-paying man’s house like you own the place and get pissed when he cops an attitude. Guess what fools, it’s HIS house! He can behave however the fuck he wants and if anything, the cops were the ones breaking in.

President Obama rightfully criticized the main cop who wrongfully handcuffed Mr. Gates as acting ‘stupidly’. Of course, I would have used some other choice words, cause you all know how I do. However, he is the leader of the free world and took some unfair flack for what he said, also for the beer summit at the White House that followed.

But contrary to what some black folks seem to think, he can’t solve a problem that he did nothing to create. This isn’t Obama’s fault. it’s the fault of the dominant society that shuts out any voice of reason calling them on their bullshit and bigotry. Good luck wrestling with that logic. Meanwhile, I will make sure to be extra prepared whenever I get into a vehicle. I prefer to not be an example that black life is as expendable as certain folks in America seem to think.


9 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Murder Is Not Self-Defense

  1. Double Whammy, Mama Vern.

    That wafer strudel dirt bag changed his story like a woman changes clothes, (no offense to women) I mean does he really think the public is that dumb that they can’t see through the smoke screen that he’s trying to erect?

    1. The same I would recommend for that white piece of shit in Glen Ellyn that raped a 60 something woman, set her body on fire then sent death threats and taunts from his prison cell to her family after she died from her injuries. It’s also the same that fucker Richard Allen Davis should get. Davis kidnapped then raped and murdered Polly Klass Davis also gave her father the finger and accused him of being a child molester.

  2. So glad to read that Renisha McBride’s trial went well. I’m actually surprised given the system we are in.

    ” . . .Jonathan Ferrell, a standout football player at the University of Texas.” Jonathan Ferrell was a football player at Florida A&M University; he also was a chemistry major with a 3.7 GPA. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what we do with our life; we’ll always be mistreated under the system of White Domination.

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