Vern’s Venting: A Black Woman’s Son

Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, a black teen murdered by white cop Darren Wilson

By Lavern Merriweather:

There has been a lot of talk from media pundits, black church leaders and black folks from the blog world saying that our president Mr. Obama should address what has happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Yet, another young black life has been taken by some asshole white cop that obviously sees black folks as expendable. They believe some strong, decisive words from the current leader in chief will bring about change to Ferguson and the nation. And I say that’s the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard!

I am just about done with stupid black people as well as stupid white people expecting Obama to be captain Save-A-Negro. He should not be expected to solve a problem that not only did he not create but that has been around long before he was even born. The only reason I think black folks are saying this is because we have a beige man in office. I doubt highly that either Hillary Clinton, Al Gore or secretary of state John Kerry would have to worry about anyone making such a demand of them.

I want to know where the hell all the damn feminists are? White women, who claim that they are supposedly about protecting and defending the rights of all women voices, go conveniently silent when a tragedy like this occurs. I saw the interview on “Good Morning America” with Mike’s mother and was distraught at how gut-wrenching it was to see her try and stay calm, despite the cold blooded murder of her son. She showed a lot of grace and class as well as restraint, because it must be so hard for her trying not to lose her shit at the entire police force in that small town.

Typical that black women who have had to bury their fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, etc. do so without one word of comfort or condolence from the white female dominated feminist brigade. They called themselves ‘being there’ for Anita Hill, Desiree Washington, and the black women who protested the misogyny in rap lyrics even while white males in the entertainment field make and distribute putrid filth that put the ‘miss’ in misogyny. White women are right there for black women when the target is a black male, yet they are nowhere to be found when a white male is the cause of the chaos. Mike Brown is just one name in a long sordid sad list of young male black bodies left by the wayside, in his case, literally considering that he lay dying in the street for four hours before there was any type of assistance provided.

I guess the feminist crowd is too busy schmoozing rich white men from ‘Hollywhite’ to get another contribution under the table. Damn right I said it! Many white, female, fueled, so-called feminist organizations are funded by white males in ‘Hollyweird’. That’s precisely why they never take them to task for their rampant and often times sickening glee in showcasing depraved images of violence towards women. Now, they are quiet when violence towards black people particularly young males rears its ugly head once more.

The feminist gang must be oblivious to the fact that killing a male who is obviously a woman’s son will cause her immense grief. Apparently, they only care to step in when it’s a case of black-on-black outrage. If a black woman has an issue with a black man, they are ready willing and able to jump in with both guns blazing. But put a white male in the middle of that equation, especially one that represents the ultimate line of protection for them against the darkie horde, and Marlee Maitlin could hear a pin drop!

It’s not a secret that white women, for years, have stood right by their male companions who have made life unbearable for those of color. That includes the ones who pretend to be on women of color’s side, even as they ignore our plight or whatever indignities we face on a daily basis.

And don’t kid yourself in thinking that because we all share a vagina that we should also share a point of view, especially when the only lens they are willing to look through is one that suits their interest and theirs alone. If it wasn’t for the constant badgering, I might slightly agree with the Obama-should-speak-out-about-the-death-of-Mike-Brown’ crowd. However, I feel that he isn’t the only person or group that has to take their lumps for not being vocal enough in the wake of this brutality, particularly since he isn’t the one going around proclaiming himself to be an ally but does everything to prove the opposite.

After watching a TV special on PBS about the historic run of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm to become not only the first woman president but first black female president at that, I saw clearly where white women’s loyalties lie. Judging from how then-head of the America’s most well-known feminist group Bella Azbug treated Miss Chisholm, it doesn’t surprise me at all. What does bother me is that nobody, including black women, are holding white women’s feet to the fire for not practicing what they love to preach or being criticized for their lack of involvement when it’s a black woman that isn’t in direct conflict with a black man. You may say that they don’t care, because they have never cared.

Well okay. Then, don’t keep putting on this fucking dog and pony show making believe that your words are anything but empty rhetoric. You don’t get to continuously play hero for everyone even as you happily disregard those not deemed worthy of your concern. I could probably list a hundred examples from black women that truly shows just how seriously many white women take their own blatherings of sisterhood. If you say that you are about all women, then live up to the standards that you have set, or shut the fuck up! We all have more important things to do than listen to you say one thing while you behave in a completely different manner.


15 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: A Black Woman’s Son

  1. I, like my ancestors and all of you, wondered the what if(s) of having a POC in the White House.
    Not just the black man but those indigenous/native people,first, who occupied turtle island long before any of us.
    Let’s be clear.
    Obama does not come from two dark skinned black folks. It is highly unlikely you will ever have a black pres. that does.
    They still see melanin rich individuals as threatening.
    Y’all settled for anything w/a drop of black blood which doesn’t make us no better than whites who exclude their own for possessing the same composition.
    He came in office under that “one nation” BS. Mike Brown, Renisha McBride, Rekia Boyd, JoHnathan Farrell’s lives’ is this nations BS.
    More black lives have been taken by whites/police under this administration than Jim Crow and y’all still defend this joker, this country? He’s bush dipped in peanut butter.
    We are being lynched because a non-white is in office.
    No different than those lynched after a Jack Johnson fight or for prospering in a town such as Tulsa or Rosewood…
    I never voted for him or any other politrickster.
    Cared even less whether he lived or died when he raised the bounty on the head of Joanne Chesimard.

    All we have is us.
    No politician in Amurr’kkklan ever meant us good.

    1. I noticed it too and I don’t for a minute think it’s all coincidental. many whites are pissed and not just the overt Repugnaican Fake Noise crowd either. Though they are the main ones fanning the flames.

  2. excellent post once again Mama Vern, real, hot, spicy flavourful Jamaican curry chicken facts from start to finish. And just to add my two cents, people, especially us black folks need to stop parrying to the feminist movement for support, because believe it or not, the feminist movement is nothing but a farce and it will not support or uplift the black community and it saddens me that so many of our black women were duped and bamboozled into accepting it’s Eurocentric and demonic ideology. Fun fact, the feminist movement was started by two white lesbians, and this nefarious movement from it’s inception had been nothing short of an elaborate scheme to destroy the black family and by extension the black community.

    You see, this movement was never about women’s suffrage or women’s empowerment, that was all just a cover story, it’s true intentions and motives were to create enmity between the black man and the black woman and if you want proof, just go back to Vern’s article:

    “If a black woman has an issue with a black man, they are ready willing and able to jump in with both guns blazing. But put a white male in the middle of that equation, especially one that represents the ultimate line of protection for them against the darkie horde, and Marlee Maitlin could hear a pin drop!”

    So black brothers and black sisters, forget the feminist movement, they are our enemy………

    keep up the great work Mama Vern, proud of you

    1. Thank you so much *blushes from the praise* it’s very messed up that it took so long for black women to wake up. I like the compliments but now I’m starting to get hungry.

  3. great post lavern,

    the feminists will be out saying don’t judge women based on what we wear and they call out people that try to justify a woman’s rape based on her outfit, but when black folks are killed for what we wear, they are silent. media: today a woman was raped, what was she wearing?was she drunk? it’s all her fault. feminists: don’t blame the victim we should be able to wear what we want and have a drink without fear. media: an unarmed black teen was killed, now look at these photos from their facebook, they were a thug, they had alcohol in their system, they wore a hoodie, they listened to rap, they deserved it. feminists: *crickets*

    Then another thing they always love to say all women, but only when they are excluded. u let there be a post about appreciating black women and their funky arses will be there saying oh don’t u mean all women. Then u let there be a negative post about black women, and they have nothing to say, they aren’t saying don’t u mean all women. perfect example, whenever there is a hashtag being positive toward black women like the #blackgirlsrock, or the more recent one #iloveblackwomenbecause, their arses feel the need to create another one or say that it is racist. but let there be hashtags like #ruinablackgirlsday or that article about black women being unattractive and they are silent,they aren’t saying oh what about all women and that’s racist.

    They will not bite the hand that feeds them, they will try to tell black women how to feel and how we are supposed to react to misogyny from black males, but if we speak about the racism and misogyny we receive from white males they are quick to try to silence us. They know without white males they wouldn’t have a pedestal, and they’d have to compete with all women. They can be out here praising black women for standing up to degrading hip hop music but they are silent when it comes to Hollywood degrading them. yes some songs degrade black women, but also look at Hollywood how many movies u see about white men killing white women, or a white woman getting kidnapped.

    1. Here is a clip from Paul Mooney’s standup where he talks about Hollywood movies. At the 6:07 mark he talks about the treatment of White women in Hollywood movies.

    2. So much truth to what you say I can’t compete. I have known for the longest that white female feminist support of black women is usually just for show. Michelle Obama has had some really horrible things said about her especially from high profile white males like Rush Limbaugh and the feminist groups are quiet. Yet when it was Hillary Clinton they rushed to protect her at every turn. And yes sexism and racism can often times come from the same place I’m writing a post on it soon.

  4. The feminist movement that is white run may be a problem, but black women as a whole need a feminist movement. The whole problem between black women and black men, stems from sexism and colorism and racism. To place that on the feminist movement is a cop out considering black women still supported black male movements and were treated like second class citizens, so miss me with that.

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