The Media’s Veiled Black Problem

I can’t hold my tongue any longer. I need to say something about this. And I know I’m not the only one who notices this. But before I start, I want to first set something straight. I do not condone the actions of the people who have been making the rounds in the mainstream news media, and those who excuse them. In other words, domestic violence, child abuse or stupidity of any kind does not sit well with me at all. So, for anyone who thinks I’m making excuses, keep it moving.

Even since TMZ released the infamous footage of former NFL player Ray Rice sock and manhandled his wife like a titled punching bag, the media has, all of a sudden, became very talkative about domestic violence. It’s reminiscent of what happened with Chris Brown and O.J. Simpson. The news is working around the clock to talk about Rice, the NFL and domestic violence.

In no time, Adrian Peterson, another NFL player, made headlines for being accused of child abuse. There was a warrant out for his arrest, and now, his team suspended him indefinitely from playing in any future games. I bet some of you saw that coming.

Yes, there is a serious problem with domestic and child abuse in this nation. However, the media has seemingly heightened their surveillance for any and all bad behaviors committed by black males in the mainstream spot light. In the past week or so, the radar is focused on the NFL. And since two-thirds of the players are black males, it’s safe to presume there will be more cases of violence ready to be picked by news outlets in the disguise of being concerned for social problems rendered into black pathologies with the help of excess attention, imagery and commentary, mostly from white woman who are against it.

It seems too coincidental that the Ray Rice video was released right when black folks were being pummeled, choked and shot to death by police.  When black people were outraged over a string – A STRING of police brutalities and murders, that horrific footage, which has been around since early this year, became public. Now, the American media is up in arms that a black football player not only clobbered his wife, but that the NFL give him a light punishment. Why wasn’t it – the video – released then?

So, it should be understood why some people will suspect that the latest chapter in ‘blacks behaving badly’ will help influence public opinion that black men being shot and killed rightfully deserve it and help strengthen an already embedded belief that black women deserve to get their asses whooped. This is going by speculation alone. But given this nation’s history and obsession with race, it’s a damn good one.

Thanks to co-blogger Lavern Merriweather, I understand better and are more keen to spot the corporate media’s hypocrisy when it comes to social ills. Recently, Federal Judge Mark Fuller was arrested for beating his wife in a hotel. Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw is accused of raping a total of eight black women during his career. Tony Stewart is in trouble for running down Kevin Ward, Jr. That Archie Bunker incarnate Rush Limbaugh made a stupid-ass comment about rape. And where is the demonization of Oscar Pistorius who’s pension for gun and domestic violence is noted? Is there a witchhunt for prominent and(or) famous white males and their violence to find and burn at the stake? And are the accused white men punished the same way as black males on the same level as they are?

There is indeed a problem of sexism and misogyny. Let’s do something about it! But it’s wrong to turn it into a black problem. If we are convinced that only black men are this violent, and there are some, make no mistake, but are silent when white men do the same thing, it’s strikes a blow for racism against sexism. If you do think it is a black problem, check out the MLB’s record on domestic violence and let that sink in!

Black men are not more violent than any other human being. But alas, watching corporate media would make you think differently. Let’s keep it 100. Black violence is newsworthy and trendy, and if the suspects are famous, it must be reported and circulated which will bring up conversations on why people are violent with the use of black male and black female images, mugshots included. They don’t have to ask “Why are black folks violent”. Sometimes all it takes is an image to connect the dots. And if reported long enough, the subtly racist point is made. Black skin equals brutality.

If you haven’t already, don’t expect the news media to change any time soon, especially with white males at the helm. Sad to say, but you can almost count on any media outlet controlled by whites to be for whites. Black people, black males especially, will always be a collective of brutes that must be put away while white males will be individuals with problems that need to be fixed.

Let me say this once again. Of course, we should focus on domestic violence in our community. Hell yes, we should focus on child abuse. And you’re damn right, we need to confront and tackle the problem of violence in general. But are only we pulling this shit all the time? Fuck no!

Again, no one’s excusing bad behavior. But if the media was so concerned with domestic violence, child abuse and the like, where are the plethora of white faces and where’s the anger over their bullshit? Nah, instead what we see are black faces more often than white faces. It’s sad that some people care more about looking good than actually being good. Black people hold each other accountable all the time. What’s their excuse?

They have none. There is nothing sensible that can explain this double standard, because it’s anything but. It’s no wonder why most of us don’t trust them. The media will turn white stupidity into an individual problem while turning black stupidity into a raving pathology. White people, with their mainstream media, will get disappointed with those individual whites. While the same media will try to make black people collectively feel ashamed of themselves for problems that’s hitting all of us, regardless of color.


20 thoughts on “The Media’s Veiled Black Problem

  1. Excellent post. In my opinion, you are spot-on in your assessment. There is no way, given the history of race relations in this country and the recent actions of thuggish policemen that this sudden focus on the actions of some high profile athletes is an coordinated effort to deflect the focus off the behavior off cops. I am one who believes that mainstream media has for a very long time played a major role in creating and perpetuating the negative perception of African-Americans in this country today, and recent coverage only confirms that fact. Mainstream media cannot be trusted to be fair, balanced, and truthful as it relates to people of color.

    1. I just found an article that highlights DV in MLB. Most of the players mentioned are white, and there’s a lot of names in the article alone. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

  2. Im sitting here watching my local news channel 8 where a so called black American specialist seems to refer to whipping or whooping a child as exclusively a black American problem rooted in culture. This guy seems metropolitan in world views yet makes the mistake of literally ” living under a rock” with his contribution during the discussion. I think he knows better easily.

  3. OMG I completely agree! It’s not just athletes either Rod Jetton a Republican congressman from Missouri CHOKED his mistress. In fact there have been accusations of domestic abuse against 14 different congressman. And to say that hitting a child is wrong where were those people when a white Irish woman Marelyn Toogood was caught on video beating her 4 year-old daughter. I also notice that nobody is offering alternatives to spanking. If you say what I do is wrong then offer a different solution. How much money you want to bet that those high minded Negroes on TV trashing Adrian Peterson would smack the shit out of their kid in a heartbeat once the cameras are off. it’s like that old saying “what’s done in the dark”. I have a post coming up about it soon.

  4. First Thank you ,thank you ,thank you
    for not only seeing what I see and saying what needs to be said.
    I saw the pattern with obomba and isis, vicious arab muslims save the day ,thus keeping white people from confronting their hipocracy and furthering MIC and thier global hegemony.

    i’m in a miserable situation ,no black people I ever me offline seem to care or even have the ability to articulate even a fraction of this.
    so this why I hang on the few crumbs of online expression that confirms my thoughts the least bit.

    I had almost forgot and damn near gave up.

    But this post reminded me.

  5. analysis of white society’s media manipulation
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    1. Of course they are they are still pissed because they didn’t get the guilty verdict for the MURDER trial. It doesn’t matter that OJ is in prison but because they are angry they want to bitch about it for the next 75 years.

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