Notable Links: 9-12/14

My Commitment to Social Justice Does Not Mean I Hate White People

If We Want Diverse Books, We Need Diverse MFA Programs

Actor Terry Crews Relives Childhood of Domestic Violence With Ray Rice Scandal

Dad to be charged with murder in death of 5 kids

The Palin Family Allegedly Got Into A Messy Brawl In Alaska And It Sounded Ridiculous

Video Shows Witnesses’ Disbelief Following Michael Brown Shooting

Ted Cruz Gets Booed Off Stage At Middle East Christian Event

Baltimore Ravens Player Speaks About Janay Rice’s Revictimization

Watch Janelle Monáe Perform ‘The Power of Yet’ on Sesame Street [VIDEO]

Obama Turned Away from Three Elite Golf Clubs

Roger Goodell helpfully explains that he needs to see a woman get knocked out to know domestic violence is bad

The reign of Tyler Perry is over: Finally, black thrillers come to the big screen

#YesAllBlackWomen Are Janay Rice

NFL player DeAngelo Williams dyes hair pink in honor of mom, breast cancer awareness

Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder as case nears close

Dave Zirin on the NFL’s History of Condoning Domestic Abuse


One thought on “Notable Links: 9-12/14

  1. I am in a similar position and sympathize with Michelle Denise Jackson. Now how do I get “vengeful” white folks that are probably hatefully racist off my back?

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