Vern’s Venting: Culture of Silence

Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice and his wife in child in the foreground pictures with apparent stills of footage of him assaulting his wife from a video just released by TMZ

Days ago, I sent an email to Brotha with a response to the very intelligent and thoughtful post he wrote about the controversy surrounding Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice. It seems that folks were calling for Rice’s head on a silver platter, because he was seen on video dragging his fiancé out of an elevator, apparently after knocking her unconscious when their argument turned into a physical altercation. I don’t know what happened prior to the video but Mr. Rice took a lot of heat from the media holier-thans for what occurred. The commissioner for the NFL Roger Goddell also was criticized for giving Rice such a light sentence. Ray Rice was only suspended two games sending many so called fans and media harpies into a virtual frenzy.

Brotha rightfully pointed out the double standard naming famous white males who have also laid their hands wrong on a woman. To add fuel to his fire I emailed him about a white male MMA fighter named John Koppenhaver who now goes legally by the name “War Machine” (Rolls eyes). If that stupid and creepy moniker just begging for brutality wasn’t bad enough, several pictures surfaced on Instagram of his ex-girlfriend porn star Christy Mack. Ms. Mack was beaten very badly by Koppenhaver, because supposedly he came into her apartment unannounced and caught her in bed with another man. Mack claims that they were broken up already, and he had no business being there, especially considering that he also attacked the man she was having sex with.

Pictures of Christy Mack’s bruises (left) with her and John “War Machine” Kopperhaver (right)

The story caught some steam when noted bounty hunter and lover of the blond mullet Dwayne ‘The Dog’ Chapman became involved. Mr. Chapman didn’t mince words while on the Nancy Grace show of the MSNBC network as he discussed what he thought of that punk Koppenhaver. However, because this is a white male, the story died almost as soon as it was born. Many in the media completely ignored the despicable and criminal act of the MMA champion. They haven’t uttered one fucking peep, save the always-ready-to-make-excuses-for-white-men-behaving-very-badly-supposed psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Dr. Drew, also on MSNBC, seems to have become a how-to on not taking responsibility for your actions when you are white. And along for the ride is his gang of bubbleheaded Barbie clones agreeing with every stupid, arrogant self-serving word that he spews. He and his crew of airheads tried to justify Koppenhaver’s behavior by whining that he had a bad childhood, took steroids and suffered a lot of distress in his life. Well, gosh golly gee! With that entire trauma, it’s only natural and understandable he would be so stressed out as to do what he did.

For those of you dropping your jaw right now, I’m being sarcastic. There’s no way in hell I agree with those dumbasses, and yes I am calling them that. By the way, Dr. Drew, having a so-called psychological expert doesn’t change your bullshit rationalizing of his horrific and heinous behavior. Nor does sticking your head up your ass as if it were sand and you were an ostrich do anything to change the blatant glaring obvious racism and hypocrisy of the media. In case you jackasses were wondering yes your shit does stink too! And if one of you violently assaults a woman, you should face the same pious venom you hurriedly unleash on black males.

Even more troubling is the snide commentary by many on the internet stating that Dog (Mr. Chapman) was just an attention whore looking to get air time. Maybe he is rightfully excited about treating that piece of shit with the same disgraceful disdain that he did his ex Ms. Mack. Plenty of people experience horrible things in their life and they have never laid a hand on anyone, especially not someone who looks like she doesn’t weigh more than 115 pounds. Him being a well-trained combat fighter, Koppenhaver has won many tournaments, and he knew damn good and well how horribly he would hurt Christy. So spare me the ‘he was caught in the moment’ nonsense. Tough shit!

Still, the high and mighty of the media has stayed silent about this loser Koppenhaver. And please do not tell me it’s because the MMA isn’t as popular a sport as football, because that has nothing to do with anything. I don’t give two shits about how well known a sport is. He beat the shit out of his ex- girlfriend. So, he should be getting JUST as much outrage. Then again, there have been white males in the past who committed domestic violence and nobody spoke one word about it.

Race car drivers Danny Sullivan and Al Unser Jr. have both attacked their former female loves. Hockey player Patrick Roy was arrested more than once for domestic violence. Golfer John Daly once hit his ex in public. And boxer Andrew Golota has also beat his wife as well as brutally assaulted two men in his native Poland, one of whom has been in a coma since 1992. Good luck getting the judgmental white media brigade to say boo about them.

Golfer John Daly

Obviously, white males are determined to make sure that the face of domestic violence stays a black one. It doesn’t even have to be just athletes. There is the sickening and outrageous video of a California Highway patrol officer raining blows on pedestrian and Grandmother Marlene Pinnock. Another cop in Chicago was sued by a female bartender after he was seen on video pummeling her practically into unconsciousness. He claims that it was because he was upset his dog had cancer while she says that he was angry, and she refused to serve him any more drinks, which is the policy of the bar where she works. Yet, this brave young woman was viciously attacked because she chose to do the right thing instead of be impressed by a boy in blue. Keep in mind he is 6’2 weighing 196 pounds while she is 5’4 and weighs only 125. Not exactly a fair fight. Shit not a fight at all. That was a beat down.

Yet, curiously when it’s a white male administering it, those very same folks crying out against a black man are quiet. Either thet have a bad case of laryngitis or they care more about persevering their racist arrogance than the very issue they call themselves crusading for.

NOTE: Kopperhaver’s father is German American while his mother is Mexican. Thanks TeddyBearChubs. 


28 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Culture of Silence

  1. In a system of racism a black man should NEVER hit a black woman, especially over something that she says.

    Why ?

    Because guys like Ray Rice DOES NOT hit people he takes dissrespect from everyday, as most of the punk ass black men that want to lay their hands on black women.


    Go and hit the person who just cancelled your contract at the Baltimore Ravens….punch him….see what happens to you.

    And more to the point, that black man will be embarassed, because no doubt the police will come (And I have seen it a million times before)

    The Police “What going on here then ?”

    Ray Rice “Well er”

    Police “Shut up. Sit down. I’m taking you in”

    Ray Rice “Well erm….erm…. if ….if…you did not have that gun and badge…I’ll show you something”

    Police “lol…I know that, that’s why I come prepared…to TAME YOU…now if you wanna be brave and take on a REAL MAN…try me…and if you got some firearn in the back……then I’ll phone for back up and I’m sure we’ll be able to handle that…so what you gonna do …BOY”

    And I have seen the police act like that.

    So no doubt the system of white supremacy will humble another black man “I’m sorry, your honour. I lost my head. Have mercy”

    1. Yeah he is a punkass but he is also human. Not that it’s an excuse but there are plenty of men running around that think it’s ok to hit a woman and I never see their face plastered everywhere as the poster child for DV. I went on Jane Velez Mitchell’s website and there was a story about a white male cop that raped 8 women I wonder where’s the outrage for that!

      1. That piece of shit probably only picked on black women because he knew it would be easier for him to get away with it. I hope that punk fries but I ain’t holding my breath.

  2. I understand the double standard in play and it is certainly there but Kopperhaver as a white dude might be stretching it. Let’s just say if he ever went to a white identity meeting he would quickly be sorted out. Just make a note of that as a correction or something. I love this blog and it certainly would help to post a correction so that the protagonist lurkers don’t have ammunition in the near future.

    1. He may not be 100 percent ‘white’ but the point is he like Eliot Rodgers looks enough like a white male for the double standard to be valid. As for the lurkers fuck those pinheads dude I say bring it on.

  3. Thank you Vern. I was listening about the discussion by MrSuperboy223 on YouTube regarding that very thing you’re talking about. I’m sick of mainstream media obsession with Black male violence against women without talking about the more disturbing violence against women by white and nonblack men.

    Here’s the video:

    You, MrSuperboy223, and myself aren’t alone in sensing the hypocritical racist double standard when it comes to violence against women worldwide.


    1. There’s someone I follow, David J. Leonard, who’s been following the media’s treatment of black and white athletes for years. I haven’t heard from him in a while, but I’ll ask for his input on this.

  4. Fuck Dog The Bounty Hunter. This the same POS who barked on his own son for falling in love w/a black woman. Calling her ni&&@!$ and everything else. Lost his show only to be courted by sharpton and his action network to get his show back like imus.

    How soon we forget.

    1. Actually, he did not have a problem with his some being with a Black woman. He even bragged about how most of his sons had non-White wives & girlfriends (but we all know that doesn’t mean anything.) He had a problem with her letting the world know that, behind closed doors, they said nigger. But his son was the one who taped the convo and let the world know. I even saw Dog on Larry King Live trying to make himself look apologetic. Nevertheless, I was not surprised by the exposure of his racism. And I was also not surprised that he got his show back.

      1. Actually, Dog the Bounty Hunter mentioned in his autobiography that he’s half Native American and half white. He’s really not white in the eyes of mainstream white America and the White/Jewish elite.


  5. I am ashamed i just to like Dr. Drew Pinsky he is a hack i see this new upgraded Dr. Drew with those obnoxious idiot talking heads all talking over each other. The white and black arm chair psychologist grate on my nerves. I used to like him but now that show is just a hot ass mess. These white assholes can batter with impunity and i hope Ms. Pennick sues that highway patrol asshole. I don’t condone what Rice did to that young woman he needs some anger management and some serious help. I hope the wife/girlfriend/significant other Jayne gets some help as well from being the victim of physical abuse.

  6. Excellent piece. Very well written. First, i must say that Rice deserved a harsher punishment than what the NFL offered. However in your commentary, you neglected to mention Ben Roethlesberger, who allegedly raped a U. of Georgia co-ed in the bathroom of a bar while his State Po-lice bodyguard stood at the door denying anyone access. After he reached a settlement with his victim, he received a six-game suspension without none of the condemnation and outcry (or media attention) that Ray Rice has had to face. The all-too familiar double standard of justice v. just-us still exists in our country. Thank you for pointing that out.

    1. I think Lavern touched on Ben Roethlesberger in one article, but you’re right. There was no outcry over his accusations. Like my old classmate says, it’s never wrong or “as bad”, unless black people do it.

    2. I mentioned Rapistberger in another post and yes I do agree he was quickly forgotten as was Christian Peter who was also twice accused and Mark Chmura it’s a pattern I have seen played out many times yet the denial continues.

  7. One more thing.

    Rice has been released by the Ravens in the prime of his career. They don’t even want any other NFL team even giving him a shot.

    They have also completely ignored the fact that Hope Solo, goal keeper for the women’s U.S. National Soccer team, is back on the playing field after being in court to answer for domestic violence charges against her.

    Taking away a man’s livelihood ?

    Check out Rice’s wife now on instagram saying his getting cut from the team is “horrific”.

    Don’t misunderstand me—I’m certainly not advocating men beating their wives for no reason at all.

    Women will now often block a man’s way out of a potentially volatile situation or attack him in a space where an exit is not readily available, such as a moving automobile or an elevator a la Solange.

    1. Right now, I personally want to see examples of white male athletes and celebs accused of domestic violence. Although, I’m not surprised they gave Solo preferential treatment.

  8. @Lavern&Wolf: I was on the Essence Magazine thread asking the same thing why is there a double standard and this is a media circus and while i don’t condone Rice’s actions i feel they are making an example of him. I was told i was beyond ignorant. Whatever i still feel they are making an example. The egregious actions of whites go ignored and nothing is said. So i am ignorant for my opinion and i agree with your post wholeheartedly.

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