Thoughts Surrounding Ferguson and Beyond

This article will have no pictures and no links to other articles. This is purely straight from the heart. 

It seems like things have calmed down in Ferguson, Missouri at least it would seem that way on the outside. Last week, the little community looked like a war zone. Rather, it was a war zone. A peaceful protest demanding answers into the killing of Michael Brown, another in a long list of unarmed black males murdered by police, by officer Darren Wilson, who’s been incognito since that fateful day but has generated massive support of his own. The answer received was a militarized police force deeply troubled with racism that saw black citizens, and media reporters that came lately, as the enemy.

Living in this nation, you would expect public opinion to be heavily divided. Many, mostly white, people saw that Brown’s life would end violently before he turns 30 as they, without question, saw the ever-present “thug nature” lurking behind his black skin. The convenience store footage recently released made it appear that Brown was robbing the joint, and the excuse that he was jaywalking only made their opinions more brazen with some immediately claim that Brown deserved to die, put down like a rabid animal the same way those on the Right saw the protesters while embracing white victimhood.

But many people, including yours truly, opposed and condemned the usual racial bias. We didn’t care about the footage, especially since that there were no reports of 911 calls on that day, and that Wilson killing Brown had nothing to do with it. We scoffed at the mainstream media’s tricks of “thuggifying” another unarmed black male killed by police, brainwashing the public in some that that the murder was justified. We took a look at how that same media treats black victims as opposed to white victims and suspects, and saw that were was racial bias hidden article’s titles alone.

Yet, let the facts be damned! Certain people were adamant about a few things, including that Brown brought his death unto himself. Wilson was attacked by Brown, his life was on the line and was “just doing his job” taking down another thug. The protests shown how uncivilized black people are, concluded by faulty media reports of rioting and looting, among other things, and proved that there is racism against whites more so than the reverse!

The protests that was sparked soon after the murder of Michael Brown took the nation by storm. It became a national issue concerning race that opened many ugly doors that was more than just the usual, yet tragic, cop killing of an unarmed black man. There was no argument convincing enough that eliminated race from the equation, and there were plenty of people crazy and stupid enough to try. As those who dispel that racism was a factor, they revealed their own racism by doing so. Ironic? Yes, but remember, some people think that revealing or talking about racism is racist itself.

There are a few things, however, that also need to be addressed openly and honestly.

As I read several articles about the events in Ferguson and the actions that proceeded them their and nationally, I noticed something was missing. There were hardly any mentions about black women being victims of police brutality. So far, there was the only one article that mentioned that black women are victims as well. Having black male privilege, if you wanna call it that, means that if a cop kills you, you and all other black male victims of police violence will be acknowledged before and more often than black females. It’s troubling that only black men matter in this struggle when black women are just as in danger. I don’t even think a lot of us are aware of names like Rekia Boyd, Raven Dozier, Ersula Ore, Marlene Pinnock and many other sistas that were harassed, raped, beaten and murdered by cops. Don’t they matter too?

Another thing I’ve seen is the generic “What about black-on-black crime” argument used every time as a piss-poor attempt to deny racism and raise shame. The argument is used mostly by those who do nothing about the issue but sit and scold, those who would rather want us to put in %100 of the work than dare go into our neighborhoods and actually lift a finger despite the fact that the work has been and is still being done to the best of the ability of those who call those areas home. So, it’s bullshit to call us out on a topic that not only did they not care about to begin with but yet, have the balls to criticize those of us actually doing something other than complaining. Besides, no one ever justified or diminished the murders of white people by inciting white crime.

As always, I turn to the mainstream media who, as stated earlier have sought to turn Michael Brown’s death into a ‘just desserts’ moment. While I’m glad that there were people that caught on, it still bothers me that the demonization of black people will continue, full speed ahead. Local news and newspapers will continue scavenging for any reports of black crime over black accomplishments or black heroism. The tabloid press will scour the Earth looking for black celebrities and black athletes behaving badly as opposed to giving back and doing positive things. TV and movies will still mass produce negative stereotypes into “what’s hot” further delivering the message that ignorance is cool. There will hardly be any significant push to change all that, and some of us will eat that shit up to entertain ourselves without knowing that such images are meant to destroy us in the long run. So, how can we be upset at the media for turning dead black victims into thugs, but will watch the same media for new episodes of “Love and Hip Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta” Basketball Wives”, and the latest in rap songs that keep the thug image going?

Finally, there have been pictures comparing the events in Ferguson with Civil Rights Era images. Both sets of photos are strikingly similar. Some believe that the past has come back to haunt us. Others believe that not much has changed, and the murder of an unarmed black teen revealed way more than many people would like to see. In the end, just as it was back then, the lives of black people still don’t matter in this nation. Period.

It’s hard not to be angry and fearful, but there are those who disrespect us for being open with those emotions. What’s worse is that they will see the aggressors, the ones responsible, as the real victims in their own racist bizarro imaginations. Again, the undeserving existentialism of white victimhood rears its ugly pointed-masked head further questioning the moral and mental capacity of some people.

All these thoughts and more related to the saga unfolding in Ferguson will be pinned as nothing more than whining, part of a racist plot where the oppressor is the oppressed and all the while denying their obvious white-based racism. The souls who believe that black men and black women are born guilty of…anything and yet claim they are not racist are either dumb as rocks, crazy as hell or in deep denial of reality. Whatever it is, whatever you wanna call it, it doesn’t cancel out racism is a part of American life. Like it or not, we live in two nations. Separate and grossly unequal.

28 thoughts on “Thoughts Surrounding Ferguson and Beyond

  1. To add insult to injury. The complete video footage shows Mike Brown actually paying for those cigars. Ferguson police chief had the entire footage and chose to lie about that aspect as well. That department and unit should just be shut down. Chief is a liar and tried to cover up for his guy.

  2. I’m not judging but I wouldn’t be surprised if the local police chief was some kind of “Grand Dragon, Cyclops” or whatever. And the force he commanded had a chain and hierarchy within such an organization. The Klan did suggest for years that they had a member in every aspect of government there was…

      1. If you look up this Chief’s background you would be shocked. This guy was about to work for the FBI prior to making a decision to become a police chief because of the the $$$$. So you understand what the FBI really is after all.

  3. This is an excellent essay, Brothawolf!

    Two blogs — kushite prince and clutchmagonline — did posts about Black women and girls being killed by police. So far, I have not heard about any others.

    Thank you for showing the video in its entirety. Bigots will still believe what they want to believe.

    Here is an excellent video by Professor Griff and Zaza Ali about media bias. I will give you the URL, but I believe that they want their videos to only be shown on YouTube. If so, go to YT and type PROFESSOR GRIFF AND ZAZA ALI DISCUSS MEDIA PROPAGANDA AND BLACK ON BLACK CRIME. It is an hour long, and very informative:

    Here is an article about how the media portray White killers as compared to Black victims:

    And this video is another example of how the media (especially the entertainment media) demonize a particular group of people. It is 50 minutes long:

    Again, a great essay!

  4. I read on that when Michael Brown’s mother had set up a makeshift memorial at the site he was killed and the Ferguson police ran over it with his a squad car,and one of the police officers had a police dog and he allowed the dog to urinate on the memorial. That is low and triffling and very evil. Those policemen in that town are demons.

  5. amen. People hardly mention black women being victims of police brutality because some have a crabs in the barrel mentality, if someone else’s issues are heard they feel their issues will become unimportant. Then people don’t care, because they watch all these negative images of black women so black men matter more to them. There are plenty of movies where black males dress as black women, so people view black women as masculine and see black males being able to be both no need for black women. Then there’s a lot of people that are sad about these things happening to black males but are the same ones that will attack black women. These same males that are outraged when black males are killed and how people try to justify their murder by the way they dressed or what music they listened to, are the same ones that judge or justify a woman being harassed or assaulted based on what she wears and what music she listens to.

    People will always bring up oj and black on black crime when discussing black people being killed. They can’t stay on topic, but when white males go and shoot up a school or whatever they try to find anything to absolve him of guilt. A black person gets killed and they find anything to prove that they are guilty of their own murder. It is interesting as well how they always bring up oh this person was smoking marijuana and try to use that to justify their murder all the while they are making it legal in some(mostly white) states. If it is as if they are trying to say be colorblind, we all bleed the same, but when it comes to drugs there is color and blacks and whites react to it differently so it is ok for whites to do these drugs but not blacks because they will become more violent.

    Too many black folks are entertained by our own degradation, and will happily join in on degrading other black folks, especially degrading black women. It is sad that u have some folks attacking a 2 yr olds hair and making jokes about it. Then u have people that post vids of themselves attacking another black person for little to no reason. The sad thing is people will say oh it’s just entertainment question: why are u entertained by black folks attacking each other and being dysfunctional and not being able to get along without fighting? Why are u entertained by black women verbally and physically attacking each other? Why are u entertained by black men dissing each other and disrespecting the black women in their lives, could it be those are ur secret fantasies, that u wish u could do those things, that that is who u aspire to be? Is that ur inner self hatred getting fed from all this. That is the issue people want to be entertained and not uplifted or empowered, it’s easier to laugh at ur pain than fix it.

  6. Ferguson may not be that large, but most of Ferguson, including the parts of town where most of the better-to-do black people live, stayed out of the warzone which was just as large as a couple of football fields. And it was over all a relatively friendly war zone, though that’s the point of view of a local resident, white, foreign reporter, but already three cops have been fired or retired for what they did wrong.Ray Albers, Dan Page and Matthew Pappert are gone home for getting too close to lethal violence to the demonstrators, violence against the press and comparing the demonstrators with rabid dogs, among other things…

  7. Reblogged this on AMERICAN LIBERAL TIMES and commented:
    Now that many of the Right Wing Radicals have done their level best to make Michael Brown – – – the unarmed black teen shot to death by police while walking down a street in Ferguson, Missouri recently appear to be some kind of thug who “deserved what he got” – – – I figured it was time to get another “Look at the situation” into the record and I found this article on “Brotha Wolf” and I thought it filled the bill nicely.
    I am of the opinion that if somebody doesn’t speak out and keep speaking out these kinds of incidents will go on and on and on and where it stops nobody knows.
    Don’t be bamboozled by right wing radical propaganda that attempts to paint every person of color who loses their life because of gunfire from law enforcement as some kind of “Thug” who deserved to die at the hands of some law enforcement agency that was “Only doing their job.”
    There has been far too much of that kind of stuff in America already and we certainly do not need the radicals trying to justify it.
    So what I am hoping to do here is to get another side of the story so that what is being put out there is at least balanced and fair.

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