Notable Links: 8-22/14: SPECIAL EDITION


The widely-circulated video has the protester approaching the reverend, at first pretending to be an admirer. Then, the person starts asking Jesse where he’s been and why he isn’t marching alongside the protesters. Then, he starts to get irate, yelling at Rev. Jackson and calling him a sellout.

The reverend keeps his cool during the video and doesn’t argue back, but eventually moves on. But this is a time to ask if people are able to remember the things that Jesse Jackson has tried to do for the last 40 years. Also, Ferguson is one tiny city and there are hundreds of other cities across the country with millions of black people who are looking for Jesse Jackson’s help. Does this man think that Jesse Jackson should ignore everyone so that he can focus on his problems in one small town?

Kevin Sorbo’s insane, racist Ferguson rant: Calls protesters “losers” and “animals”

Kevin Sorbo has a few thoughts on Ferguson, and they are very, very, very bad. (I guess that’s how a B-list actor manages to stay relevant these days?) The former “Hercules” star has penned a truly insane, horrible, racist rant on Facebook, calling the protesters in Ferguson “losers” and “animals.” Ferguson, a predominantly black community, is just one of the many that has experienced racial profiling by police who see black kids as thugs, and Old Herc apparently agrees with that sort of profiling.

Therefore, Sorbo can’t seem to understand why people are upset that police shot and killed an unarmed kid and then used excessive force against everyone who spoke out against it (including journalists who were there to report on it).

Graphic Cell Phone Video Shows St. Louis Police Shooting Knife-Wielding Man

In the name of transparency following the outrage over the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer last week, St. Louis police have put out cell phone video that shows two officers shooting and killing a man who approached them brandishing a knife and yelling “Shoot me!”

Police identified the man as 25-year-old Kajieme Powell, who was suspected of stealing from a nearby convenience store. Officers arrived on the scene after receiving two separate 911 calls reporting Powell’s erratic behavior. The two officer fired a combined 12 shots at Powell, killing him instantly, after he refused to drop the steak knife he was holding and continued moving towards them.

It’s bigger than Ferguson, a white cop kills a black person nearly twice a week in America

The fatal police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old black man by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, is certainly egregious overstep of police force, but not necessarily out of the ordinary. Sadly, it’s a scenario that is being played out week after week on city streets across the United States every year.

According to data compiled by the FBI, in a seven year period ending in 2012 an average of nearly two black people were killed by police every week. Even more troublesome: Almost 20% of those killed were under the age of 21, more than double the rate of whites of the same age group. If you are black, being young doesn’t seem to protect you.

Missouri cop’s racist Michael Brown Facebook posts trigger investigation

There is a way that being unfair to young black men will get a white Missouri cop in trouble.

Kansas City police officer Marc Catron will face an internal review after posting controversial images of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old shot six times and killed by a Ferguson police officer, to Facebook, local news station KCTV5 has reported.

He attracted controversy for unsavory posts of Brown. In reference to the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Catron submitted an image macro of O.J. Simpson, accompanied by the text “Remember how white people rioted after OJ’s acquittal? Me neither.” Posting an image of a young black man posing with Hawaiian Punch and New Amsterdam gin while holding money in his mouth and pointing a gun at the camera, Catron wrote “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community.”

Officer Darren Wilson, Michael Brown’s shooter, is now an online cult hero

The movement for Wilson, a white officer who lived in a town about half an hour from where he shot Brown, has arrived.

T-shirts for sale on Teespring have a screen printed badge, proclaiming “Officer Darren Wilson/I stand by you,” morbidly accompanied by the date 8/9/14, the day he killed Brown. The proceeds on those $18 T-shirts are supposed to go to Wilson’s family.

A GoFundMe campaign associated with the T-shirts page is gathering money at a rapid clip, with mostly-anonymous donors giving in chunks of $25 and $50. It is not, however, immediately clear why Wilson needs the public’s money right now. “[T]he silent majority is on your side … especially now that the facts have come out,” one donator wrote. As of this writing, the fundraiser had received more than $7,000 of its $10,000 goal.

7 Cynical Ways Police and Media Have Smeared Michael Brown and the Black People of Ferguson

Since Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, local law enforcement and much of the mainstream media have been playing by an old script, in which the local police use the press to smear Brown’s character and distract from what really happened.

Meanwhile, a lot of people on social media aren’t buying it. They have noted these police propaganda tactics are tragically predictable, and that too many reporters aren’t asking questions, but playing along as police megaphones.

CNN Anchor Suggests the Use of ‘Water Cannons’ in Ferguson; Twitter Responds

CNN anchor Rosemary Church has just received a dragging courtesy of Twitter. Church had the audacity to suggest that maybe “water cannons” should be used on the protesters in Ferguson, Mo., and the look on Errol Barnett’s face was priceless.


14 thoughts on “Notable Links: 8-22/14: SPECIAL EDITION

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy screaming at Jesse Jackson is a “plant” for some organization that is against the progress of Black people. And, yes, I noticed the guy doesn’t even has a St. Louis accent. Not that he can’t be from St. Louis though. There are many people protesting in Ferguson who aren’t what they seem. They are there to cause strife, division and halt Black unity and progress. Don’t be fooled.

  2. where to begin…

    that kevin whoever he is, is bs. “Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young man.” The news coverage has very little to do with the shooting and more to do with what he was doing before his murder.

    “It is an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are”

    oh really u can say that about the police more than anybody, rolling down the street in those big vehicles and using military grade weapons, pointing it at people, using tear gas, oh and arresting reporters.

    “It is a tipping point to frustration built up over years of not trying, but blaming everyone else, The Man, for their failures.” no it is frustration from years of police brutality and then the media blaming the victim for their murder.

    “Hopefully this is a reminder to the African Americans ( I always thought we just Americans. Oh, well.) that their President the voted in has only made things worse for them, not better.”

    oh yes we are americans but u never treat us as ur fellow americans, we have to go outside the country to be called just an American no hyphen included. oh our president, oh but I thought he was the president of the united states, isn’t that what everybody says when blacks try to point out how he hasn’t helped us but helped everyone else ,yall say well he’s the president of the united states not the president of black americans he can’t just focus on u. and this should give us an insight into how it will be once he leaves office, what all the conscious black folks have been saying that we will have it worse and when we complain they will say well yall had a “black” president and u didn’t get anything done, so that isn’t on us u had ur chance, now get outta my face.

    1. That Kevin Sorbo is a real racist d*ck. I will not watch anything with him in it again. I read most of the other posts as well. Very good, links, Brothawolf, and very good points, mstoogood4all!

  3. Kajieme Powell could’ve been tazed, but even with that they could overdo it and kill someone. mentally ill black people are still held to the same standard as sane black people. where are all the people that were saying oh this white shooter had mental illness and deserves some understanding.

    The police can take a white murderer in unharmed after they have killed many people ,but they can’t seem to find a way to take an unarmed black person in alive. They can find reasons to excuse the white mass shooter’s actions ,but find every excuse as to why the black victim deserved to be killed and not be allowed to tell their side of the story . nope they kill a black person then put them on trial, I thought the death sentence comes after trial, conviction, and sentencing, guess I was wrong.
    Where are all the people that love to say it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, because for black people we can be judged by one and carried by 6, and then when that person is judged by 12 so are we, the victim blaming begins.

  4. We black folks are all Ferguson no matter where we live in the United but separated States of America, in my humble opinion anytime something like this tragedy happens in America especially something racial the racist are like Pavlov’s dogs they salivate at the mouth. Not all whites are evils but many are very racist and evil in cases like this they show who they really are. Whether it’s some backwater hick or some douche bag celebrity talking out their arses. We already have witnessed how having Barak Obama as POTUS makes them foam at the mouth and we have seen it time and time again, Whether it’s some old dried up racist asshat that own a basketball team or some ignorant talking head news pundit like those clowns at Fox News. They always open their mouth and it is revealed who they really are.

  5. My grandfather told me- There’s hope for us to become stronger but 100% pure changes in Divide States is rare.Everybody is comfortable of hurting others for power and bliss. Brotha Wolf-Chan,you should read Xavier James Blog. I looking in Topix and other forum of white americans want full separation

  6. To think I ever looked up to Kevin Sorbo. Well I will not be watching anymore reruns of Hercules The Legendary Journeys.

  7. Co-sign with all these great comments-side note: Sorbo’s butthurt azz can have several seats (and judging from the direction of his “career” these days, it’s probably all he is doing)-that’s why I always liked watching Xena more! lols

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