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White privilege means that you can protect, go wild, assault cops and even murder people using firearms, and the police will not bat an eye and go on a violent offensive resulting in the loss of white lives. There are a lot of naysayers that will consider this racebaiting as if this is worse than the murderous police actions against unarmed people of color. But if I am playing the race card, consider the following examples of how this game is unfairly played:

Michael Brown was an unarmed teenager murdered by police officer Darren Wilson in the suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. Witnesses claim that Brown was shot at by Wilson after struggling to get away from him after Wilson tried to force Brown inside his squad car. After being shot, Brown placed his hands up as an act of surrendering. Wilson proceeded to shoot him several more times until he was down. His body was left in the street for hours.

Black residents decided a nonviolent protest against the Ferguson police over their (mis) handling of the case and demanded the name of the officer responsible. In no time, police became more militant with armored vehicles rubber bullets, tear gas bombs, flash grenades and sound cannons. Scenes from Ferguson depicted by the mainstream news media resembled closely to footage of the Middle East during wartime. People were injured. Media reporters, and one black alderman, were arrested and detained. A curfew was imposed. Even a little girl was pepper sprayed!

The police stated that the people were throwing rocks and Molotov cocktail bombs. It turned out to be lies. 

However, the residents of St. Louis began protesting on behalf of Darren Wilson. There were NO SWAT tanks or any signs of a militarized police force! Almost all protesters were white with at least one black conservative.

This is a full-on display of white privilege. But there are more extreme and deadlier examples.

Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach caught up in the sexual abuse scandal, was fired. Hundreds of mostly white people took to the streets and rioted, destroying property. Some even fought with police! Still, there was NO reports of police violence like in Ferguson three years later!

After a hockey game in Vancouver, British Columbia, fans, mostly white, took to the streets throwing bottles, overturning vehicles and smashing windows. There was even some looting! Still, police action was nothing compared to Ferguson. According to reports, some transportation was halted of diverted from the riot zone. There was over a hundred people arrested. No police murders.  

Earlier that same year, Jared Lee Loughner attempted to gun down U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in broad daylight, as well as shot several other people including Federal District Chief Court Judge John Roll, Giffords’ staffer Gabe Zimmerman (No relation) and nine-year old Christina Taylor-Green. After an extensive manhunt, police was able to apprehend Loughner unharmed!

A year later in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes shot dozens of people, killing 12. He was found by police without a violent arrest.

Recently, two police officers were assaulted by a man, a white man, in the St. Louis neighborhood of Carondelet. Kevin Miner is a suspect in a burglary and tried to hide in a woman’s basement. Despite their violent encounter, police arrested Miner alive and apparently unharmed. 

White people can literally walk in stores armed with guns and rifles and walk out safe and sound. A black man like John Crawford III is caught with a toy gun, and cops shoot him on sight! 

See what’s wrong with this picture? If not, get your eyes checked. You may be suffering from a severe case of the white lens.