Your Thoughts: The Ferguson Saga

What are your thoughts on the events that transpired in Ferguson and the subsequent events that followed such as the released of the convenience store video, the Ferguson police hiding officer Darren Wilson and the protests sparked all over America? Sound off below! 


13 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Ferguson Saga

  1. It’s just crazy to me because here we are in 2014 and it feels like its 1960 all over again. Black people aren’t safe and it feels as if we are hopeless as a people. I don’t know what the outcome of protesting will do. Because once this dies down people will forget about Mike Brown and the events occuring in Ferguson, until another young Black male or female life is recklessly taken.

  2. When the police want to cover or murky things up they follow the scenario that is playing out in Ferguson. This concerns all citizens not just the Black community. Come together vote the prejudice out of office and insist that all authority cops, mayors, consul members, or governor respect life. Cops can call for back up, use mace before using deadly force. If you are a cop and you are injured but alive and remain standing and the suspect is running away let them for he is unarmed and not a threat to the community. You either respect the right to live or you cannot serve the people.

    1. People have to do more than just “vote the prejudice out of office.” People need to get their money together and “buy” politicians. Politicians work for those who line their pockets. As the old saying goes, money talks.

  3. Not surprised that Fake Noise is leading the charge of justifying his death by saying that he was involved in a robbery minutes earlier. Once again the bigoted media is using this even while the cop himself didn’t know anything about a supposed robbery and was giving them shit about jaywalking. SMHinfinity!

  4. My thoughts can be summed up in the words of Tina B

    “it’s a cold world
    Where dreams disintegrate like black smoke
    In a place where the concrete blocks the sunlight and the pavement is blood soaked”

  5. I was watching Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC on last Sunday and they were and the Ferguson crisis was the topic of the hour, at the end of the piece, MHP said the New KKK was doing a fundraiser for Darren Wilson the murderer. I am not surprised at this.

  6. Fun how you think its okay to burn down stores, riot in the street and destroy public property over as shooting that had nothing to do with color if a black cop had shot a white kid you wouldn’t be doing this but because he’s a white officer your causing a mess like this it’s sad that humanity hasn’t learning to grow up it wasn’t about race or color or right or wrong if you weren’t there to see it happen first hand then you have no business saying anything the court gave it’s answer it said and finale there’s nothing more to say rioting in the street and protesting won’t change anything.

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