Vern’s Venting: Fear of a Black Hat

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un with Dennis Rodman

By Lavern Merriweather

I have a question. Why is it that every time a black man from America goes to visit another man of color who has power, white people in the media lose their ever-loving mind? I mean these arrogant little snots get their panties in the biggest of bunches.

When Jesse Jackson Sr. went to Israel to see Yassir Arafat and Louis Farrakhan went to Libya to see Momair Khaddafi, white people were on piss-and-moan overdrive. Recently, it’s been former bad boy NBA star Dennis Rodman having the cajones to associate with the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un. Apparently, Dennis didn’t get the memo that if white people don’t approve of a black male celebrity’s actions, then he should get on his knees and grovel for forgiveness until they are completely satisfied. Of course, I’m being sarcastic. Still, that attitude seems to not be that far off.

Notice how I said “another man of color who has power”, especially one who has a shitload of money. Any time that happens, white folks feel the need to protect their neck and complain about it, despite the fact that they don’t have one iota of business telling either one of those men who they can or can’t pal around. If Dennis were over there trying to win back his Korean supermodel girlfriend, they would have zero issue with that. But because he is getting chummy with a man who could level half of the globe with the snap of his fingers, they just can’t deal with it. To that I say too fucking bad. He is a grown man that doesn’t need to answer to them for whom he chooses to call ‘friend’. I kind of doubt that those two really are the best of buds. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s his decision who he aligns himself with.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. This is nothing more than the fear of a black hat. The white people getting all huffy and calling him stupid or a dummy are pissing themselves that there might be some retribution coming out of these men of color meetings. They are so damn worried that a black man with a friend in the highest of places will put their ass at the bottom of the food chain for once. This is precisely why so many white folks are sweating bullets about the beige man who currently sits in the Oval Office.

I also believe it’s why we have so many white males going on shooting rampages saying how they have to protect their rights and freedoms from the ‘establishment’. They need to save their manure for the farmer, because he’s the only one who needs it. What they are really troubled by is that all those years of privilege and denial of basic rights for others will now come back and bite them in their collective gun loving asses.

Another thing that troubles me about their whining is the insulting – yet again – of a black man’s intelligence as if they are just so much smarter and understanding of the ‘terror’ that lurks beneath such a dangerous guy as Kim Jong Un. Funny, but they weren’t so fucking bent out of shape when wife-beater and insufferable asshole Sean Penn hung out with a brutal dictator. Then he bragged about it later as he explained that the man wasn’t such a really bad guy after all. They also aren’t too upset about the sicko sack of shit Italian explorer that they glorify every year with a holiday and parade as they lecture the dumb, old Negro male about how heinous and despicable the guy he calls ‘amigo’ is. This is the classic earmark of a bully. If I even feel the slightest inclination that you are going to fight back, I start pissing my pants. Though the notion seems unfounded, there is still apparently the idea in their feeble brains that a problem is a brewing.

Christopher Columbus

Another sign of a bully is someone who can dish it out, but never wants to take it. Instead, they believe that they are entitled and that others should take crap from them. Well, that perfectly describes the mindset of many white folks in America.

What’s even more ridiculous is that they are trying to get President Obama involved in this. Dennis made a few comments about how basketball can be used to ease international tensions, and all of a sudden, the he is a minion plotting for that sneaky Negro President. Apparently, after the secret council of Negroes meeting, Mr. Obama sent Dennis off on a one man mission to topple America. If you can make any sense out of that logic, then you are far more in tune with the human psyche then I.

The conspiracy theorists seem to be forgetting that Obama is the PRESIDENT and doesn’t need outside forces to wreak havoc on white society if so chooses. Their rationale is idiotic at best and insulting at worst. They just can’t deal with the fact that a black man doesn’t need their permission, particularly when he is associating with a man that’s got them quaking in their boots. So, they feel the need to remind said black man just how vile and dangerous his new found chum really is, even as they celebrate the same trait in the white male politicians of yesteryear.

But to hear them tell it, the behavior of their ancestors was a necessary evil to forge ahead and make a new way of life for themselves, in spite of the countless lives lost from the very men of color that they now don’t want black folks around. Maybe they don’t like the idea of the two comparing notes. If so, they truly will have something to be frightened of, and that is their own despicable legacy.


9 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Fear of a Black Hat

  1. I do remember being ,initially, unsure how I was suppose to feel about Rodman’s friendship with Kim, despite the media’s attempts to make me disparage their relationship. But then I decided that I really don’t care. The leader of North Korean has never been a huge threat to me (neither has Rodman) and I don’t care who he pals around with.

    White men have this thing they need to prove about being the BAMFs of the world whenever they’re in the presence of any Man of Color, that escalates every situation they try to walk into. It’s not so much having a hammer as believing that THEY are the hammer. Still believe everything is a nail, though. Still competing with their ancestors to be The Greatest Generation.

      1. Damn they were pissing themselves but to hear them tell it that had nothing to do with it. It was because Kim is such a ‘bad guy’

  2. The whites in America are just scared they’re gonna go the way of the white South Africans, which I believe they will soon enough. It’s a blood bath over there, the blacks are taking revenge. That’s why I love and admire our brothers and sisters on the motherland so much. While we here in the west are marching and protesting, civil rights movements and sloganed placards, they are literally pulling out the big guns and going to battle.

    Anyways I think I might have gone off track. So continuing, White people are scared to death of black people much more so than we are afraid of them. That’s why they’re always out to prove how tough and in charge they are. That’s why they spend so much money pushing forward racist agendas designed to keep us down, that’s why their police continue to murder our black youth. Yes even our black children scare them. When they look into the mirrors they get a daily dose of their conscience, cause when they look back behind the curtains to see what their ancestors did to get where they are and what they are doing to stay there today, it makes them more on edge because they know their gravy train will come to a grinding halt and they will begin to reap what they’ve sown for centuries. As a matter of fact they’re already beginning reap what they sow.

    1. THIS!! I do believe that this is why we see so many Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown stories of late. They are pissed about the change especially with the White House you can’t go much higher than that in terms of ass-kicker. They are terrified that it’s finally their turn.

      1. yeah but Vern, what the common man doesn’t know is that Obama has no real power, he is just a figure head puppet selected by the white elite to placate black americans. He just does as he’s told. I think if Obama had any real power, things in our community would’ve taken a drastic turn for the better but sadly that is not the case, instead things have gone further downhill for our people. As if those racist white geezers would willingly hand over power to a black man, hell to the freaking no!!!!!!!!! what black Americans need to realize as well is that Obama does not care about black people his time is too busy spent focusing on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, The war in Syria, and Gaza vs Israel when there are more pressing matters at home. But then again all the average white joe sees is a ruddy old negro sitting in the hallowed seat of their forefathers and just another excuse to demonize the black man and woman. The white elites are playing us like Chess pieces and you don’t have to ask which colour pieces we are on the board

  3. This is spot on! The response to Rodman not allowing his judgement of people to be clouded by the demands of U.S. nationalism has been incredibly nasty from the start, with CIA agents and taking heads calling him “stupid” and “insolent” and all this other bullshit – yet these very same people are the neocons who stay riding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dick in spite of his 300 or so nuclear warheads. Not to mention the US has more than 2,000, yet America wants us to believe North Korea and Iran are the biggest threats to world peace?!!

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