Quick Thoughts: I Don’t Blame the Rioters


The situation in Ferguson has exploded, and people everywhere are watching and commenting. It doesn’t strike me in the least that some people, some of whom are black, feel that the rioters and looters are at fault. Some people think that we shouldn’t acted out, because it would prove white people right about us being a violent race of savages. And some folks just sit back and judge those people in the most racist, backwards-ass way possible.

In the spirit of co-blogger Lavern Merriweather and using my own inner rage, I say fuck that shit!

The Instagram picture that you see up top was made by someone who was apparently there when shit got real. According to him, this is what set off the riots. And this is the whole point.

People who likely don’t understand the situation are always the first muh-fuckas to pass judgment the loudest.  They don’t know jack-shit about what it’s like to be pushed too far, especially if your community has been bullied – yes, bullied by your “friends” the police. If they do know, their holier-than-thou view of the world cancels them seeing the same thing happening here. And those who spew their racist vomit are just sad, morally handicapped assholes living comfortably outside reality. They are beyond reason.

Brothas and sistas who feel the people in Ferguson shouldn’t have done anything need to remind themselves that their people have always been looked down upon even when they kissed the asses of the oppressors of yesteryear. Even if there was no riot, the insidiousness of racism in the form of police action would’ve continued unabated. So, what’s the point in trying not to disprove racist white dicks, when they see what they want to see regardless? The police chief insulted the people of that town, and the people got upset. That’s what it means to be HUMAN!

Do I agree with resorting to violence? No. But what are the people of Ferguson to do when their cries are ignored? Being an actual “problem” is the only way you would get to be heard when nothing else works. Period!


16 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: I Don’t Blame the Rioters

  1. Thanks for the shout out Brotha from Sis Wolf appreciate that. God those high minded Negroes get on my last freaking nerve! Granted a riot is maybe the best answer but what else do you expect from people when they have been pushed to their fucking limit! And one of the cops called the rioters ‘animals’ so they are more a part of the problem than the solution. Not that they ever really were.

  2. That’s right, preach it Brotha. And I agree with you Vern. Those ass-kissing holier than thou negroes get on my last nerves to.

    My prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased.

  3. These slave catcher mofos are some cowards shooting unarmed folks this time in L.A. the guy was mentally ill and he was laying down on the ground.

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