Vern’s Venting: Dismissive Racism

By Lavern Merriweather

There are two kinds of dismissive racism: One is where a non-black person will make an asinine statement to tear down a black person in comparison with an issue that has nothing to do with them. Then, there is the one where a non-black, usually a white person, will sigh and huff at any instance of a black person complaining that they are being treated wrong because of racism and say that they are just playing the race card.

Okay, what deck is that one from, because I have been looking for it for a while now. Can I use that card to stop being followed when I walk into a store, or be pulled over if I were driving in a new fancy car? Perhaps it’s available when I need to catch a cab in 20 degree weather, or maybe I can use it when I don’t want to get shot in the back. For a card that is supposed to be so damn beneficial to black folks, it sure doesn’t seem to want to work properly.

On his now defunct syndicated TV talk show, noted asshole Geraldo Rivera was doing a show about abusive nannies. He showed a clip from a hidden camera that this two year-old girl’s parents had installed to catch her nanny misbehaving. The nanny was disgustingly hitting the little girl on the head with a hard wooden spoon. Then, she yanked the girl on the arm where she fell on the floor from the counter she was sitting on.

While I am pissed as hell at the nanny, it’s Geraldo himself that needs a bitch slap for the comment he made about the video. He likened the attack by the nanny to when Rodney King was beaten by LAPD officers even saying that what the girl experienced was worse than what happened to King. Okay, here’s a question; What the FUCK did that girl’s assault have to do with a grown man being beaten to within an inch of his life? I understand he was making an analogy, because they were both harmed in a cruel way. Still, her situation had nothing to do with King. And I feel that prick only said it to lessen any sympathy Mr. King would ever hope to elicit. His words were meant to mock and denounce whatever pain a black man suffers at the hands of another, particularly a member of law enforcement, and we all know how thrilled those in the media are when cops terrorize Negroes. They make little to no bones about how happy it makes them to see a darkie being put in check by the ultimate authority figure.

At the height of his popularity, Mr. T was one of the most beloved and respected TV stars. He even had his own doll and Saturday morning cartoon show. Not so, according to some kids who wrote a letter to this doctor being feted on an interview talk show. Apparently they believed that she was better than Mr. T known for playing the character of B.A. Baracus on the NBC hit “The A-Team” about a group of wandering mercenary soldiers helping unfortunate citizens.

Like I said before, I get that it’s a comparison and the woman is in a noble profession where I would assume she’s helping people every day. However, any time somebody makes a statement like that, it doesn’t sit well with me. It’s always about tearing down the ego of a black male as if to say that we don’t want to acknowledge your success or anguish that’s not relevant to us. Seriously, Mr. T really had nothing to do with this female physician and if that’s the case why didn’t they mention a white celebrity. That rarely if ever happens. It typically boils down all the time to a black person and how we can nullify anything about them. How dare a Negro think so much of him or herself, and how dare a Negro expect anyone to give a shit when they were just acting like a thug anyway?

The answer is they don’t, just like white people in the media seem to think that any cries of racism these days should be met with suspicion or outright denial such as the case when some former contestants from FOX’s “American Idol”, who were black, sued the show for racism. Never one to let a moment to show his sheer and utter racist ass, Harvey Levin producer, creator and host of the smear show “TMZ” whined that it was all sour grapes nonsense. He and his favorite house slave/lapdog Charles lamented that those people were only complaining because they weren’t good enough. Right Harvey, far be it for the same guy who goes out of his way to churn out one of the most blatantly racist half-hour of crap to believe some frustrated Negroes when they cry race.

While I can’t say for sure if the lawsuit was valid, I do feel that there is something very shitty with that program’s selection choices. I once saw a very, very talented light skinned black male get turned away by former judge Simon Cowell because as Simon put it “He couldn’t market his look” as several less talented white people were picked left and right, including pink haired embarrassment Nikki Baronsky. Also, former contestant Frenchie Davis was booted from the show because some long forgotten nude photos of her suddenly surfaced. A few years later a white female contestant named Antonella Barbra,, who also made nude photos, was allowed to stay.

When Davis’ family and supporters cried racism as well as fat shaming, they were shot down by many in the media who claimed that it was because the other girl’s pictures were meant to be private and just for her boyfriend where as Ms. Davis’ pictures were done for a particular website and she knew they would be leaked. I say big fucking whoop! Regardless of how and why they were done, both pictures were far too revealing for what is supposed to be a family show. And both of them should have been asked to leave not just the overweight black female that sang circles around the other girl.

There is also the issue I have with that show discriminating for past behaviors, like the one young male who wasn’t allowed to continue because he got busted for pot possession when he was just 15. Yet, in America we glorify and celebrate many a rock star that have done drugs a million times worse than pot, among other things.

It’s one thing to be distant because you can’t relate to what another person has to experience being a person of color. But when you try and outright deny their daily struggles because it doesn’t fit in with your fantasy of the dominant race being perfect, I say that is your fucking problem. It’s not the person of color’s responsibility to educate you on how self-serving and thoughtless you are being. We already have enough to deal with coming from you as it is.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Dismissive Racism

  1. To echo the point you made about American Idol. Never has a black man won the show since Ruben Studdard. Same for X-Factor UK, no black male has ever won that show, most of the winners have either been White Males and Black females. The black females, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, both incredibly talented were effectively sanitized for Britain’s predominantly white public, they wore dresses, sang ballads, and were both mentored by white judges. And which of these two ladies found more success? Leona Lewis, a mixed girl with an international beige complexion, shy and unsure of herself and always a peach……always the last to know how talented she is and is famous world wide and most of her hit songs are covers of other people’s songs. Alexandra Burke, dark skinned and vastly more talented, is hardly known outside of the UK. This leads me to mention another issue, In 2008 X-Factor UK, the same year Alexandra won, there was another black contestant named Rachel Hylton who was heavily demonized by the public because of some mistakes she made in her past, when she was 13 or 15 thereabout and she was 26 at the time of her partaking in the competition. And in 2011 there was a black female contestant named Misha Bryan, very talented vocalist and rapper with a unique fashion sense. During the third live show, she was accused by Irish judge Louis Walsh for bullying a contestant backstage right after singing her praises in the previous two weeks. When they did investigate the matter, the other contestants denied any instance of bullying and that there were only minor disagreements. As a result Misha’s confidence suffered a huge knock and public support dropped dramatically. And what’s worse is that the public immediately jumped on the band wagon and started demonizing her calling her arrogant for being confident in herself and calling her a fat ugly gorilla. And another twist, white female contestant Kitty Brucknell reportedly made racist comments toward black male contestant, Derry Mensah who was part of the boy band The Risk and no one called her out. Instead the whole issue was swept under the rug.

    here’s a link describing how to survive as a black contestant in a singing competition

    1. In the first season of Idol I thought Tamara Gray was more talented than most of those chumps put together yet it was Kelly Clarkson who won SMH!

  2. Right on, ‘Vern! It certainly is noT our responsibility as POC to educate bigoted, close-minded idiots as to the many micro and major aggressions that we face on dang near a daily basis-the sooner I realized that (in my later years), the less of headache I got when dumb-azzes attempted to try to get me to explain some asinine questions!

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