Vern’s Venting: 1842

By Lavern Merriweather

When news broke that “Scandal” star Columbus Short physically assaulted his wife, many in the blogworld and media were ready to attack. Brotha even wrote a post where not-at-all-funny ‘comedian’ D.L. Hughley called himself coming to Short’s rescue by attacking his wife and calling her a gold digger. He then proceeded to criticize black women in general while berating the female host who subsequently gave up trying to control his obnoxious and vile outburst. Brotha took Hughley to task and rightfully so for being such an ignorant, irritating asshole and fool. However in the comments section when he mentioned that Mr. Short shouldn’t be sold short, because there are white males guilty of domestic violence as well, a person commented that we, unlike white people, should be critical of our black celebrities when they do wrong, that we shouldn’t be like white people. Well, when you engage in the same type of hypocrisy and double standards, then you ARE being just like white people.

I have had many arguments with other Negroes over the issue of protecting black people that are famous even when they do bad unforgivable shit. I would understand their theory a lot more if they or white people in the media that usually lead these pitchfork and torch brigades could say, “Hey, we don’t attack white males or white people because they never commit any criminal acts”. The problem is they can’t say that because it would be impossible. So, my feeling is if you are so dogged and determined to face the issue of any serious subject such as domestic violence or child abuse or sexual harassment, then stop being so damn picky about who you vilify!

If it sounds like I am writing this with a tinge of outrage myself, the answer is hell yeah! I am! That’s because I don’t like hypocrites, I don’t like hypocrisy, and I especially don’t like either one when I know it comes from a completely racist standpoint. Even more so, I really don’t like that the main group of people who should be pissed off about the many times blatant double standards instead would rather go right along with it, as if this were 1842 and we were still slaves worrying about making ‘massah’ mad. I really don’t give a shit who I upset. There needs to be a shitload more speaking of truth to power from black folks, instead of this cowering in the corner bullshit hoping that we don’t get on white people’s nerves by telling them how utterly full of it they are. Not to play Oppression Olympics, but anytime another race has had it with white people’s selective sermonizing, they call them out quick, fast and in a fucking hurry.

When former Chicago Cubs player Rafael Palmeiro was suspected of using steroids and cheating, Hispanic people were tripping over themselves to defend him. Same thing goes for Arab-American citizens after 9/11. Not because they wanted to praise wrongdoing. Far from it. They just wanted white people to acknowledge that often times they are in an unsuitable position when it comes to judging people of color. I have no clue if Mr. Palmeiro cheated or not. That’s irrelevant at this point. I do know he would have gotten treated a lot worse by the media had his brothers in brown not stood up for him so soon the same way Barry Bonds was attacked by white males in the media who have yet to show even a third of that anger towards white males known for a fact to be guilty like Mark McGuire and Lance Armstrong.

Rafael Palmeiro

There is also a distinct holier-than mentality for black male politicians we don’t see with white men. Former mayor of Washington Marion Barry was berated continuously by fellow black people such as comedians and shock jocks, oblivious to the fact that the same white males demonizing him as well had long-term memory loss for whatever disgraceful behavior was being committed by white males at the time. Now, we have the mayor of Toronto, Canada Rob Ford who has given late night hosts and stand-up fools so much material that he should be on the Writer’s Guild payroll. Yet instead of targeting him and hating on him with their snide words, they are taking the typical route of staying silent when it’s a white male.

Before anyone complains to me that Ford is in a different country and has nothing to do with American politics, this isn’t just about his politics. This is about how he behaves as an elected official and a human being. Those same folks who held Mr. Barry up to a standard of how he conducted himself are being very lenient with Mr. Ford. That can’t be for any other reason than race. However, that seems to sit just fine with many black people. They obviously need a reminder of what decade this is.

We do not, and I mean DO NOT have to tiptoe or walk on eggshells when it comes to white folks who behave badly, especially when same-said black people claim that was their reason for going after other black people. If that’s the case, then they have an extremely shitty way of proving their point. Most of the times I don’t think they even have one. I feel that it’s nothing more than their inability to give like they get to the dominant society. If that sounds like I’m playing tit-for-tat, then so damn what? It doesn’t change the fact that there are various white males and females doing the same thing that they are so adamant on criticizing black folks for. And they are extremely silent about it when it’s a white person, leading me to believe that we don’t want a dialogue on certain important issues. Black people just want to play follow the leader and go along to get along.


17 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: 1842

  1. What’s really scary with this cracked out goof is the amount of black people here who support him despite his repeated use of racist words and mockery(imitating Jamaican patois for example). It sort of reminds me of a plantation mentality where the master may treat his slaves a little better for which they are imminently grateful. This clown throws out a few crumbs and and these kerchief heads eat them up. What is scary is that none of the other candidates in the mayoral race have made no mention of his racism. Instead they talk about his lies unsuitability(Ya think?) for his position. He also has a hard core of supporters who just don’t care if he is a crack smoking racist/misogynistic fool.


    That’s our mayor!

    1. He is once again getting that requisite sympathy bullshit from some in the media. you know the kind we never get even when they are also addicts. Unfortunately it’s very true that we still have a master/slave mentality.

  2. Funny how nobody ever uses this as an example of how all white men are so evil, yet people can’t wait to throw all BM under the bus when one acts out. Also take note at how he’s still regarded as a sex symbol into old age even though he explicitly defended the violent & misogynistic act of hitting a woman “when it merits it” as he puts it.

    1. I heard him saying that bullshit comment a while back. And it amazes me how white men get a pass while black men warrants a call for domestic violence awareness.

    2. He’s not the only one Burt Reynolds ex Judy Carne wrote in her book how he was abusive towards her. Women slapping is the old school Hollywood way it seems.

  3. ..Well said ‘Wolf, and great post ‘Vern! Rob “The Slob” Ford needs to have several seats (preferably in N.A. meeting), and Columbus really isn’t adding any glory to that already “soiled” name of his via the despicable actions done towards his wife-but that does Not excuse their white counterparts actions/misdeeds either..

  4. ..Yeah he certainly made it pretty plain to ole’ Babs Walters that ole’ “Mr. Bond” is not above puttin’ sum hands on his boo-thang if she dares to “get outta line”-talk about letting that (pimp-Bond-role) go to one’s head (no pun intended)! lbvs

  5. ” Now, we have the mayor of Toronto, Canada Rob Ford who has given late night hosts and stand-up fools so much material that he should be on the Writer’s Guild payroll.”

    Yet instead of targeting him and hating on him with their snide words, they are taking the typical route of staying silent when it’s a white male.”

    Which is it? I’ve heard a ton of public mockery and condemnation of Ford, (all richly deserved by that crackhead). The coverage I’ve seen of him has been overwhelmingly negative. I agree with most of your point, I just don’t think Ford is a good example of it. He has been deservedly flamed by just about everyone.

    1. You’d be the only one because I haven’t really heard anyone particularly the chuckleheads of late night target him.

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