Vern’s Venting: Cop Killers

By Lavern Merriweather

There is a wise old saying that goes, “Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it”. That is a moniker that should be required to be hung at every police station in America, seeing how they have instant amnesia and keep doing the same destructive, brutal, sadistic bullshit over and over while the high minded Negro crowd sit in complete oblivion to their evil predatory behavior and blame all the ills of black society on Lil Wayne.

It’s not Lil Wayne’s fault, dumbasses. There are so many problems between black people and cops. It’s the cops themselves. They never seem to learn a damn thing from the last time they acted like thuggish assholes. Yet, to hear the high minded crowd tell it, cops are our ‘friends’ and just want to help. Okay, stupid. I’ll put that shit on your tombstone when your so-called friend decides to plug your ass with lead 50 times.

The latest incident in a very long list of cops making themselves an enemy to black folks happened a few weeks ago in New York City. A black man named Eric Garner who was selling cigarettes individually was soon approached by some of New York’s lowest. Instead of the slap on the wrist warning that a lot of white males get, the cops argued with him then started a physical altercation where one of the punks grabbed him by the neck in a chokehold. Mr. Garner, who had asthma, was violently restrained as several cops had him on the ground with their knee as he screamed that he couldn’t breathe. Paramedics were called. Yet, when they got there, rather than come to his aid, a female respondent stood over him yacking in his ear expecting a nearly unconscious man to speak to her silly ass. Once again we have a scenario where cops believe that brute force is needed when dealing with a Negro.

Three frames of the fatal confrontation between Eric Garner and the NYPD

Just last month, a thug with a badge who works for the California Highway patrol beat up a black female who is a grandmother named Marlene Pinnock for nothing more than crossing a median on the freeway in a vicious attack that was filmed in a now viral video. As grateful as I am that this heinous behavior is being filmed and giving new eyes to what many black people see every day, it doesn’t seem to do shit to stop the gang of thugs that call themselves ‘law enforcement’. Yeah, more like enforcers, because they are the guard dogs that arrogant white politicians like Rudy Giuliani and current mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg use to assure good white citizens all across the country that they are safe from the darkie horde.

I remember years ago during an interview of actor James Woods claiming that New York was a ‘paradise’ when Giuliani was in office. I gather that to mean that since he kept his goon hand strong when it came to Negroes, that white people could feel that much safer. Except for that day on Sept. 11 2001, which I suspect many white people will find an excuse to blame on black folks too, seeing how we already get blamed for whatever trauma and terror the cops inflict on us.

Don’t believe me? Just read some of the tweets by fellow boys in blue after the murder of Eric Garner. And yes, I said murder, because I am calling it like I see it. A number of officers wrote that Garner was a “fat fuck who probably died because he had a heart attack from being so overweight”. They also said that if he had just not resisted and submitted, he’d still be alive. How about if you stupid motherfuckers had of left him the fuck alone when he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he’d still be alive! But of course that’s not the world we live in. Apparently, any altercation with a cop and a black person that leaves the civilian dead was their own undoing. Let’s try reversing those roles and see if the cop gets blamed for being an overzealous dick harassing innocent citizens because his punk ass didn’t have shit else better to do, something that I have heard many a cop say to a black person.

Facebook messages from people commenting on the Eric Garner murder.

I even had a cop tell me that! When I snapped that if he actually did have something better to do, he’d being doing it, I was attitude arrested and taken to a police station. If you don’t know what an attitude arrest is, then you must read a book written by the great Norm Stamper that reveals a lot of the sneaky underhanded, and of course racist, shit cops do. Mr. Stamper was a cop for 24 years and at one time was even chief of police in Philadelphia. So if anyone would know it’d be him.

Another wonderful book about the evil that cops do is “Varieties of Police Behavior” written by James Q. Wilson. As much as I’d like to sing their praises, they aren’t really telling me or any other black person in the USA what we don’t already know, and that is cops will look for any reason to use and abuse their power when it comes to black people. It seems that they have decided to revamp the Jim Crow laws to make them acceptable for a new modern era.

Another example out of the millions I don’t have time to share is the time of the horrific attack on the black militia MOVE group in Philadelphia in 1989 where Mayor Willie Goode, feeling pressure from neighbors and an ever growing threat to government officials on their person from an angry group of well stocked Negroes, forged a plan to completely annihilate the house that they were dwelling in. A large package of highly dangerous explosives was dropped on the roof and caused an explosion. It started a blaze which damaged many nearby homes. One of the residents, a boy named Birdie Africa, whose real name was Michael, managed to escape with a grown woman named Ramona. Michael was exceedingly close to the fire and had already suffered several burns. One of the cops went to assist him and thus saved his live which he testified at a hearing to determine if the city’s actions were justifiable. Days later after his harrowing account, the words ‘n**ger lover’ were scrawled on his locker, and he subsequently quit to find work as a cop in another town.

That right there points to what I and many other blacks have been saying all along. Cops have an extremely racist agenda…Hell, the most racist one, because they can act out their aggressions and bigotry with impunity all in the name of doing a good day’s work in an effort to serve and protect to make the public feel safe. Except for those you have to keep those good folks of the public protected from, eh Officer “friendly”?


20 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Cop Killers

  1. Here is a brief clip of an interview with the former police officer Norm Samper speaking about a part in his book, “Breaking Rank” about how cops, and whites in general, view Black males based on appearance.

  2. Vern, you sure don’t mince your words, that’s what I love about you, you keep it real, you keep it hot, smoking, spicy and full of flavor and substance like a nice home-made Jamaican style curry chicken with jambalaya and a rich seafood gumbo on the side. OWW!!!!, YUMMY!!!!!!!

    Another finger licking post Mama Vern.

  3. Good post. I am glad the medical examiner determined Eric Garner died of a choke hold. I was really surprised i just knew they would say he had a heart attack or something and like those asswipes did blame it on his weight. But it’s all on video and everyone can see that poor man was murdered. And that poor woman in the highway patrol savagely beat was an atrocity. SMH.

  4. The twitter comments display the disgusting degree of apathy that is displayed in our society, especially more so when it pertains to people of color. It also shamefully exposes how individuals need to deviate from reality in order to justify these offenses. What happened to Eric Garner was obvious, this homicide was witnessed not only by bystanders, but recorded on video for all the world to see… yet, they blame, deflect, and feel that this man’s life had no value… Where is the sense of humanity?

  5. Fire azz post again, ‘Vern! On a side note, I’m now tempted to cook some seafood gumbo this week (due to all the apparent food-lover’s posting here)-off to buy some crawfish n’ fixings! ; )

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