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Frazier Glenn Miller

I can’t believe I missed this topic as a suggestion to write about. It’s definitely worth looking at.

A few months ago, Ku Klux Klan leader Frazier Glenn Miller, the same dude responsible for the horrific murder of three people at a Jewish community center that was all over the news earlier this year, was busted having sex with a prostitute in the back seat of a car. The part that really set police off was that the prostitute is a black male! Let it sink in a bit.

At first, it seems nothing short of boggling that a leader of a hate group as notorious as the KKK would be knocking boots with a black man. After all, his group thrives on their white supremacist loathing of blacks and gays. Yet, the prostitute is both, and apparently, Miller has homosexual desires.

One could look at this as a mode of conquest through sexual activities. Maybe Miller saw this prostitute as his inferior, and wanted to show how superior white men are through the use of his dick. And this campaign of its caliber is traced back to – you guessed it – slavery. So, it’s hard for anyone to argue that the past is the past when white supremacy still thrives, especially when it comes to coitus.

But I have a feeling it won’t fly well with his comrades. To know that your leader is sleeping with the enemy is a sure fire way to destroy your faith. And I doubt prison hate groups like the Aryan Brotherhood will sympathize with the plight of their homosexual fallen hero who has a thing for negro males.