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In a world where our media is controlled by white males, and where we get our information and programming from television, it’s plain as day that we’re indoctrinated with negative stereotype after negative stereotype of black men. The same is true for black women as well. Racism can dwell in any institution, and the media is no exception at all.

Of course, the excuse will lay the blame solely on us for our behaviors and for allowing our youth to take in the crap they produce. It’s the same argument drug dealers use. They only supply the drugs. It was their customers’ decision to buy them.

This spoken-word video takes shots at the mainstream media and their race to continue the stereotype factory going. This is why co-blogger Lavern Merriweather’s articles are directed at the racist double standards and constant minstrelization when it comes to black people, especially celebrities. That is why there must be a front to hold the media accountable. And that is why, most of all, we need to create our own media without giving in to the always present white racial frame of mind.