Quick Thoughts: Detroit’s Water Situation

Detroit, an American city once called the “Motor City” is a shell of its former self. Thanks to Economic fuck-ups and typical politics that can only be described as ‘barbaric’, the city of Motown has become a Third-World hell hole. And now, it faces yet another crisis in the form of outstanding water bills.

It seems that since Detroit’s poor, lower-class citizens have been behind in paying their water bills. As a result, many residents are faced with the possibility of having their water shut off unless they somehow pay up. The drawback is that Detroit is in such economic distress that the poor struggle just to make it to through the week. It’s become so bad that the United Nations may have to step in as many deem this as a human rights crisis.

But, as we all know, some people see Detroit as a lost cause due to the decades long influx of black residents who – as expected – are blamed by racist putzes for the city’s poverty and crime. Of course, the fact that racism was a primary player in its economic down turn is unheard of to those dicks. Though, some on the more liberal side are more sympathetic, like the ones who represent PETA and see it as a perfect opportunity to capitalize off the struggle to promote their vegan campaign.

There seems to be a little hope. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is said to prolong the water shut-offs for a while longer until a humane resolution is reached. He stated that it hurts the reputation of the city. Oh, You think? Mayor Duggan must have missed the memo that the entire world already knows.

So, what will become of Detroit and its people when this crisis continues to unravel Detroit’s image of capitalistic corruption? What will it take for Detroit’s poor residents to get back on their feet? Sooner or later, something’s got to give, and shutting off the water is no solution.


15 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Detroit’s Water Situation

  1. Brothawolf:

    If you want to know what will become of us as a whole if we do not come together and realize what time it is, look at the Khazars in Nazi Germany. Look at the situation in Gaza. In order to understand and learn from His-Story, we must understand that Yurugu is first and foremost 2 things:

    A predator
    A malicious strategist

    Cutting off water, food, heat are just the primary stages of genocide. Detroit, Philly, Chicago…they are just the “beta tests” for what will happen to us on a much broader scale.

  2. I read about this a month ago and i thought it was deplorable water is a basic human necessity. I was watch Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC and this was one of the discussions on woman from Canada and some other people were coming to help the people in Detroit. This is not some third world country this is the USA treating Americans like an underdeveloped country. This is shameful. But it was also stated water insufficiency would be a thing in the future. That was very scary, the fact they can cut poor people’s access to water off.Water is a basic human need.

  3. There is a group in Canada helping the folks in Detroit by bringing jugs of water to them. I saw a woman on Melissa Harris-Perry talking about this on last Sunday.

  4. This is like out of a comic book. The Batman “No Man’s Land” storyline was about Gotham becoming a disaster zone, shut off from the rest of the US. It is mindblowing how similar it is to what is happening in Detroit. I’m not American, but Swedish, and I have a hard time grasping that what is happening is really happening.

    The US is as rich as we are, at the very least. To us, If a dozen houses in the middle of nowhere loses electricity for more than a few days, it is national news and a scandal. I just cannot fathom how this is happening in the US. (Not trying to make a statement about how Europe is so much better yada yada, but in situations like this, the difference is… stark).

  5. Wow!

    Just yesterday, Detroit was vibrant and jazzy..and now this. It almost make me sad thinking about it. Anyways.. My heart goes out to them and double thanks for the citizens of Canada helping them out with the water. It’s a crying shame that the U.S. haven’t done the same.

    The U.S. should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen. Sure, they’ll say that the people of Detroit did this to themselves. Maybe bad politics played a role in this but do let the city go down like in the manner that it have..something is terribly wrong with that and I believe..like some of the posters mentioned on here..that it’s a cowardly way of trying to do a slow genocide against us. I just find it funny how they keep talking about the troubles in Chicago but not intervening in it which tells me a lot about our country’s feelings about POC needs.

  6. ..You can say that again, and then some Brothawolf (and the other insightful commentators here as well)! I was just talking to one of my bro’s who lives in the “D” (Detroit) less than a day ago, and it seems as though there is an ongoing strife to get as much means of a legit living there as possible within these harsh times, and it also amazes me how much a lot of these Good people have been able to survive this crap, and much more while struggling to feed and/or clothe their family in the process!!

      1. That’s because they are blind by choice. The choose not to see the poor as being in a precarious predicament. There are various factors as to why people are unable to get access to the help they need. Personally, I believe they know this (and they know it’s wrong), but choose to think otherwise.

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