Notable Links: 7-18/14

The Media Shows Its True Colors: Reporter Makes Offensive Remarks

Turning into what should’ve been a regular news report about a New Jersey shootout between a cop and citizen, the attention was quickly drawn to a reporter’s remarks and choice of words when interviewing witnesses and associates of the assailant.

Sean Bergin’s remarks only revealed the stereotypes he believes to be true about Black men. Fatherless, wayward sons who ultimately have a rift with cops. My question is, why is it ok to believe and promote these stigmas about Black people, thus generalizing, minimalizing and ignoring their struggles as individuals? It’s safe to say no two people has ever shared the exact same life, so why does the media always promote these stereotypes and pass them on as facts about Blacks? How do these ideas pass as true?

From him asking the security guard who was physically assaulted if the assailant was drunk or high, this made his report objective and purely bias.

Pro Wrestling Is Fake, but Its Race Problem Isn’t

Mark Henry held ECW’s world championship, and then Smackdown’s world championship. But despite having one of the most impressive resumes in WWE history, he has never won the top prize in WWE.

In the fictional WWE storylines, being the world champion means you are the best wrestler. But in real life, it means you are the best performer. The decision of who gets to be the titleholder simply comes from a team of creative writers with the final call going to WWE owner Vince McMahon himself: Who do we want to be the face of our company? Who do we think is good enough?

In its 62 year history, WWE has never chosen a black wrestler to hold its world championship.

Gaza boy, 12, who lost 18 relatives in air strike vows vengeance

Abdul Rahman Al-Batsh’s pain-wrenched face has become one of the most powerful images of the Gaza conflict.

The 12-year-old boy lost 18 members of his family in an air raid on Saturday night.

A photograph of Abdul Rahman, his shoulders slumped against a car, shows the moment when he discovered his father was among the dead.

Feeling Defeminized

When is society going to stop perpetuating the absurd belief that black women have no right to be womanly? That we somehow cannot claim female as our gender even when our DNA says we are? Why, as a black women, do I feel that we are grouped into this category of not-quite-female but not-quite-male, as if we’re some kind of alien being with some traces of female features but are “unpredictable”, “scary”, “ugly”, “hypersexual”, and “manly”.


4 thoughts on “Notable Links: 7-18/14

  1. From the day of independence before FDR the mentally ill White Supremacist have sat in back rooms figuring out how to keep the Black race down. Having grown up in a 1940 slum of segregated Dallas, Texas where Blacks lived on one side of the street and Mexican Americans on the other; we played kick the can together and organized a neighborhood football team finding we were stronger than other neighborhoods when we stuck together. We were taught to trust the police and only heard that cops were bad from gang members. Being from a multicultural (Black, Mexican-American, Irish, German, French) family I know for a fact that Blacks have been signaled out and all of us in the United States have good reason not to trust Law Enforcement. Never think that you are wrong when you point out how someone can get so brain washed or wonder about anyone who wants to be a cop. To serve and protect?

    As a ten year old my dad would take us to wrestling matches in Dallas. We’d see Gorgeous George, Primo Carnera and others. The old man took us because he could drink beer and we always knew the wrestling was fake never knowing the promoters were fake as well.

    The fact that Hamas is perpetrating a perpetual war sacrificing Palestinians and making enemies for Israel is hardly news. Revenge is a tool of evil intent that humanity is controlled with by toxic governments that use it. A twelve year old may never understand where the responsibility lies for the loss of those precious lives. But we do and with help from a higher power it in fact is there Palestinians will get rid of Hamas.

    I can only know what I’ve lived. But you are not wrong in your reporting and bringing out as much of what you believe needs to be addressed. May fate and destiny keep you healthy and safe while you do this great service for humanity.

  2. Great links, Brothawolf! I especially enjoyed reading the one about “white supremecy”, and its’ insanity of putting their women on an alleged “pedestal of perfection”, much to the chagrin of other POC who are just as (if not more) lovely as any other women as well!

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