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An image from one of the videos shot by two white males attempting to prank a young black male.

There’s a series of viral videos going around the net that features young men that wanted some online fame by doing what no one has done before, prank poor black people in the streets of Brooklyn, which to them is referred to as “the hood”. Some may consider it hardcore. Some consider it funny as hell. But many people conclude that those people, who are considered white, are douches with a death wish.

The Etayyim brothers, Moe and Et of Palestinian origin, have done quite a few pranks in their neck of the woods in Manhattan. They’ve engaged others by sitting on random people’s laps to making ridiculous fast food orders. But eventually, they wanted to up the ante by trekking to where they considered is “more dangerous than Manhattan”, Brooklyn, where the hoodrats and homies reside.

So, the Etayyim brothers decide to attempt a prank that any sane person living in the real world knew would earn them a serious ass whooping, or worse. They attempted to steal cellphones from black males in order to “check the time”.  They thought it was be a good idea to film it in Brownsville, which is considered the deadliest neighborhood in New York City, according to Moe Etayyim. Yea, they were practically begging to get clocked.

So, they went on their merry way pranking unsuspecting black males in that area while filming. And if those foolhardy nerds thought they would leave unscathed, or leave at all, they were in for very rude awakenings.

One of the brothers tried to steal a cellphone from a dude’s hand while he was talking to someone. He ended up getting thrown to the ground by the victim. Another brother tried to grab a cellphone from another black male, but the young man snatched it back. Even though he was informed that he was on camera, he didn’t give a fuck.

Despite it all, the brothers’ jackassery has generated numerous hits. No doubt, a lot of people are describing how lame and racist they are for pulling their shit on poor black folks. But the brothers don’t care. They got what they wanted, even though they got their asses handed to them. They were lucky as hell they didn’t get shot, not because they were white Palestinians in a predominantly black neighborhood and are considered automatic targets as many white folks believe. But because they were a couple of trolling ass, shit-starters causing trouble for the disenfranchised for internet fame and glory.

There’s another slightly older video of a white dude stealing gas from people’s cars. This nut siphons some gas from cars, owned by black males, into a yellow bucket. When the owners spotted this fool, they confronted him, mad as hell. In one scene, the white guy got surrounded by black dudes who seriously wanted to kick his ass. Somehow or another, he made it out alive, even though being a dick in a poor neighborhood would get your seriously hurt or killed, no matter what color you are.

A screenshot of a white male stealing gas from a vehicle owned by a black male who saw him and wanted to kick his ass

I remember hearing about a film series where homeless men performed outlandish stunts in front of a camera. The series was called Bumfights. Producer Ryen McPherson and his buddies Zachary Bubeck, Daniel J. Tanner, and Michael Slyman would pay a poor and homeless men and teenagers to perform outlandish stunts in order to make a little bit of cash in Southern California and the Las Vegas area.

Videos of this nature were popular during the 2000’s. But it would end up biting up the asses of the filmmakers. Ryen and his cohorts were charged with misdemeanors were sentenced to months of community service. But that didn’t stop the drive to humiliate poor people as Ty Beeson and Ray Laticia, more producers of the Bumfights series, tried to carry on the legacy of shamelessness. Beeson appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to defend his videos, but before he could open his mouth, he was kicked off stage. Still, both Beeson and Laticia maintained that the videos were “basically harmless”. And even they got in some serious legal trouble.

Ty Beeson

Basically, we are seeing a pathological phenomenon where middle and upper class white males exploit the harsh conditions of poor people and poor people of color for fame and fortune. The filmmakers consider their ‘projects’ as not only entertaining, but also free of wrongdoing. They manipulate the hardships that people outside their racial and socioeconomic environment face on a daily basis, and most of them see nothing wrong with that.

But don’t think this is unique. We see the same thing in the mainstream media. We see it in Reality TV shows, talk shows, including the aforementioned Dr. Phil, and courtroom dramas. And like the viral videos online, most of them are conducted by white male ringleaders.

Using socially and economically disadvantaged people just to make yourself rich and look good is a sign of moral and mental sickness that this society happily embraces without remorse. To any person with good sense and a good heart, this is morally wrong. But in a racist and classist society such as this, it’s just business and entertainment.