Vern’s Venting: Fools on Parade

Joan Rivers

By Lavern Merriweather

I’m just going to come out and say it. Joan Rivers is an asshole. I was going to start this post with a cute little quip, but screw that. There is no two ways to put it.

Recently, ‘creature of the swamp’ Rivers was asked if there would ever be a gay president. And the D-list no talent responded by saying that we already have a gay president because Michelle Obama, wife of President Barack Obama, is a pre-op tranny. Remember. This is the same dumbass that made a terrible joke several months ago about the girls who were held hostage by despicable thug Ariel Castro at his house of horrors in Cleveland Ohio. When Rivers took heat for that and deservedly so, she blew a gasket.

Rivers whined that it’s only a joke and that everybody should just calm the hell down. Well, we would Joan, if moronic people like you weren’t running around possessing more mouth capacity than brain capacity and getting pissed, because somebody called you on your undeserved privilege to the point where you get defensive about your unchecked arrogance and stupidity.

Rivers is now trying to take the contrite road by saying that she actually admires Michelle. Then, sang her praises. Much as I would like to believe Rivers is really taking a moment of self-reflection and truly realizing how much of a jackass she was being, I ain’t buying it. Not because I am that cynical or jaded, but because a lot of white people in the media, especially comedians, like to play the C-YA game. What’s really funny is that these people always usually figure it out after the fact.

What’s funny is that who even cares anymore what that gargoyle looking, bitter, worthless old bat Rivers thinks? She looks like she drinks formaldehyde to make her face look that hideous. And she has the nerve to say someone else might possibly be a she-male? For those of you who say it’s petty and childish that I would talk about Joan’s face or that we should make this a teachable moment, I saw tough shit.

Here’s the thing. It’s NOT my job to raise grown folks. Rivers is older than me. Hell, she’s older than dirt, which ain’t too far off by the way. So, she’s knows good and well what she’s doing. It doesn’t shock or surprise me that Michelle, unlike many of the other first ladies, is getting almost as many cruel malicious jabs as her husband. Don’t tell me for one – even half a second that it’s about anything besides race. I may have been born at night, but it sure as shit wasn’t last night.

I am very aware that some in this country believe that any cry of racism from Negroes when it comes to the Obamas is going to be viewed as black people being overly sensitive, that we have no reason to feel that the disrespect being shown to Obama or his wife is automatically about race. Why, of course, where would black folks ever get that idea, that the first non-white male who is elected president would ever have to face the same issue that African-Americans have been facing since we got here? In that case, I will pack all of my belongings right this minute and move to Scotland in hopes of seeing ‘Nessie’ up close and personal.

Let’s get real here. Michelle is being terrorized by obnoxious little shits because the mindset by the white media elite that all black people are men is not only being challenged but threatened. And as we all know whenever white people feel the slightest twinge of fear from Negroes, they go hog wild.

A year ago, Rivers also got into some hot water when she referred to Michelle as Blackie O., which she claims was just a play on words trying to simulate the nickname given to John Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline when she was called Jackie O.

First off, Jackie Kennedy was only called that after John died, and she married a rich Greek tycoon named Aristotle Onassis. It was meant to symbolize her name so that made perfect sense. Calling Michelle ‘Blackie’ is nothing but thinly veiled racist bullshit.

Rivers then went on the Howard Stern to lament how much it sucks that white folks like herself have to cowtow to the Negro-in-chief and not be so quick with bigoted insults. Yeah, it’s must be so rough to be white in a predominantly white society and finally have to give respect and dignity to those lowly darkies. Aww, poor baby Joan do you need a hug?

Then, we have Anthony Cumia of the Sirius XM ‘Anthony and Opie’ show. Cumia was recently fired from his show for going on a racist twitter rant fest. Cumia claimed that he was recently in New York on the street trying to take pictures when a black woman wandered into the frame. Always the innocent victim, Cumia says that he politely asked her to move but she started arguing with him. After that he says the altercation became physical with the woman punching him in the face.

I have no clue if any of his story is true. White people, as I have mentioned in another post, are notorious for padding their tales, particularly when it involves a nasty run-in with a Negro. So, the jury is way out on whether Cumia is telling the truth.

And polite? That’s laughable. Most white male shock jocks are about as polite as a prowling shark that hasn’t eaten in 8 days. I went on a few websites to see the comments from listeners upon hearing that their beloved ‘Ant’ had been removed from the airwaves and was pleasantly surprised. Sure, there were some that defended Anthony, even going so far as to say his rant wasn’t prejudice. While others called him on it and said that we have no way of knowing if the story was true since we were only getting one side of it. There were, after all, no police reports, and Cumia himself didn’t even call the cops. If somebody accosted me on the street and I was a semi-famous celebrity, you bet your sweet ass there would be blue lights flashing in every direction. If he was so outraged about what happened, then why didn’t he get the police involved instead of taking his anger to social media where he is more likely to find allies?

I can sum that up in that it sounds like a horseshit fabrication. Remember, Cumia and his kind create personas. Then, they create controversy and what better way than for a white person to say that a black person did it. Seeing how that term fans white flames hotter than any other rationale, I’m just very grateful a lot of people, judging from what I read, didn’t take the bait.

A few tried to justify Cumia’s rage and blame his bosses for denying his right to freedom of speech. As one person on the website put it, freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequence of your actions. BRAVO! They put that about as well as any smart thinking human being could have. Calling a certain group of people ‘savages’ is old-age white folks code. He might as well said those heathen n*ggers.

The Anthony Cumias and Joan Rivers of the world are all the same and cut from the same cloth. So, as public Enemy once so adroitly put it you can’t trust shit that they say.


15 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Fools on Parade

  1. Joan looks like sheep shit in shallow-ass water! She should take her $2.00 plastic surgery-looking ass and get the hell out and dodge. She hasn’t been funny since 1992!

  2. oh I’d like to get my hands on Phoney rivers and rip the botox out of that tranny bitch’s face.

  3. Joan the Joker and her ugly horse face daughter Melissa. Both are turds. Antony Cumia is a POS also. He is such a d***less wonder. Trying to sneak pictures of women because he probably can’t get laid.

      1. Folks, that ain’t her eyes you are seeing in that picture. She’s had so many facelifts, it is actually her nipples! As for her mouth? I ain’t gonna go there!

  4. Bitch was a failure of an actress/comedian. Epic fail when it came to plastic surgery. Who pays this ugly platypus to ‘critique’ the wardrobe of others on the red carpet? I know it’s “E.” Employer of Roxy, from 106th & Park fame, who now subscribes to white power. Skin looking lighter, talking a whole lot whiter and was THE 1st on that network to say Beiber was not racist.

    That scene in Don’t Be a Menace while Drinking your Juice in the Hood used to be funny. Now that I see negras in real time taking bullets, arrows and electrical shock from downed powerlines on behalf of wp…

    Back to Scone-face wibbers. Bitch you 90 and still working? A 401k ain’t bad people.

  5. @Herneith, Mary,& Brothwolf-LmaOooo @Nat I never could Roxie’s azz, something about her demeanor just always rubbed me the wrong way (not to mention that she had no business hosting on a Supposedly “Black” network, either! Leave it to her sold out butt to defend Beiber’s kray-kray azz!

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