Vern’s Venting: Re: Bad and Sexy

Jeremy Meeks

by Lavern Merriweather

Jeremy Meeks is a name that – by now – should probably be very well known to anyone reading this. He is the young, perfect jawed, bald, bi-racial felon with blue eyes that has many women swooning on the web after seeing his mugshot. Mr. Meeks’ popularity – such as it is – has taken off so much that a few modeling agencies have offered to sign him to a contract. However, it seems that some are not that impressed. In fact, they have eagerly voiced their disdain.

Two white female anchors for the Headline News (HLN) cable news network named Lynn Berry and Christi Paul felt the need to criticize the women falling head over heels for Mr. Meeks. They even had the utter nerve to whine about him being a ‘felon’ while they spent damn near the entire hour of the show talking about him. What should and could easily have been a five minute soundbite turned into almost the whole show of them complaining as they read some negative Facebook comments from viewers.

I mention this, because while I get that Mr. Meeks has broken the law, it’s still sad that this is what passes for news these days. We get a lot of typical self-righteous preaching from a group of people woefully ill-equipped to judge anybody.

Let’s cut the crap here. Mr. Meeks is getting attention and then vilification because he is a partly black male. As I have stated in previous posts, white people going out of their way to piss and moan at a person of color, especially a Negro, can’t come from anywhere but a place of race, particularly when there are some rather depraved and vile stories about a number of white male celebrities who are revered in this country. That shows what completely sick, sadistic, rotten little people they are that would make your hair stand on end and your skin crawl.

I just recently discovered that lead guitarist for the band Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, committed an act of despicable cruelty and perversion. Years ago, Page was at a club where he spotted a young female who was underaged.He instructed one of his roadies to approach the girl, who was only 14, and pass her along. Turns out he did more than that. He grabbed the girl and forced her to get into Page’s limo, where he threatened her if she tried to leave. He told her that if she “fucking moved”, he “would take her fucking head off”, a quote the accomplice of the degenerate pedophile made to keep this young girl from escaping.

Jimmy Page of rock group Led Zeppelin

Page then took the girl to his house and after spending several hours raping and forcing her to drink alcohol, he finds out that she is actually far too young to be a f**k buddy for his creepy grown ass. When this happens, instead of doing the right and humane thing of turning himself in to the cops, Page chooses to hold her hostage for the next three years at his home, in hopes of keeping his secret hidden.

Why this worthless sack of crap never saw a day in prison is beyond me. It can’t be because England has a different set of rules when it comes to the rape and kidnapping of minors than in most countries. I’m not fully aware of what the girl did legally afterwards. If anything, I do know that she wrote a book about her ordeal, even going so far as to defend her so-called ‘relationship’ with Page by calling it romantic while showing classic symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, where a victim that has been held captive for a long period of time comes to not only sympathize with their kidnapper but protect them from criticism by justifying their immoral, horrific behavior. Maybe that is her way of dealing with such a brutal and wretched situation, but the rest of us don’t have to feel that way. Far as I am concerned, Page is forever tainted in my mind and his sinister actions can’t afford him any other label but a monster. And he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A member of the legendary rock group Lynyrd Syknyrd is also a lowly little pervert menace to minors. A prominent member of the band raped a 15 year-old girl at the Ozark Mountain Festival in 1975 and has since swathed a path of pedophilia to where he has had to register as a sex offender for the past five years.

Former British rocker Gary Glitter who coined the phrase ‘glam rock’  and was noted for his wild stage persona and flamboyant costumes has been thrown out of Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan because he keeps inviting 10 and 11 year old girls to his house. I’m pretty sure it ain’t to play Barbie dolls or have a slumber party.

Gary Glitter

It appears that the amount of sordid demented tales from the white male rock community of disgusting incidents involving little girls runs very long and very deep, among other shitty, illegal things that would land many of the rest of us in prison where we would belong.

For those of you who question what does all of that have to do with Jeremy Meeks, well I tell you. Granted, I understand clearly that Mr. Meeks is no Boy Scout. He is in jail, after all. But he is being given a second chance, and as far as I’m concerned, he deserves one. I saw most of the things that Mr. Meeks has been in trouble with. Yet, none of it even comes close to be as wicked and evil as some of the shit I spoke about with the rock stars.

So, I question why is it that they get to live as free men enjoying fabulous palatial homes, being showered with millions of dollars, being beloved and worshiped by adoring and, in some cases, unsuspecting fans, while somebody like Jeremy is made into a pariah by the very media that glorifies deplorable scumbags, all in the sake of loving whoever looks like you no matter how miserable a person they are.

And for those of you high minded Negroes who say what white people do has nothing to do with black folks, I say that’s a crock and a cop-out. ANY adult who violates the sexual innocence of a child IS my fucking business and it should be yours too, especially if as many black people seem to claim that they find that sort of act completely reprehensible, which it is. The time has long since passed where black folks can justify holding ourselves to a higher standard than that of white people, if we really truly mean what we say. Either we put every single last bad guy in front of the firing squad or we don’t put anybody there at all.


15 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Re: Bad and Sexy

  1. 100% KO post Lavern, one thing I would say is a lot of these rock guys are very Satanic and paedophilia and all sorts of sexual deviancy is the norm in hollywierd

  2. Didn’t know about the rock music artist but i am not surprised by that. They are full of themselves from the fans worshiping them like some kind of Gods, plus they are more than likely high on drugs, that alone is the perfect storm for a disaster like the ones you mentioned. Sexual predators and pedophiles. They are are deviants.

    1. Don’t forget they are privileged rich white males on top of that so they feel they don’t have to answer to anybody even the law. It makes me sick and now I’m leery about listening to some of the bands I like for fear there might be a sleazebag lurking underneath.

  3. That is so gross and perverted. I am a fan of Rock music but I am aware that many Rock stars were perverts and preyed upon young, vulnerable girls

  4. Kick-azz post, again Vern! Gotta admit, I am one of the hugest fans of 80’s and 90’s rock myself-yet it is reprehensible what so many of these rockers have done and consequently have gotten away with due to their iconic status! That being said, one of my most fave singers of all time has to be David Bowie, the chameleon-like rocker who is now married to Iman the Somalian model. One former(?) groupie claims to have lost her virginity to him at thirteen years old-whilst this may or not be true, all I do know is that I have not every a confession or denial on Bowie’s part. Any thoughts on this folks, or extra info about this tale?

      1. True we never hear about what white males do. Which is why it irks me when black people jump on white folks bandwagons. Notice Brotha that much of this happened BEFORE Michael Jackson yet he was the main one getting pilloried? Typical.

  5. “Wow. Just wow. These rockers have more skeletons in their closet than Behind the Music cares to acknowledge.” @Brothawolf, Tee-hee, they need to have a show called “Behind the Musician”, lbvs @Vern, that’s a very valid counterpoint about MJ!

  6. Of course, whitey will come here saying “What about R. Kelly?” – White sexual insecurity leads to their own sexual deviancy, and the reverse is also true.

    I am also fed up with these “black respectability” pimps, saying “Stop worrying about white people do”, or they try to shame the “White people do it to” argument. Because the truth is white people DO do it, too. However, white people DO A LOT WORSE! So anyone who tries to use that copout tells me that they are willing to accept and bow to whatever doctrine whites create for them. Then they’ll say “The rules ain’t the same.”

    I always knew there was something perverse with Jimmy Page and other rockers.

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