Vern’s Venting: Get Your Lie Together

Janelle Ambrosia

by Lavern Merriweather

There is a video that has gone viral for a while, showing a ranting, pissed off white female named Janelle Ambrosia screaming obscenities and racial slurs at an unidentified black male motorist. She claims that she was upset because this man started his car, which startled her two kids. Then, the dollar store shopping stripper is changing her tune by trying to embellish her story, saying that he almost hit her son. Well which is it lady, did he start the car and scare your kids or did he damn near run them over? That’s obviously a rhetorical question because I already know the answer.

Janelle is using a time honored trick among white people to make their despicable behavior towards a black person justifiable when it’s clearly not. She is even trotting out the well-worn out excuse of not being racist because she has a black family member. Okay. What the fuck does that have to do with the price of a steak dinner in New York? She didn’t give a rat’s ass about her cousin when she was spewing hateful words. Big deal. She has a black cousin. That’s most likely someone she has barely spoken to and probably barely knows or associates with.

Janelle’s lucky she didn’t have a black eye, because if that were me she had been talking to, she would have needed medical attention afterward. She also tried to use white people’s favorite new tactic of playing the crazy card by saying that she’s bi-polar. I think most white people who trot out that weak, lame excuse don’t even know what the hell that condition really is. Otherwise, they wouldn’t keep using it. Being bi-polar doesn’t have a damn thing to do with being a raving racist asshole hollering hateful things. That’s like saying the over consumption of alcohol makes you an anti-Semite. It’s not anything, other than this witch was angry about something else and wanted to take it out on the first person she saw. And who better than a man on the lowest spot of the totem pole?

Then, when all else of the bullshit fails, she flips the script on her little story in desperation to make her being a vile sack of crap more potent. Obviously, the whole he-started-his-car thing wasn’t viable enough to defend her stupid and deplorable behavior. So, she makes it up as she goes along to make herself more of a victim. The biggest victims are those two kids who have that loser for a mother and seem to already be showing signs of picking up her bad habits.

This reminds me of the stupid white people on the internet and elsewhere trying to justify that punk George Zimmerman’s actions by saying that Trayvon Martin was ‘casing’ houses or jumping into other people’s yards so he could peek in their window. They also say he was some hulking linebacker for the Chicago Bears standing 6’3 at 217 pounds.

George Zimmerman

First of all, Zimmerman didn’t say jack squat about him actually committing any criminal activity. That prick only said that he looked suspicious, not that he was really doing anything. So, their words of defense contradict the very words of the same person that they are defending!

Second, who the hell picks a fight with someone knowing that they will kick their ass from the get go? That’s right. Nobody does that! So, there goes their idealized notion that he was some hulking behemoth trying to pick locks or pick a fight.

When infamous motorist Rodney king was viciously assaulted and beaten by thug cops on the LAPD, many in the blogworld tried in vain to support the cops’ disturbing behavior. Mr. King was accused of everything from being a wife-beater to being a cop killer. Okay. Now, I would guess a black man guilty of killing a cop or even suspecting of killing a cop, especially a white male cop, would not spend one more second on planet Earth a free man. He would be sitting in a damn jail cell for the rest of his natural born life innocent or not. *Cough Troy Davis cough!*

A frame from the infamous police beating of Rodney King

A number of pundits, both liberal and conservative, as well as white people in the public, whined that King was speeding and high on drugs. Really? Because the drug toxicology report came back negative. Plus, the manufactures who built the damn car said it doesn’t go as fast as the cops claimed. Still, a lot of white people wanted to believe even as the drug test and people who build Hyundai cars said that they were wrong on both counts.

Some people even said that King brought the attack on himself because he lunged for one of the cop’s gun. They must have seen a different tape than I did, because the only act of over-aggression I viewed was from the cops themselves. On top of that, I saw his arrest record and it was for nothing more than traffic violations and drug arrests. There wasn’t one single thing alluding to him being a murderer. That, however, didn’t stop some white people from rushing to defend the LAPD. Don’t forget that cops embellish too to make their wrongs seem right.

Instead of giving an apology, even a phony one, Janelle Ambrosia took the usual route of making excuses, as if a medical condition is the end all be all of controlling your behavior. Newsflash! It ain’t. SHE was the one who thought it was an acceptable idea to verbally attack a man that, from all appearances, wasn’t doing shit to her dumb ass. Now, she is going to lie and deny, making herself look like less of a bad guy.

Guess what sweetie, you have already made yourself the villain in this scenario and telling tales of bullshit won’t get you out of it. And neither will changing your story to justify your hatred. You were the only one in that video being a lowlife fool. I doubt any of the deserved criticism this wench is getting will actually give her pause to take a long, cold hard look at just what type of person she is.

And for anybody saying not to pick on Janelle for being a stripper, well she chose that as well, just like she chose to hurl hateful slurs while being filmed, fully aware that her shouting show would be seen by countless people. If you are having a bad day, year, life, then it’s your job to fix that, and turn things around. Don’t wallow in self-pity and delusion because your privilege came late in the mail as opposed to everybody else’s.

I think it’s laughable that this heffa had the gall to say we have a black president. Yeah, so? We also (still) have the Klan, Neo-Nazi groups, Stormfront and Bill O’Reilly. And we have your goofy ass running around. So, what’s your point?


10 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Get Your Lie Together

  1. Re: Rodney King. This may be the first time I’ve seen someone mention the “speeding” aspect of the incident in a public forum. I recall the police report at the time said he was driving 115 miles per hour.

    In an 1980s model Hyundai compact? Those engines were about 65 hp with a top speed of maybe 80 mph, and even that required a long, long straightaway and plenty of time to build up that speed. A wild, high-speed chase in an 80s econo-car is pretty much impossible.

  2. hit the nail on the head again lavern, however I must admit I didn’t know about this particular woman until I read your post, then I had to do some research into her, and honestly, this trick is lame

    1. She sure is. She used every privilege she could to acquire sympathy. And the “I have a Black cousin” excuse was one of the lamest. I wouldn’t be surprised if people started using that tactic to get over fo rtheir racism (ex. I’m not racist – I have a Black girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/cousin/aunt/uncle/doctor/lawyer/bookie, etc.)

      1. Some of them have already used that tired ass tactic and now we have the ‘I have some type of mental issue’ crap. Lol on the bookie one.

    1. I listened to a video of the brotha who was being attacked being interviewed on radio. He took it all in stride despite being treated like an animal by that woman. Though, I would not have blamed him if he cursed her out.

  3. Tariq’s radio show is very informative and entertaining,and he is so on point about the state of emergency aka “Jim Crow 2.0! On a side note, this Ambrosia chick (Greek name origin) looks no so “lily-white” as she thinks she is, as Bugs Bunny would say “What a maroon”!

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