Vern’s Venting: Excuse You

Jared and Amanda Miller cosplaying as the Joker and Harley Quinn from the “Batman” franchise.

by Lavern Merriweather

For the past 5 years, there has been an increasingly long and dangerous list of white males behaving badly with guns. The recent act of white terrorism was in the form of a couple from Las Vegas named Jared and Amanda Miller. They were a duo from the sticks who shot and killed two cops and a heroic bystander trying to stop their malevolent path of destruction. Both Millers had a rap sheet while Jared spent most of his time making bizarre and frightening videos where he spoke of being an angel of death wearing make-up looking like the Joker character from the “Batman” movie.

The media has, of course, painted this as a random act of violence by two mentally ill loners disgruntled with society, even though both were associates of a well- known white supremacist prick named Clive Bundy, who himself has been seen in interviews and on video praising the slavery system in America and making thinly veiled racist comments against our current president Barack Obama.

This coming on the heels of the shooting spree at a college in California by a spoiled brat asshole named Eliot Rodgers, who wrote a 140-page manifesto lamenting about why women have been rejecting him basically all his young life. He also made an arrogant self-serving video where he warned the women who blew him off that their day of reckoning was coming as he complained that the women who should have rightfully been his were instead passing him over for in his words ‘ugly black men’. It doesn’t surprise me that when the entitlement he felt about himself and his ideal of deserved privilege didn’t meet his full expectations, Rodgers snapped, wreaking his vengeance on innocent people and unleashing his stupidity of undeserved ego towards those he imagined had wronged him. Yet, rather than look at these instances of several white people letting loose their anger at the times changing too fast for them or just being bad and violent idiots who don’t give a damn who they hurt and how many lives they ruin, the issue once again becomes about gun laws and mental illness.

Elliot Rodger

Give me a fucking break! I’m completely and utterly finished as of right now, this fucking minute, with white people using the real and unfortunate affliction of being mentally unstable to defend criminal and brutal behavior from their white brethren.

Someone recently sent me an email saying that while he appreciates my contributions to his website, I need to tone down the animosity a little bit. Well, I say not this time, because this is some bullshit that white people should have long been called on! Too many times I have seen the notion that white males bringing death and terror upon citizens doing nothing more than sitting at a water fountain enjoying a sandwich should be tolerated because they have a mental deficiency. That’s pure unadulterated horseshit, and the worst part about it is that white people in the media making these justifications know it. They know good and damn well that their sinister acts of violence bear no difference at all whatsoever to a young black male gangbanger that does the same thing to a group of rivals he hates sitting on their front stoop. A thug with a gun who destroys other people’s lives is still a thug regardless of the labels white folks stick on themselves, desperate to distance what they do from those horrid Negroes.

Well guess what assholes? You can’t! Because when you harm others and take lives, you are in the same category and riding in the same damn boat, despite the fact that your arrogant-led delusion has you eager to believe otherwise. Trying to disguise your wrongdoing by switching to a debate about gun control or mental illness changes absolutely nothing, especially when lying to yourself as well as everyone else does a disservice to all. It’s well past time that white people have a big bright mirror held to their faces to remind them who is truly accountable for their wickedness. It ain’t little birdies, talking dogs, an angel and a devil sitting on your shoulder or a smart alecky tiny green alien named Gazoo. It’s YOU!

I can’t say for a fact whether this recent surge of outrage is solely directed to the fact that there is somebody beside a white male in the White House. The Millers could have acted alone or on the urging of Mr. Bundy. I don’t know, and that seems irrelevant to me at this point anyway. What I do know is that white people need to come the fuck off it and stop coddling themselves and each other. I will tell you now that I’m not showing any patience or compassion to some fucker who sneaks into a midnight movie showing at a theater and starts shooting up the place. And for those that do, I will come right out and say that they are either that stupid or that full of shit.

You can’t even begin to tell me that a man of color, particularly a Negro, would get the same treatment, even if he does as in the case of Aaron Alexis. There will still be that underlying attitude that he is just a bad guy as opposed to being physiologically disturbed. How I know that is because I have seen this scenario play out already.

New York subway shooter Colin Ferguson was never once called ‘crazy’. And neither was the shooter from Washington pegged the ‘DC. Sniper’ John Muhammed. A former member of the LAPD named Christopher Dorner who claimed that he was fed up with the way his department was run and the verbal racist abuse he received from his superiors took out his aggression on three people by shooting them to death. Mr. Dorner was never afforded the luxury of being thought of as mentally ill. He was seen as evil from the get go, which is exactly how I feel about the growing number of white males murdering people with the current rash of shooting rampages. They get no sympathy, no bleeding heart rationalizations, no talk of gun reform and certainly no excuses. My mindset is this, fry those fuckers then sweep them aside for the next crop.

If that sounds harsh then imagine how those families are feeling now that they have to bury a loved one, because some egotistical bitter little shit threw a temper tantrum with his 9 millimeter. As opposed to taking a moment of self-reflection, he took it out on those around him. Fuck him and his whiny petulant ramblings and that goes equally for those in the media defending his and other white males failings as human beings by saying it’s a mental deviance. What it really is is that you can’t face the reality of you not being as wonderful and perfect as you believed. Mental illness should be seen as a reason, not an excuse, to further perpetuate your delusion born out of your arrogance.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Excuse You

  1. Woo I need some Ice Water… damn Vern, you came out fighting I mean swinging, seriously, you put it down…. high five mama, speak the truth

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