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Joel McHale, host of E’s “The Soup”

by Lavern Merriweather

Rarely do you have a white male host of some goofy cable show that pokes fun at celebrity gossip and stupid TV antics be the voice of reason. But stranger things have happened.

The other night on E channel’s “The Soup”, comedian Joel McHale who hosts the show mentioned Solange Knowles recent complete and utter moment of ratchetness. He contrasted the attention that story is getting with the amount of attention being paid to the 200 some kidnapped Nigerian girls being held hostage by a psychotic terrorist leader that has boasted on video how many times he and his men have been raping the girls and claiming that they will be forced into marriage. While I hope and pray that isn’t true and that this situation has a positive conclusion, I have to applaud Mr. McHale for his very astute observation.

It seems that the media focusing on the plight of black women in either this country or others depends solely on how moronically we are behaving. They appear to be salivating at the chance to finally find some excuse, no matter how petty, to attack the power couple that is Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, who – for the most part – have been a relatively controversy free duo, unlike some people in Hollywierd that seem to welcome happily any opportunity to showcase themselves at their highest level of stupidity.

Sure, the media has tried its damndest to find any reason, regardless of how ridiculous and pointless, to criticize the older Ms. Knowles. However, she wasn’t even involved in the altercation between her husband and his sister-in-law. To his credit, Jay-Z showed a tremendous amount of restraint when Beyoncé’s sister was taking swings at him, something I doubt a lot of grown men would have done, especially ones who are wealthy and being kicked, then spit on.

As for Solange, I have no clue what set her off exactly, but I do feel that her response was tacky and foolish. She was the ultimate in being a hoodrat. And I don’t say that, because I feel that she should care what white people have to say or think about this incident.

Solange Knowles

As Brotha and many a black folk in the blogworld have said previously, obnoxious acts of asinine behavior comes in all races. Plenty of times, we have seen white women on reality TV, and those who are celebrities, act like childish idiots. Yet, the spotlight almost always falls invariably on black women, particularly when the media can point fingers of disgust and say, “See we were right all along. They are just dumb angry bitches itching for a fight.” Don’t forget these are the same folks who, when given a chance to use black women to selectively demonize a black man, will jump right on it.

In 1991, when Clarence Thomas was about to be appointed to the Supreme Court by then President George H. Bush, some allegations came out that he sexually harassed a former employee named Anita Hill. The white female feminist brigade came out to so-called support Ms. Hill in full force, completely oblivious to the fact that they have spent many decades ignoring issues specific to black women. They rushed with the style of a jet pack strapped to their back to hoist Anita upon their shoulders as the poster woman of sexual harassment – I assume – in an effort to bring enlightenment and awareness to what women have to suffer daily in a hostile, sexually oppressive environment.

Flash forward some years later to when one time governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton was elected president. Mr. Clinton, or “Sweet Slick Willie” as I like to call him, was accused by a hotel employee named Paula Jones of sexual harassment. She claims that Clinton propositioned her by exposing himself and demanding sexual favors. As to be expected, white women’s attitude changed the minute the race did. They not only denounced Ms. Jones as a liar but said that it was just a sour grapes plot by the Republicans to get even for their treatment of Thomas. They never once caught on that their accusations, coupled with their denial, gave much needed fuel to the conservative media’s fire. A double standard was at play.

Paula Jones and former President Bill Clinton

Around that same time, former boxing champ Mike Tyson better known as “Iron Mike” was embroiled in a rape scandal. A woman named Desiree Washington who was a contestant in a beauty pageant that Tyson attended says he raped her. Once again, the white feminist brigade was supposedly there to rally for her as they circled the wagons. Then, when a member of the Kennedy family named William Kennedy Smith was accused of rape as well, the feminist cries for justice yet again turned to mush. They couldn’t be bothered fighting for the rights of their own when there was a black man to selectively target.

I bring up those two instances to correlate how white people in this case, white women only give a shit when it suits their agenda. I don’t believe that they cared anymore about either Ms. Hill or Ms. Washington than they do about the trash thrown into the streets at New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. It was nothing more than an attempt to further stereotypes and prove their racist mindset valid.

When comedian and beloved TV star Bill Cosby’s son Ennis was brutally gunned down by a white male illegal immigrant from Russia, his own wife Camille blasted the media for disregarding their tragedy, pain and anguish to report on the more salacious tale that Mr. Cosby may have fathered a child out of wedlock with another woman. She even said that the Russian male was taught to hate black people by America. She must have been talking directly about the American media because they do a wonderful job of playing negative racist clichés against people.

“Clueless” star and recent political aficionado, the beautiful Stacey Dash, claimed that her ex-husband, who is white, was physically abusive during their marriage to the point where Ms. Dash had to get a restraining order after they divorced. Now, I have never had to file one, but I would guess that any woman who does, does it because she’s afraid of what her man is capable of. Typical that the same folks, including Negroes, who broke a neck running to protect Rhianna after she was assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown were nowhere to be found for Stacey.

Stacey Dash with soon-to-be former husband Emmanuel Xuereb

Even queen mammy Oprah was silent, despite her supposed staunch desire to be a guardian for the beaten pop star. Funny, she doesn’t seem that willing to speak out for Ms. Dash or countless other black women who have been victims, even those at the hands of white males such as Mitrice Richardson who was a young black female that got arrested by some white cops for being belligerent in a restaurant . She was taken to a police station where she was later inexplicably dropped off in one of the city’s worst neighborhoods, an area that she didn’t even live at. Her body was found several weeks later bruised and battered. Although her mother stated that Ms. Richardson was bipolar as well as manic depressive, the cops were not reprimanded in any way. And her story was given the brush off by every major news outlet as well as many local ones. The outcry for Ms. Richardson and many other black females is virtually non-existent when they aren’t famous or when there isn’t a black man available to vilify.

Apparently, most people, some of whom are black, don’t give a rat’s ass. Which is why I am grateful that Mr. McHale so adroitly pointed out the lack of coverage for young black girls in need versus that of a young black woman making a damn fool of herself. Thank you so very much Joel.