Vern’s Venting: Bros Before Hoes

by Lavern Merriweather

The winner of last season’s “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and the world’s most outspoken conservative Ann Coulter was on Hannity recently, making a distinct point about double standards. She said that the Democrats only hate rape as long as it’s not a Kennedy or Clinton that are guilty, which got me to thinking. Yes, I understand that Coulter was defending the status quo of rich, white male conservatives but the she-witch has a valid sentiment.

There are countless times when the so-called liberal media will be hellbent on demonizing a famous black male accused of rape. Then, they turn a blind eye or deaf ear when the charges are leveled against a white male celebrity. In some cases, the white males don’t even have to be well-known for them to get special treatment.

Two decades ago, there was a group of white male jocks from a high school in California that called themselves the ‘Spur Posse’. They were a bunch of sleazebags who bragged about their sexual conquests with numerous girls, even going so far as to give each other points and a ranking system. Now, while there is nothing wrong with being the human equivalent of a male bull. However, there IS something wrong with disrespecting girls and women to the extent that they did. Some of the girls they claimed to have slept with said that they were – in fact – raped, especially one very vocal red-head who repeatedly stated to any media outlet that interviewed her that some of the boys snuck into her bedroom without her knowledge or consent.

This, however, didn’t stop many in the media from treating these lowlifes like rock stars. They were invited on several talk shows to express how wonderful they were and how highly they thought of themselves.

Flash forward some years later to the University of Colorado. The football team, which is all white by the way, has had multiple accusations of forced deviant sexual acts by at least 15 different women on campus, one of whom was their own teammate Kathy Hnida. Ms. Hnida even wrote a book chronicling her humiliating journey of first being raped and the nightmare she went through trying to seek justice for herself and other women. But instead of focusing any attention on that story, white males in the media chose rather to – once again – target a black male.

Kathy Hnida

Around that same time, NBA superstar and head honcho of the LA Lakers team Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a hotel employee in Denver. It should be noted that the accuser was a young, white blond woman. So naturally, white males in the media and elsewhere had to be her ultimate protector and rip that evil Negro a new one for hurting one of their most precious commodities. Interesting how that attitude is nowhere to be found when it’s a white woman going against a white man. Most, if not all of the girls who called the thugs in the spur posse rapists, were labeled as ‘trash’ by the boys’ parents. They were called ‘loose and slutty’. In other words, it was time to play a game of blame the accuser, something that is never allowed when the accused is black and the alleged victim is white. She just has to be telling the truth, don’t you know, because black men are brutish pigs with insatiable sexual appetites.

Kobe Bryant

That brings me to the infamous Central Park Jogger case from 1990 where a 29 year-old investment banker, who was white, thin and female, was brutally raped, supposedly by a gang of black teens who had been harassing various people at the park that night. To hear the media tell it, the young black and lone Hispanic hoodlums responsible for this woman’s vicious attack were swathing a path of destruction culminating in what happened to her. I guess they wanted to cap off the evening right and go out with a bang.

When the story broke, the media – as usual – took the lynch mob ball and ran with it, without one single shred of evidence, save for videotaped confessions, all of which had extremely contradictory information. The media made them out to be guilty on all counts even before one gavel was slammed. The case didn’t even see the inside of a courtroom before the media had them pegged as the ones at fault for the rape while extra flames of outrage were being fanned by the ever present when-it’s-a-Negro-male feminist brigade.

Of course, they swore on their very white womanhood lives that their protest and anger had nothing to do with race. Right, and I’m going to be babysitting little Prince George when me and his great uncle Andrew tie the know next Saturday [SMH!].

They have yet to explain, then, why is it that they were absent for the woman that the Jodie Foster Oscar winning vehicle “The Accused” was based on. The lady at the center of that sordid little situation walked into a bar in Baltimore, then got sickeningly gangbanged by a bunch of degenerate scumwads. White female feminists must have damaged their vocals chords because I don’t remember them screaming out for victims’ rights then. Even as the families of those assholes who raped that woman held two different rallies on their behalf, sent the victim death threats and subsequently made her a pariah. The woman in that case eventually took her own life and presumably fought many battles all by herself.

The Central Park Five

Same thing with mentally challenged New Jersey teen Leslie Farmer who was gang raped in the family basement of one of the perpetrators. During the brouhaha over the woman in the middle of the Central Park case, feminists got so caught up in vilifying black males that they basically ignored this young girl and her plight, as white males in the media just shrugged their shoulders and declared casually ‘boys will be boys’. The responsibility over one’s heinous behavior and outright indignation is best left for those of a darker hue.

Let’s cut the bullshit! They don’t speak out when it’s a white male for the simple reason that they don’t want to. They need to keep up appearances of perfection. They just can’t be as capable or culpable as those savage heathen Negroes. See, the darkie can’t control himself when it comes to urges, but good Christian white folks, like themselves, are above reproach. It’s why in every case where a black woman is the alleged victim she is disregarded from minute one. She has a lot of lust in her as well. That means they have to protect themselves and their male folk from us. So it shouldn’t matter if their discipline gets away from them every now and again. Their erroneous and preposterous myth of their purity and goodness will win over all.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Bros Before Hoes

  1. Excellent points all around, Vern! Here is a video by Professor Griff and Zaza Ali about violence in American society (it focuses on Elliot Rodger) and the racist double-standards that come with it. It is an hour long.

  2. I took a pause when I saw a blond woman and was terrified it might be that Amazon nightmare Coulter. I was relieved to see it wasn’t her.

  3. Vern as always I look forward to your highly energized and hard hitting home-run articles and as always you deliver. everyone of your posts open my eyes wider and wider everyday as to the real situation in the world today when it comes to blacks and other none whites…. I must admit I was very naive, and I usually look for the good in people until they prove me wrong..

    “See, the darkie can’t control himself when it comes to urges, but good Christian white folks, like themselves, are above reproach.”

    now this particular line got me very riled up, not because it offended me but because the truth hit me as to how full of themselves white people really are. I’ve always said this but I’ll say it again, when it comes to White people Don’t let that “Christian” tag fool you, they especially are the most depraved and dangerous and even more so than the heathen/atheist whites why? because from them, you don’t expect it, they show their pearly white smiles and act like they’re perfect angels, before I used to be charmed by their supposed generosity but now I’m suspicious and disgusted whenever I see it because it doesn’t seem real.

  4. The fact that anyone can excuse these types of behavior is ridiculous to me. Men who rape and molest need to have whatever part of their body cut off. It’s just girls being girls. Then men wonder why women screen them till Kingdom come, because males of today are out for self and do not mind raping a woman to prove their insecure masculinity. This country has a sick history of blaming the victim, slavery= black people’s fault, sexism= white women’s fault, and so on. The oppressor is always seen as the victim while the oppressed is seen as the aggressor. Its maddening.

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