Banned: Keith Essien

Keith Essien is a self-proclaimed misogynist, and is seemingly unashamed by it. He has a huge problem with women, painting them as scandalous hoes victimizing poor innocent men. I’ve seen it before. Hell, I used to be him, to a certain extent. But not near to the point of no return.

However, he sealed his fate when his dickery surfaced when he bellowed that when a woman dresses less, walks home alone in the baddest part of town, and men rape her, she deserved it. I’m not lying. You can check it out here.

So, here is the end of the line of this poor soul who won’t let go. My only hope is that there are women out there who beware of someone who blames rape solely on the victim.

Keith Essien, with that rape comment, you have just outed yourself as a male that NO ONE should ever associate with. You are only doing yourself a great disservice. And while you will even blame women for that shit, at the end of the day, you will be alone. You may even end up like your boy Elliot Rodger. Either way, I no longer give a fuck.

I tried to advise you to let go of this rage. You don’t want to. You made that choice all on your own, buddy. And like a little punk, you continued crying and siding with violence against women.

So Keith Essien, you are no longer welcome in my den. Good bye and get help.


16 thoughts on “Banned: Keith Essien

  1. He is a monster. He has many demons. I wonder what his story is? How did he come to be this way? I am thankful you banned him. I feel for any young woman who will come in his path.

  2. I am on google+ and i saw some of his post, he is on their talking about how unintelligent black people are. He hates women and he must hate and loathe himself. He is a lost soul.

  3. Thank you for banning that miserable excuse for a man. I’m new to your blog Brothawolf, and I can only chalk it up to bad luck that I happened to stumble into the fray concerning Eissen. I almost could not believe what I was reading when I read through his comments. Almost. The Internet has been one heck of a classroom for me over the last few years, because I’ve seen just how sick some people are in a way that I never have before. That guy is, hands down, one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

    I won’t even bother to refute anything he said because it would be a total waste of time and energy, but his comment that justified throwing acid in women’s faces really stood out for me. I can guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if an individual like him were to do such a thing to my daughter, there is not a hole on this planet that would be deep enough for him to hide in, because I.WILL find him. At that point he’d better beg whatever God he believes in to protect him.

    What a sick and despicable individual. I hope his hatred eats him alive.

    1. His hatred is kicking his own ass. I told him that for his own good, he needs to let it go. But he won’t. And the moment he made that rape comment, he just hung himself. I hope he’s just all talk. If not, we need to beware of this fool.

  4. @Ralph’sgurl, Yes indeed ‘Wolf is awesome-sauce! 🙂 Way to tell that creepy azz loser off-I really hope that no one (man or woman) has the displeasure of having to deal with the nutter when he’s acting like that!

    1. I’m now convinced that Mr. Essier is a troll, and I’m suspicious that he’s racist along with him being misogynistic. He could’ve been a white dude posing as a bitter black man.

      1. You could be right about him being a white troll, Brothawolf. I have seen many of them use images of black people on other websites and phony screen names to spread their filth and disrupt black people’s conversations in any way they can. If this guy turns out to be white I won’t be the least bit surprised. I put absolutely nothing past them because frankly, I think a huge percentage of them are undiagnosed psychopaths. I find it hard to believe that the long, vituperative diatribe that he wrote could come from the mind of any black man, even if he hates women, because white males are at the very top of the heap when it comes to being disturbed.

      2. The thing that got me started suspecting him was hearing him pass off Elliot Rodger’s racism as almost nothing. Though it doesn’t rule out that he’s a white troll as I’ve heard POC side with white people’s racism. Another clue was looking at his Google Plus profile. He had pictures of random black men. Among those is the one he used as an avatar here.

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