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Keith Essien is a self-proclaimed misogynist, and is seemingly unashamed by it. He has a huge problem with women, painting them as scandalous hoes victimizing poor innocent men. I’ve seen it before. Hell, I used to be him, to a certain extent. But not near to the point of no return.

However, he sealed his fate when his dickery surfaced when he bellowed that when a woman dresses less, walks home alone in the baddest part of town, and men rape her, she deserved it. I’m not lying. You can check it out here.

So, here is the end of the line of this poor soul who won’t let go. My only hope is that there are women out there who beware of someone who blames rape solely on the victim.

Keith Essien, with that rape comment, you have just outed yourself as a male that NO ONE should ever associate with. You are only doing yourself a great disservice. And while you will even blame women for that shit, at the end of the day, you will be alone. You may even end up like your boy Elliot Rodger. Either way, I no longer give a fuck.

I tried to advise you to let go of this rage. You don’t want to. You made that choice all on your own, buddy. And like a little punk, you continued crying and siding with violence against women.

So Keith Essien, you are no longer welcome in my den. Good bye and get help.