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by Lavern Merriweather

I once read on another website the phrase that privilege hates to lose its place. And that is certainly true when it comes to black women who have any type of notoriety.

Recently, a member of the all-white, all female indie rock group Warpaint Theresa Wayman took pop queens Beyoncé and Rhianna to task. Ms. Wayman seems to think that those two ladies aren’t doing enough to live up to the standard of talent set by women in music before them. Apparently, she believes that since they don’t write their own songs or play instruments, they aren’t true musicians. Weird, considering that Ms. Knowles aka Beyoncé is credited with writing several of her own biggest hits. But that doesn’t make her a proper role model in some white folks eyes, because she emphasizes her sexuality more than her pipes.

Beyoncé also got criticized by some cowardice little snots on Twitter because of a photo showing her golfing with thighs far too slim for a Negress. America’s biggest hypocrite and dirty old pervert Bill O’ Reilly got into the fray by saying that she’s more about her bank account than empowering women. This prick thinks he is some authority on what’s best for women. Please, let’s ask his former producer Andrea Mackaris who sued his sorry sleazy ass for sexual harassment if he’s the proper spokesman for women’s rights. It’s highly doubtful that she would agree and say ‘yes’.

Rhianna is also getting bashed for constantly putting up pictures of herself on Instagram with her nipples practically showing. Keep in mind, most of the whiners are the same folks who had zero problem with the decades upon decades of white female sexuality being on display in this country. Many a beautiful white woman from Europe, as well, has found success in the North by doing nothing more than sticking out her chemically-enhanced pouty lips and batting her eyes seducing white male geek fans everywhere with a promise that they just might actually have a shot with her. Her breasts are always sticking out as part of the equation, while the sanctimonious critics of black women drool with untamed lust.


This is the classic M.O. of the arrogant, hopelessly egotistical and overprivileged. Our sexuality, no matter how disgusting and overly graphic, is acceptable, but you darkies are unattractive. And we refuse to see you as anything but spayed and neutered like our pets.

I wonder how the 20 women that have filed sexual harassment lawsuits against the white males of Fake Noise a.k.a. Fox News feel about being empowered working in that environment.

Back in the day, ’empowerment’ was exactly the word they used for faded pop icon Madonna. It’s the word that they also use many times for current white female songstress such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Somehow being overtly sexual and shaking your ass is seen as being strong when you are a white female on stage. But when you are black and female, it’s just another reason for the white male media to hate you and make disparaging comments about your looks.

Granted, both Beyoncé and Rhianna have chosen this career path and all the scrutiny and trappings that comes with it. Good, bad or indifferent. However, when there are those who blatantly change their tune because of race, it’s well past time to call bullshit. Unlike white females, women of color, especially black women, have to deal with sexiam and racism. Racism, of course, being the main proponent from the dominant society every time. It’s like they can just completely forgo or forget their very own words of praise when they heap on the criticism, usually over whatever petty nonsense they can come up with.

If it’s not her thighs being too small, then they are too big, as professed nightly by E! late night TV host Chelsea Handler, who seems to have a personal vendetta against Ms. Knowles as evidence by her endless array of snide comments. Theresa Wayman tried desperately to weasel her way out of her haughty and bigoted sermonizing by saying that she actually really loves Beyoncé and Rhianna and that she meant no harm. Then, she proceeded to throw the writer who interviewed her under the bus as if that lady has some Jedi mind control over Ms. Wayman’s mental state. In the comments section of the website, some tried to defend Ms. Wayman when others like myself called her on her racism and rightfully so. They seemed to believe that she was taking a stand against women in music, and in general, having to perform like strippers, that a lot of music involving women is been bombarded lately with racy images that overshadow talent. HORSESHIT!

Theresa Wayman

If she was about protecting the integrity of music, then why didn’t she whine about the white women who parade around their bodies in an effort to get noticed? And if you think that most – if not all – white female singers, musicians, what have you don’t take full advantage of their God given lady parts in one way or another, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell. Lady Gaga is one of the biggest offenders this side of Miss W herself. Yet, she has never been held to the same standard of Beyoncé. Gaga, Perry, or any other white woman for that matter, would have to do something so completely outrageous in order for them to be condemned. Most of the times they are lauded instead for being flamboyant. For making us laugh or for behaving so silly, black women – on the other hand – aren’t ever given that kind of leeway. If you are a black female, all they need as an excuse to attack you is for them to catch you breathing.