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The following is a response to an article I wrote entitled “Bad and Sexy“. I wrote about the internet popularity of the now-infamous mugshot of Jeremy Meeks. My article got the attention of a lurker who goes by the name Keith Essien who dropped a lot of sexist and misogynist deuces. I asked him point blank if he hated women, and did he think he was a good man? This is his response:

I will admit. I hate women with EVERY FIBER of my being and that hatred comes from the very pit of my soul.

I would love to see these sassy, arrogant, self entitled, women who in regards to men have a deep BBD (Bigger, Better, Deal) mentality, you know they all think, they can get someone better.

I would love to see these same women in the west, go over to my parents country (Nigeria) or any Muslim country like Saudia Arabia or Iraq and go down and talk down to the men over there

Go on ladies, go to Nigeria and talk down to the brothers over there…go on…go try…go try….I DARE YOU…..but if you do, please be prepared to be taken outside have the S**T kicked out you, get ready to beaten to within inch of your life if you try to run your mouth over here.

Elliot Rodger ? To me. I love him. Arrest me. I’m not happy at what he did, nor am i sad. I don’t care. Maybe women will for once see where men are coming from


The irony with women is that

They are not special.
They are not gorgeous.
They are not brilliant.
They are not sophisticated.

Most will never do anything special or influential in their entire lives ! I’m also sick and tired of how picky women are.

What gives them the right ?

I’ve also learned another thing this to the guys

Never F**KING lower your standards.

Ugly girls are just as snooty and arrogant as good looking ones. You may as well get rejected by a decent looking girl, because there is really NOTHING like asking out a girl you’d have to close your eyes to F**K and hearing she doesn’t have time for you.

When girls say “Maybe you should go for a plain girl” or “Ugly girl”

Don’t F**KING listen to them !!!!! Stop listening to whatever they have to say !!! and just walk away. Because they’re F**KING LYING !! IT’S NOT TRUE!!! UGLY GIRLS ARE NOT LESS PICKY !!!

Misogynists are not born, they are made. Hating women is the only thing I have left to do. I’m too good to respond with violence or anything so trite and barbaric. I’m above it and beyond it. I AM A BETTER MAN !!

Indeed, I’ve given up the idea of ever having a woman as a part of my romantic life.

I’m a MISOGYNIST. I declare it, not proudly, but without shame. I refuse to accept the shame that women have tried to place upon me. I’m a MISOGYNIST, without apology to anyone. I’m a MISOGYNIST, from now until women show themselves worthy of something better than hatred. I’m a MISOGYNIST from now until the day I die.

At least he’s honest, as far as honesty goes on the internet. Commenters have gracefully checked his attitude, and I will attempt to do the same.

Keith, it’s sad that you harbor this much hatred for women. It’s even sadder that you justify it and spread your hate to all of them when we probably can guess that you’ve encountered only a handful in regards to the entire female population.

Let me be real, because I’m I’m speaking from experience. I’ve been hurt by women myself. I’ve been used, yelled at, made fun of and even hit by quite a few women growing up. I kept getting chosen as a target by certain girls in high school and college. In fact, I even resented those who overlooked me or didn’t give me the same attention they gave other guys.

So, I started disliking them. I started not to trust them. I had a lot of anger in my heart for the whole female gender, all because of a few rotten apples.

I turned into a sexist. I insulted women that I suspected was doing me wrong a.k.a. didn’t do what they say they will do or didn’t treat me as they did my friends.

Do I still have this pain in my heart? Yes! Do I still have problems trusting women? Yes! I won’t front. However, what good will hating women do in the end? What good will it bring you, especially if you excuse violence against them?

You talk about Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq using violence to keep women in line. Any nation or society that allows and advocates violence against women is not keeping them in line. They are keeping them down. It is no different than a racist nation that institutes violence against people of color. 

Let’s be clear. Elliot Rodger was a spoiled bastard with an entitlement complex. Do some research and you will see that he’s no gentlemen. And assuming you are a black male, you will find he wasn’t too fond of brothas hooking up with white women. I even mentioned it in an article I wrote here. This guy that you ‘love’ hates ‘inferior black boys’.

You have so much animosity towards women it’s almost limitless and entirely ridiculous. You say they are not special, gorgeous, brilliant, sophisticated or influential. You say they don’t have the right to be picky. Yet, you warn men not to lower their standards. That’s an obvious double standard. How come they should settle for anything and we shouldn’t? That’s male privilege talking, and believe it or not, you’re dead drunk with it.

I agree that misogynists are not born but made. But when it’s all said and done, it comes down to choice. You chose to be a misogynist because you don’t want to give up the hate. You say that’s all you have left to do, but that’s a cop out. You want to hate women for reasons only you know.

And I doubt that every single woman you’ve known did you wrong. I can tell you from my own experience that the ones that did me dirty were few in comparison to the many beautiful, sweet women I’ve known in my life. I realized it was unfair to paint them all with a bad brush. And it would be foul if you did the same.

So, if you want to be a misogynist, knock yourself out, son. I can’t change your mind. But heed my words, this hate that you have will kick your ass if you don’t let go, and you will have no one to truly blame but yourself. Women have hurt you. That’s clear. But you can either hold on to it and let it eat you away inside, or you can man up, stop whining and let that shit go. It’s your choice.

But if you choose the former, you will no longer be welcomed in my den.