Guest Post: Turning Green – It is Never Too Late

I thought this time, I take a break from the usual issues discussed in this blog, and take a turn for another issue rarely mentioned, but deserves attention. Special guest writer Jason Webber of GreenAcres Woodland Burials will inform us on how to go green, save money and help the Earth, even after death! 

You don’t have to wear sandals and hug trees to support the green movement but it does help if you have a love of nature and you want to save the planet. Mocked and shunned by society for decades, sandal wearers actually care about this planet and they are prepared to sacrifice conventional footwear to get their point across. On a more serious note, if more people cared about the planet, we might actually have something worthwhile to pass onto out kids and their kids too.

There are many ways to go green and you should start right now if you want to do your bit for the world. Try some of these great ideas before it is too late:

 Share a ride. Share your car with co-workers when you travel to and from work. Not only will you be saving fuel but you will also be doing your bit to alleviate traffic jams. By the way, it helps if you choose people you actually like to share your ride with so you may not want to invite your boss along.

 Set your office printer to print on both sides of paper. This can be particularly useful during your annual office party as more people will be able to photocopy their nether regions without wasting too much paper.

 Put it to sleep. Set your computer so that it goes to sleep when not in use. This could save a fortune in electricity and also enable you to give your eyes a rest too.

 Bring your own. When setting off to do the shopping, bring your own bags along. Cutting back on plastic bags will help to save marine life all around the world. Bags are known to cause many deaths to animals and birds, so start carrying your own bags about now.

You can even be friendly to the planet after you have died. Ok, I know you won’t be using plastic bags and wasting electricity when you are six foot under but there are other ways you can help too. When your family or friends are funeral organising, leave instructions for them to choose a funeral director who is eco-friendly. This could mean anything from finding one that has an environmental policy to one that offers a range of coffins made from sustainable wood. By the way, sandals are not a giveaway here, many funeral directors leave their sandals at home when heading out to work so you may have to do a bit of research to find a truly green funeral organizer.

Green movements have been around for quite a while now and more and more people are now aware of the damage that we have been doing to our planet. There is always room for more though so you should try and pass the green message on to as many people as you can.

This might sound like an impossible task but you should really try to get your kids away from computers and TVs. This will enable you to cut back on electricity and your kids will be able to start to live a real life for once. We do recommend wearing protective clothing before you try to pull your kids away from the computer. You have been warned!

You can also make a difference by changing your driving habits.

 Slow it down. Take your foot off the pedal and start driving with a bit more thought. You will be able to save a lot of cash on fuel and also cut down on harmful emissions. The money you save on fuel could be put towards a new pair of sandals.

 Pump it up. Ok, calm down, I am talking about the tires… Making sure that you have the correct pressure in your tires could improve how many miles you get to the gallon.

 Get serviced. Service you motor on a regular basis to ensure that it is running as smoothly as possible and not using too much fuel.

From computer games to funerals, we can all find ways to help save the planet. Put on your sandals and start making a difference, you owe it to your kids.

About the Author
Jason Webber is a freelance writer for GreenAcres Woodland Burials, a company that strongly believes that families should be able to have whatever kind of ceremony they feel appropriate for a loved one.


11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Turning Green – It is Never Too Late

      1. We have blue bins for recyclables and green for organics, bins for garbage here in Toronto. You get used to separating your trash like this. It is not that hard once you get started.

  1. Thanks for this important reminder about the benefits of a greener, sustainable society Brothawolf! As of now, I am in the PNW and they too encourage recycling plastic, paper, glass etc. along with the use of proving the majority of the population with paper bags to carry their purchases home in-though I must admit it can be a bit o’ of a pain when your bag rips open in the rain whilst toting your groceries! ; )

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