Vern’s Venting: Homophobia

by Lavern Merriweather

For a group of people that supposedly love the gays so damn much, so-called liberal white folks sure have a funny ass way of showing it. Recently, a college player by the name of Michael Sam came out as gay saying that he wants to change the face of the NFL. Even while pretending to sing Mr. Sam praises the same way they did for Jason Collins, it is very evident that the white media elite is doing it in the most reluctant way imaginable.

They love their racism more than they love a cause that they put on a good show to care about. So, don’t kid yourself when they claim to be cheerleaders for Mr. Sam or Mr. Collins or even NBA player John Amechi. White people in the media only give a shit about gays because it’s a predominantly white community. And it’s the only real place where they feel even a slight sense of discrimination. That’s not to say that gay white people have it just as rough as gay people of color. Far from it. In fact, much of the hostility those who are gay and POC get is from white people who should be on their side.

I remember one commenter on another website saying he overheard a snobby, older, white male queen say that he wouldn’t go to a certain gay pride parade. Apparently he felt that it had become too ‘ghetto’. That must be a code word for “there were too many darkies in attendance”. So, that ruined it for him.

I have also read several complaints on the message boards from black people who said that they were treated rudely at many gay pride rallies, something that doesn’t surprise me in the least. Yet, somehow magically in the eyes of the white liberal media, we are always painted as the bad guy. Not one day passes over the issue of gay rights where some bleeding heart hypocrite will bitch and whine about those evil black preachers. How interesting that despite the tyrannical cabal of black church folks keeping poor gay whitey down, white people that are gay flourish both economically and socially.

Being gay and black is seen as wrong, particularly by those very same whites who preach a fondness for gay people. I was watching a hatchetjob tabloid show called “Hollywood Scandals” where they completely and utterly berated the late and great Whitney Houston for an alleged romance with her female friend Robin. They had the nerve to state that Whitney was targeted with gay rumors so much because she never came right out and confirmed or denied it.

HORSESHIT! They hated her because she was a Negress that didn’t know her place well enough and had to be reminded of it in the most hateful malicious way ever. She shouldn’t have had to explain to those gossipy assholes her relationship with that woman at all whatsoever. It was none of their business and they have never spent one second using rumors of homosexuality to trash and malign a white person.

A few months ago, the head of the popular show “Duck Dynasty” clan Phil Robertson made some very hash comments condemning the gay lifestyle. As usual, the warriors of whiteness in the media gave him a proverbial slap on the wrist.

Asshole in charge and host of “TMZ” Harvey Levin had the absolute gall to defend Robertson’s rhetoric by saying that he has freedom of speech. It’s a far cry from what Levin said when San Francisco 49ers running back Chris Culver remarked that he and other players would never want a gay man in their locker room or on their team. Culver is black so it’s not shocking that he gets criticized by white people who put their whiteness above all else. What Culver said is no more prejudiced that what Robertson said. But because one is considered inferior, he’s not allowed to say anything that would appear discriminatory to whites.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

The rush to beat up on any black person not down with the gays is more about teaching Negroes that we can’t say anything to make black folks feel dominant in any way to white people. It’s why white male celebrities can say vicious, stupid and vile things about gay people but the media will be damned if they utter one little peep that’s negative. Black males who come out are deluding themselves if they think any criticism they face is predominantly based on being a homosexual. They hate you because of your skin color, not who you are fucking in the back seat of your Lincoln Navigator.

I also believe that they will get hostility because their revelation flies in the face of the lily white media’s scary black man mindset. Black men can’t be a homosexual and a thug at the same damn time. So, they resent the fact that he will be presented in a way that can’t be anything else but non-threatening.

Seeing how a lot of white males in this country view gay men as naturally weak by default, and by weak I mean he has a delicate feminine personality, it clashes greatly with the ideal that he’s a ni**ger who is prone to violence from birth. Not according to their logic. If he is gay too and not being able to lump him in with those other Negro athletes always up to no good, that must just piss them off to no end.

What I don’t get is how so many black people, especially women ,still believe that the white gay population is an ally to us whatsoever, particularly when they are continuously complaining themselves to the contrary. Do I really need to go there again with the arrogant, racist and self-righteous rant of that little shit Dan Savage?

If you have to keep telling another group of people how thoughtless and selfish their behavior is, it’s because they don’t give a rat’s ass about your feelings. As much as a black man who comes out likes to think that the hierarchy will accept him once they realize he’s not a sexual menace to their daughters, it’s pure absolute bullshit. Black male athletes whether gay or straight are very much the same in the eyes of the media, certainly if they are ever charged with a crime. If Mr. Sam gets a DUI or is accused of something really heinous, he won’t get cut any more slack than a black man who isn’t gay. Trust me when I say that any show of support he gets from white people will remain very, very temporary. To white males in the public and media he is just another n-word, not an f-word.


20 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Homophobia

  1. Here is an interesting piece on what Tariq Nasheed says about the Black/gay alliance & how it has played against the Black community.

  2. To give their struggle legitimacy, they need *some* black faces in the crowd, silent black faces. If you can get blacks to accept it, then others will, too. We are the litmus test for the larger society.

  3. In my opinion, comparing race with sexual orientation is offensive. It’s 2 different things. I’ve had gay white dudes taunt me because of my race just like any other straight white dude.

  4. And it’s not all that different from any movement that White people form. As a WoC, I have the same problem with the feminist movement. As far as I’m concerned, they are not allies and it’s primarily a movement to further the issues of Middle Class White women.

    They get very angry when WoC say such things and love to discuss solidarity but when the chips are down or the s*** hits the fan they will ignore our issues in favor of furthering their own causes.

    For me, this is the same attitude among Gays. I was never under the illusion that they were allies because of what I’ve observed of feminism.

    1. True words. I have written several times about how the so-called feminist organizations are only available for black women when it suits them.

  5. Well-written and thoughtful article, ‘Vern! You are right on the money about the hypocrisy and double standards that apply to both cisgender and non-hetero POC such as those listed above, and also a huge High-5 to you for pointing out the sniveling, annoying mess that is Dan Savage!

    I remember reading through a few of his advice column articles back in S.F. in the ’90’s and while some of the paper was a bit on the humorous side, I could not help but cringe at his obvious disdain for those who believed in certain faiths (largely Christianity), and how he often painted over its’ members with a broad-brush of stereotypes, all the while not acknowledging his own hypocrisy at doing so!

  6. ..Granted that is but just one o’ my many complaints on Savage, but I’m sure you (‘Vern) are already aware of all the jack-azzery that has spewed from his mouth during the past decade(s)..

  7. Same here Adeen, everyone has the right (or should) to decide who they want to love..and the rest can just politely agree to respectfully disagree with their decisions, if they feel some type of way about it..

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