Vern’s Venting: Mookie Vs. Pino

An image of John Turturro (left) and Spike Lee (right) from the film “Do the Right Thing”

by Lavern Merriweather

In Spike Lee’s Oscar nominated masterpiece from 1990 called “Do the Right Thing”, there’s a scene where he’s having a debate with another character from the movie played by the great John Turturro. Mookie, as Spike was named respectively, calls out fellow pizza worker Pino for his dislike of black people even as he reminds him that he likes certain black celebrities such as Prince, Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson. Pino then explains that those people are different and therefore the exception.

It’s something we see hundreds of times from white people in the media. You Negroes meet our approval unless you do or say something that we don’t like. And apparently, it makes no difference to them that there are white males guilty of the same exact behavior.

Arnold Schwarzenegger groped and fondled many women. Yet, that didn’t stop high-minded folks, including Negroes, to elect him as governor of California. Former two-time president and two-timing husband Bill Clinton cheated excessively on his longtime wife Hillary for years. Yet, when Blasian golfer Tiger Woods was found to be messing around on his wife Elin, those people went into a feeding frenzy, all while saying it was because he tarnished his so-called ‘wholesome’ image, and they felt duped. What the fuck is he supposed to be, Santa Claus!?

Tiger Woods as he appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair after cheating allegations were revealed

That is a total damn crock. They attacked him because they couldn’t stand his half-Negro ass being more successful in their lily white sport than his white male counterparts. I have said many times and in a bunch of posts how fleeting being a celebrity is when you are black. The truth is no matter how wonderful you think you are, in their eyes, it only takes one slip. That still doesn’t seem to stop certain black people who are famous from throwing their own under the bus or getting fool-stupid drunk on the supremacy Kool-Aid like some people I could mention. They seem to believe that they are invincible, which is pure crap.

There are even white males in the media who have the nerve to try and dispel their own hypocrisy by mentioning the black males they don’t criticize, oblivious to the fact that the only reason why those assholes don’t attack them is because they have no reason to. It sure as shit ain’t for lack of trying. The media has been dogging Michael Jordan about his gambling addiction for years, despite that he uses his own money, has never once bet on his sport and it’s really not even any of their damn business. Many white people in the public and media alike even tried to connect Michael’s gambling to his father’s horrific murder. As it turns out that was just a random act of violence which had nothing to do with Michael. But as usual, the white media gossip mill doesn’t need to eat humble pie when they are wrong about Negroes. Nor do they have to apologize when they don’t have their facts straight.

Former Dallas Cowboys NFL superstar Michael Irvin demanded that the very media who disgraced him at every opportunity over a rape charge which later turned out to be phony keep that same intensity to exonerate him. Not only did they not, they attempted to justify their bungling and misinformation with the excuse that he would have been guilty of something eventually anyway. Still, that doesn’t mean that the same people who speak incessantly of others taking accountability for their actions don’t have to practice what they preach.

Several white males cried for the Reverend Jesse Jackson to apologize for his involvement in condemning the three white male college students at the center of the Duke Lacrosse Case. They also called for Al Sharpton’s head after he got associated with Tawana Brawley. She was a Harlem teen that claimed she was raped by a group of white males. The case was said to have been disproven. Yet, Sharpton offered no regret for his participation. I say good for him. If white males want to bitch about not damning those accused without proper proof, they should look for a mirror as the first to blame. They don’t seem to have any issue with jumping on the bandwagon of an accuser when the man charged is a famous black male.

Al Shapton (left) behind Tawana Brawley (right)

It goes to show that the love and admiration a black person receives from the media, and to some extent the public, is temporary. The same can’t be said for white males. Recently, female blogger Ankhesen Mié gave the media and producer/creator Shonda Rhimes of the hit TV show “Scandal” starring Kerry Washington grief. One of the stars Columbus Short is said to have gotten into a physical altercation with his wife. Once again, the media turned into sharks chasing bloody chum when they saw black faces attached to this story.

She so adroitly and accurately mentioned that there are a number of white male stars who have committed abuse against women. But that doesn’t change the attitude from the public or the press. When Chris Brown was slated to perform at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards, there was an uproar because of his 2009 beating of then girlfriend fellow singer Rhianna. The same holier than high and mighty crowd were probably too busy walking on water to protest this year’s awards host Mark Wahlberg, even though Wahlberg sadistically assaulted an Asian man in a racially motivated attack and removed one of his eyeballs with a hook. The pious brigade of righteousness saw nothing wrong with his participating in a ceremony targeting children. Well there’s a good message to send them!

The message it sends me is that white people are stuck in a perpetual mindset that they are perfect. That even when one of them, especially a public figure, commits a sick, despicable act, he or she will still be beloved. It must be nice to be so arrogantly delusional and full of yourself.


9 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Mookie Vs. Pino

  1. The message it sends me is that white people are stuck in a perpetual mindset that they are perfect. That even when one of them, especially a public figure, commits a sick, despicable act, he or she will still be beloved. It must be nice to be so arrogantly delusional and full of yourself.
    BINGO!!! You said it!!

  2. Look @ Al. Looking @datass! Al been extorting his own on behalf of the likes of Dog the bounty hunter, Don Imus and anyone who might donate a dollar to his action network after calling us out our name.

    Chris Brown beating our queens like he didn’t come from one.

    Tiger Woo cablanasian ass still could give a flying fuck about anything remotely black or African in nature.

    I get the jist of what your saying. These are 3 characters that can be sacrificed, easily, if only to get a better view of where we’re going as a people.

    1. Let’s be fair here Tiger was born of different races and it’s very hard to find a place for yourself identity wise growing up in a racially fucked up place like AmeriKKKa. So I don’t 100 percent blame him especially when white folks keeping making a big ass deal about his racial make-up. As for Chris I have no qualms about him taking crap for beating Rihanna. However that does not justify white men getting a pass either we are going to have a dialogue about DV or we are not.

  3. Exactly!

    You’re absolutely right, success is fleeting when it comes to being Black.

    Look at how long Will Smith’s career has lasted, but now, since his last movie, you have critics ready to tear down that career bc they heard a rumor he was practicing a religion that they don’t personally care for, Scientology. M.Night Shyamalan,another Man of Color, was a media darling, until he made a couple of poor showings in the theaters,and now the critics are ready to write off any future career he might have.

    I don’t care for Scientology either but that’s not enough to destroy any movies that Will and M.Night make. Tom Cruise is a scientologist and I don’t see any of these critics trying to tear down his career. John Travolta still manages to find work despite his religion, too.

    Kanye West was everbody’s darling until he made that comment about the Shrub in Office, then the media couldn’t crucify him fast enough and have hated him ever since (although to be completely fair, the man is a jerk) there are plenty of White jerks. Just look at Justin Beiber There’s a huge double standard when it comes to “Negroes White People Like”.

  4. THiS!!! Not only have you brought uP the glaring differences and levels of scorn that have been directed towards Brown, Short, etc. vs. the shenanigans of those committed by Sheen, Ah-nold Schwarz, (not to mention the horrific brutality that was done by Mr.”Funky Bunch” to that Asian victim), but the dialogue between Mookie and Pino was a great depiction of what your article is talking about! On my way to look uP School Daze, and some other goodies from Spike’s vault..

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