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Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot

I’m honestly furious and speechless. But I must try to approach this with the caution of a brain surgeon. I do not want to say anything that would come back to haunt me. So, I will do my best to keep my cool.

The social media has been in a frenzy over a dude named Jeremy Meeks, a convicted felon who was recently arraigned on counts of gang membership, firearm possession and probation violation. The dude has a lengthy rap sheet and has been in prison for years for grand theft. Reports are still unearthing more details about this guy. So far, it’s discovered that he’s a family man who’s supposedly trying to turn his life around.

Why is there so much fuss over this guy? It’s not so much of his criminal past. Although, it is part of the issue. The real deal is that his mugshot has spread all over the internet. And it has swoon countless women in its path.

I did a check on what was going on since this story broke out. More and more articles are published about how this ‘sexy felon’ has turned a lot of heads. One article even stated that this guy is so sexy that there’s an unofficial campaign asking for the release of Meeks. Numerous pictures have been photoshopped to have Meeks’ head appear on Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Givenchy posters. Yep. Apparently, he’s sexy enough to be a fashion model. He’s even sexy enough to start Twitter trends with hashtags like #FelonCrushFriday and #Felonbey. The mugshot of Jeremy Meeks has official become an insanely viral meme.

A photoshopped ad poster

I would imagine that this whole party will invite bitter males to testify how the whole sensation with Jeremy Meeks proves the age-old myth that women ignore good men just to get their hands on bad boys. Men who have had enough less-than-pleasant experiences with women to make such generalizations will see this whole craze with burning vexation chastizing the female gender for leaving them out in the cold while running towards the nearest thug. Then, they’ll gripe about how those kinds of women will end up pregnant, beaten, alone or worse. You know, something like how Elliot Rodger was before he went berserk in Santa Barbara.

I know. I was one of them. And when this story broke out, I was grumpy as hell. I thought about my own past and how I was treated by women. I also thought about how women still thought that famous men like Mel Gibson, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen and George Clooney, to name a few, were womanizers and(or) women beaters. Yet, females still find them good enough to eat. And I went into full-on woman hater-mode.

But we need to step back and ponder a few things. We need to realize that badness is idolized and sexualized for the longest. We also need to understand that women are not the only ones known to adore those with foul reputations but has chiseled features and mesmerizing eyes. Men go crazy over shady and catty females, especially if they are sexy as hell. If they act wrong while shaking their boobs and asses in front of us, we get hooked. In fact, some of us prefer bad girls, bad in bed that is.

Let’s not leave out the LGBT community in this. They are not immune to this kind of attraction. There are people from every sexual orientation that sees badness as good.

We also need to realize that just because there are lots of women ogling this man, it doesn’t mean that they only prefer thugs over nice guys. They just see this man as a physical specimen of heaven. But that should not translate as them fawning over gangstas and leaving nice guys alone.

What defines a nice guy? What defines a bad boy? When I hear how women hate nice guys, but love bad boys from men who have problems with women and their supposed attraction to thugs, they usually follow it up with more rants persecuting the female gender. Most of the time, that’s all they bitch about, obviously stemming from their own pain. Yet, some of them consider themselves as ‘nice guys’. How nice of a dude are you if ya’ll you do is berate women day in and day out? They may even brag about how they have nice homes, nice cars, nice…whatever, and I’ve seen it, but that doesn’t make them ‘nice guys’. That makes them caught up in the flawed perception that material possessions are factors that determine the value of a human being’s worth and where they stand on the morality scale.

There is a double standard hidden in all this. I’ve noticed that when women go gaga over bad boys, we shake our heads and express our disgust at women for being wooed. Yet, when men melt over bad girls, many of us seem to want to warn men about those kinds of women. It seems that no matter what, women have something wrong with them and their taste in men.

How many people are going in on the women expressing their love for Jeremy Meeks while remaining silent about this troubled life? It’s one thing to discuss why so many of us are caught in the lure of badness. It’s another thing to only focus on one gender.