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I honestly don’t know what to do without Father Wolf. Even though we didn’t, and still don’t, always agree, we’re still tight.

I admire Father Wolf’s strength, stamina and unyielding drive to get things done. I’ve never seen a man worked as hard as him. Yet, he does it in a stoic fashion like he’s never tired. And he knows just what to do in almost any given situation. To me, Father Wolf is my role model.

Father’s Day is a time where we love and honor the men in our lives who have been there for us through thick and thin. I know dads get a bad rap in today’s trash TV-driven mainstream media, particularly black dads. But as another Father’s Day approaches – this will sound cliche, but it’s still true – we shouldn’t just reserve one day to show our fathers how much we appreciate them. I know this is something people say during the holidays, but it’s true.

I don’t have any cubs of my own. If I did, I would not only take care of them and be responsible for them, but I will show them lots of love like a father’s supposed to do. And I know (not think, but KNOW) there are plenty of dads out there doing their thing.

To all dads out there, I say thanks and Happy Father’s Day.