Quick Thoughts: A Trigger Happy Nation

Just two weeks after the horrific Santa Barbara massacre, we find out there are three more shootings in different parts of the country in less than one week’s time.

There was a shooting in Seattle University where gunman Aaron Ybarra shot three people, murdering one (Paul Lee) and injuring two more. Then, there’s a shooting in Las Vegas by a married couple of white supremacist (Jerad and Amanda Miller) who took the lives of three people, two of them cops, before taking their own lives. And now, we learned of another school shooting at a high school in Oregon.

I would be naive as hell to be shocked that we have gun violence in this country. It was guns that helped blast America’s history of violence since day one. And the bullets just keep on flying.

Why is there so much gun violence? Like Ankhesen Mié stated in her blog, it’s not as simple as a matter of gun control or mental health issues. I never believed that there are simple solutions to problems so unnecessarily complex. But it seems like too many people see the world through one dimensions and believe there is only one way out when all it leads to is a long maze of reasons and solutions.

Of course, there will be people defending their right to bear arms citing the Second Amendment, particularly those of the hard right, while liberals put on a act of concern and offer broken record solutions. And while all of that jibber-jabber is taking place, more shots are fired and more lives are taken. But you can’t expect much else from a gun-toting, first world nation that’s number one with a bullet.


14 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: A Trigger Happy Nation

  1. Excellent and on-point post, as usual, Brothawolf!

    Here is a documentary from the 1990s about why America is such a violent nation. Just like you said, America was founded on violence:

  2. And this open and carry business with these crazy ass gun enthusiast is just scary. Soon it will be Gun Smoke Dodge City shoot outs on the freeways and everywhere else. Everyone does not need to be carrying a gun. You see the last two shootings this week. The one with the two nut jobs in Phoenix and the other at the high school. Very frightening.

  3. That Todd Kincannon is a perfect example of this. His horrific screed at the grieving father of one of the victims in California is an example of this sickness. This reminds me of that movie “The Crazies.” Wolf, you need to check out that movie “The Purge”: it fits in with all this craziness that happening now.

  4. Great article, Brothawolf! It is this reason (amongst many others) that I dread returning over the U.S. border when my vacation time is up-and why it is always such a relief when I get the chance to leave and visit somewhere else outside this country whenever possible!

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