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Viewer, Foursquare and Apollo, you three stooges are no longer welcome back into my den. Your right wing, racist nonsense will no longer be tolerated here. Your juvenile name calling and race realist idiocy are not welcomed here. In short, stay the fuck away from my blog.

You pricks can joke and whine about how offensive I treated you poor white men all you want. Your inbred douchebag trolling and sock puppetry, that goes for you AfrAmStudiesProf, or should I say viewer, has come to an end. If you post more comments, they will be rejected.

Take a trip to sites like National Review, The Drudge Report and other right wing news sites where will you feel more welcome as a white man who hates the truth. Better yet, go to Stormfront and American Renaissance and have a white man’s vacation from reality there while you sit at home having a Fox News night where you can spend the evening watching Rupert Murdoch’s sound machine while you reminisce about the days where straight white men had it all.

But you three will no longer throw your temper tantrums in my den. Viewer, Foursquare and Apollo, you are banned.