Notable Links: 5-6/14

67 Percent of Native Americans Say ‘Redskins’ Is Offensive

During a news conference in January, when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that nine out of ten Native Americans “prefer” the name “Redskins,” he was quoting that 2004 survey of 768 people who identified themselves as American Indian.

“Of course it is both disgusting and predictable,” Fenelon told ICTMN about the 90 percent figure that Goodell quoted. “It is a major reason why I agreed to take this [study] on… The dominant society knows on some level that it is bogus to run these uncritical polls, and then reproduce results that don’t resonate with real experience.”

Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) was a US law that shut off all immigration from China to the US except for scholars, merchants, diplomats and professionals. It is where the American idea of “illegal aliens” comes from, the beginning of the country’s racist immigration policies.

At first just immigration from China was limited, then Japan and Korea were added (1907), then the Asiatic Barred Zone (1917) and then southern and eastern Europe (1924). On top of that, Chinese and Mexicans were being driven out by violence and deportation.

That is why the US was so lily-white in the 1950s. Some think of that as the “natural” state of the country, but it was the creation of a set of racist policies that began with the Chinese Exclusion Act, policies that were not overturned till 1965.

Sexual Violence, Shame and Black Male Allies

Sexual violence and its perpetrators are often unassuming. The situations that yield such experiences are often so bound up in extended intimate relationships and a culture of sexual over-determination that the ability to recognize them as violations, or the desire of the victim to do so, is difficult to access. This is to say that the discussion on this touchy subject can never be directed to only those men “who would never have sex with a woman against her will and never want to be caught up in stupid situations that can be easily avoided” (Watkins).

While I am just beginning the healing process six years later, this incident forced me to recognize the ways Troy, Mel, and Anthony (two heterosexual and one queer black man) showed up for me. They did not judge me or pose thoughtless questions that would position me as essentially responsible or reckless, but, somehow, my twenty-one year old self—the one who had lost her virginity at twenty and only had one other sex partner beyond this guy—knew to be afraid to speak, to be ashamed of my actions, to blame myself, and to keep it a secret. These men showed up for me when I could not possibly show up for myself. The love demonstrated in their actions was radical!

Video: homeless man blessed with home helps others get on their feet

A few weeks ago we revealed the most epic prank when we highlighted to story of a homeless man who was blessed with $1,000, and a fully furnished home by YouTube comic Magic of Rahat.

Now the man is passing along his good fortune to others in need.


One thought on “Notable Links: 5-6/14

  1. ..Seriously, it is Way past time for them stop making “Red Skin” happen-retire that wretched word already, ugh! As for The Magic of Rahat, this is so what this nation needs, especially during such crazy and turbulent times!

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