Vern’s Venting: Selective Fair Game

by Lavern Merriweather

‘Fair game’ is a phrase that I don’t like. In fact, I hate it with a passion, because it’s usually said by either really racists assholes or punk ass black folks. By that, I mean comedians or radio shock jocks, people who say one thing but then do the complete opposite.

They claim that all famous names and public figures are fair game, yet go out of their way to be as selective as humanly possible in whom they target. 99% of the time, the only celebrities that they are criticizing or attacking are black folks. Somehow that whole fair game crap gets lost when it comes to white citizens, because I very rarely if ever see them getting vilified, even by the same people who say that it doesn’t matter or that they don’t care who it is. Obviously, they do since they single black stars out every chance they get.

And the worst culprits, often times, are black folks themselves. Granted, if someone is accused of something heinous, then yes, take cheap shots at them. But there isn’t a damn thing stopping them from also going after white celebrities just as hard, besides their own pissy little nature.

I will be forever convinced that the downright sadistic hatred towards megastar Michael Jackson didn’t have one damn thing to do with protecting children. From day one, I have always felt that it was a personal vendetta, and many people in the media have done little to nothing to prove me wrong, especially when they have had countless opportunities to do the very same thing with white males in high profile stories but have completely refused to do so.

Michael Jackson

Obviously, many white people in the media care far more about their racism than they have ever cared about the welfare of little boys or anything for that matter, which serves to confirm what I have suspected for the longest time. What I can’t comprehend though is how gleefully most black people love to participate in this practice. All while blathering before they take another pot shot at a black person, excusing by saying ‘It’s a lot of people.’ Bullshit!

It’s not a lot of people. It never has been and never will be. It’s only safe targets. The people you know, your bosses and most of your audience won’t be upset that you talk shit about. It would be one thing if there was some semblance of an attempt, even a feeble one, at consistency, but there never is. So please, spare me the argument about how these people are human and therefore are completely capable of making mistakes. That’s a crock! Nobody is that damn infallible. It’s a choice!

And while I’m on the topic, the people I’m criticizing are all grown-ups who are perfectly aware of what they are doing. No excuses allowed. Matter of fact, I am staunchly convinced that their behavior is done very deliberately. Throw any black face under the bus to make you a hero to massah. It’s what black people did 300 years ago, and it’s what they are still doing today.

But the sad part is that now, they don’t have to resort to ‘crabs in the barrel’ tactics to save their own skin, especially when they are the ones who say that comedy isn’t supposed to be safe or comfortable. Instead, it’s supposed to be the exact opposite.

We should be squirming in our seats. Well, I do. But for a far different reason than what they believe.

I have never in my whole life seen a group of people so utterly dedicated to hating each other and doing everything possible to tear one another down, all in the name of comedy or entertainment. Sorry, but playing games with issues that I take very seriously to keep your white owners smiling doesn’t count. Nor, does it sit that well with me either. Not in the least.

Accountability is a valuable thing and should be used any time someone screws up or steps out of pocket. What gets me is that most of these people are usually more offensive than funny with their comments. Or maybe I’m biased, because I can see right through the bullshit and phony self-serving nonsense. It’s no secret that many black people in comedy will make sacrificial lambs of other black celebrities. They seem to believe that they are like that Thomas character played by the great Andre Braugher in the film “Glory”, that they are special. And as long as they trash other Negroes, white folks won’t hate on them. Yeah keep deluding yourselves with that little fantasy stupid.

Andre Braugher as ‘Thomas Searles’ in 1989’s ‘Glory’.

Guess what? Black comedians aren’t special to those people at all. White males in the media who target their brethren will do the same thing to them, only they are so caught up in the ideal that if I throw another Negro under the bus that is somehow a protection. However, it wouldn’t surprise me that just like Andre in the movie, they will be hit with a very painful reality and will feel pretty damn dumb once they realize all their snide, malicious, selective comments were for nothing.

The most troubling thing is  that I feel many of them don’t even care. They enjoy seeing other black people punished in the press all while knowing that there are white males they could also be berating. And I’m obviously not the only one who notices.

On one website, someone made a comment that black comedians are far more inclined to mock other black people than you ever see white comedians do. I couldn’t agree more. Though that pathology really confuses me. They, of all people, should not be defending selective persecution born out of racism. It could be like my boy rapper David Banner once said that black people are afraid of white people.

That would certainly explain why a group of people who say that everyone should be a target, yet go out of their way to prove the exact opposite. Even if there were no such term as fair game, that still doesn’t justify their lack of consistency. Nor does it explain why they see fit to only go after certain people when some others are just as ripe for the plucking. Then again, a lot of black people have proven that their soul is for sale, always for the right price. Their dignity, however, seems to have no value to them.


17 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Selective Fair Game

  1. That’s why I don’t get this black hipster comedy. It is at the expense of black people and white people just eat this shit up. I remember something Chappelle said, “The white folks was laughing too hard” that’s when he had to take a step back and see that what he was doing. He was making the big bucks but at the expense of black people, then he went on a long hiatus.

  2. That Thomas Searles character portrayed excellently by Andre Braugher, one of my dearest friends is this character. I tell her when whites say “You are not like those other black people” that is not compliment. But this was a great post. Great points Lavern.

    1. I never saw how that could be taken as a compliment. It’s like saying I’m supposed to be something else or worse, but I’m not, which is somehow surprising.

  3. They were just reminding Mike he’s still a nigger. Other side of the coin is I lost all respect w/the whitening of his skin. Self hatred in overdrive. I wonder when future generations study us will he be white as Jesus, Hannibal, Cleopatra/Egyptians, etc.

  4. Also, you get reminded of “Black Criminality” whenever a White person ends up in trouble, either the law or public opinion. And it doesn’t matter whether the allegations were true or not. Anything to deflect the subject at hand.

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