Vern’s Venting: Stereotype Is as Stereotype Does

by Lavern Merriweather

I know very little about Alaskan Inuit people, but that’s because of my own laziness. Still, if I were to judge them based solely on TV ads, I would think that they were funny looking little folks who smiled all the time and screamed or hooted loudly when excited while living in igloos. They must also be all men, because I don’t see Alaskan women represented anywhere. And they must also only be five feet tall, because they are always tiny.

This could be a valid ideal of what Alaskans are like, but I doubt it. Even on one of my favorite shows “Northern Exposure”, the majority of the people in that town were white. Come to think of it, most people on shows set in Alaska tend to be of a Caucasian persuasion. There were only two Native people on Exposure and one of them was actually a white actor whose character supposedly was mixed to justify their lack of diversity in hiring practices. The most troubling part about all of this is that this is not new.

TV and Hollyweed, for numerous years, have showcased to the viewing audience an image of people of color that is woefully inaccurate; the most recent target being Arabs. I guess it’s because they are a safe group to attack. I mean after Sept. 11, many of us watching the tube in the United States should expect Middle Easterners to be portrayed as they really are, which according to most filmmakers and producers are a bunch of sneaky, scary, dangerous lowlifes out to slaughter Americans in the name of their Jihad. They apparently have no concept of morals or decency and obviously can’t wait to spill the blood of American infidels. At least, that’s what you would think if you have seen enough movies or shows with Arab actors in them.

Not to say that they are all bad. In fact, the sequel to “Harold and Kumar” was very critical of white people’s fears. There have even been some big screen flicks that show Arab people questioning the disgraceful level of hatred towards them. The one I love the most is the guy in that dreadful Jodie Foster vehicle “Flight Plan”. The movie itself was a steaming pile of dog doo. However, I liked that when Jodie initially accuses him after her daughter goes missing, he gets to tell her off. Then, in a later scene, he gets to body slam Jodie to the ground when she tries to storm the cockpit. I liked the Arab man not only standing up for himself, but also getting to vent his grievances.

An image from Disney’s “Aladdin” a film that was criticized for stereotyping Arabians

Still, most of the work Arab performers get will be the same shit like that Ah-nuld junk “True Lies”. Ironic that although he is of Austrian descent, Arnie never has to worry about typecasting. Hell, most of the roles he gets make no mention of his ancestry, and he gets to be different European ethnicities.

Many folks of color, especially Arabs, can only dream of the day where their nationality will have nothing to do with why they were hired. Problem is that a lot of the Hollywhore mindset is still stuck in a whites only water fountains time warp. They don’t create change, because they don’t want change. They want to protect the status quo so that they stay on top of it. Any threat to that won’t be tolerated, which is why you can have countless shitty movies starring white actors green lit while Spike Lee had to beg for money from rich black folks so he could finish his groundbreaking “Malcolm X” picture.

It’s why after many decades of supposed progress, we still have stories of black folks in major motion pictures focusing on them as only servants, why a number of ridiculously talented folk can’t get a job, unless they play a subordinate or someone who doesn’t make it past ten minutes in a horror film, and if they do last any longer, then they’ll bump them off eventually before the credits role.

My guess is that horror films often times require empathy for you to enjoy them. Think about it. If you don’t give a shit about what happens to the people on screen, then what the hell is the point? Naturally black folks aren’t worth feeling sorry for. So, their asses got to go right off the bat. It’s something that I, Brotha and many other black folks have written posts bitching about. Yet, it still keeps happening. Why? Because any version of a person of color must be filtered through the lens of white eyes.

You can’t have a good-looking, engaging, charismatic hottest of hotties like Chow-Yun Fat be relatable to white moviegoers, unless he plays a cliché at some point. Same thing goes for “28 Days Later” star Naomie Harris. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t have films like “Indian Runner” or “Once Were Warriors” on multiple screens around America. But have somebody like Mike Myers or Jack Black playing a man of color in an extremely offensive way and that movie will open across the globe everywhere.

“The movies that humanize non-white folks won’t sell as many tickets as the ones that mock or make fun of us,” according to Hollywhite logic.

What’s worse is POC actors act subservient on screen while seeming to love every minute of being a caricature. Any black person who believes that the days of Stepin Fetchit are over is completely deluding themselves. It’s gotten so bad that now even black men are playing mammies, unless you have another word for what it is that Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy are doing when they dressed in drag as old, fat black women.

And if it’s not stereotyping, then it’s ignoring altogether. I have noticed that once Disney makes a princess flick with a female of color then you never see them represented again. No more Native Americans, Asians, Arabs and certainly darkies from A-fri-ca need apply. Your services are no longer valued once they get what they want from you.

I recall long ago when I first saw “A Soldier’s Story”. In one incredibly powerful scene, the late and very great Adolph Ceasar recounts an incident that happened when he first got in the army. He was explaining to another character why he hated one particular soldier in their barracks. While he and fellow black cadets were at a bar In France, some white males were there also. The white privates told some French women that black people were monkeys and to emphasize their attitude convinced a black male to parade around with a tale and a sign declaring him king of the monkeys which he happily joined in on, oblivious to the outrage of his fellow blacks. He was killed later that night.

Now, I don’t want to kill any black performer or entertainer that enjoys being a high paid coon to the delight of white audiences. I do however believe that a few of them need a serious beatdown.


53 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Stereotype Is as Stereotype Does

    1. @ MIckey:

      I’ve seen this video before. Thanks for posting it. It is very, very good and informative.

      1. Here is another documentary about the depiction of Muslims/Middle Easterners in Hollywood:

      1. Yeah? So? I chose to come here to read a bunch of racist, paranoid crap. It doesn’t change that it’s a bunch of racist, paranoid crap.

    1. Then try better stupid. And how am I being paranoid if it’s true dummy? Hollywood along with the news media use negative symbolism to make themselves look superior and higher class than others. If what you say is the case then why don’t we see more movies about the white males who go around killing people in mass shootings like what happened recently with Eliot Rodgers. White males can commit sickeningly violent crimes yet the majority of violence is portrayed by men of color so whose fault is that.

      1. You’re wrong because you’re a racist who’s too blinded by your own racism to see how Hollywood DOES feel themselves to be superior but to ALL people no matter what color they are. They make movies about dumb or killer or stupid or druggie white people all the time. You just fixate on the ones they make about black people. Your racism makes you paranoid. I never met more racist people than black people in my life always making complete genralizations about people they have no clue about then getting all upset if someone else was to do the same thing to them. Grow up.

      2. Then how do you explain so many movies that feature white males as the main character in diverse roles, including those of POC? Hell, some of them are in makeup to look like POC?

        On the flip side, why are the roles for POC limited to stock characters used endlessly more often than other roles?

        Black people are not the most racist people on Earth for the simple fact that we have no power or privilege to determine the fates of other people, including whites. Have Africans invaded Europe for colonization? No. Have Africans enslaved Europeans? No. Have Africans caused the genocide of another group of people and stripped them of their lands? No? Have we bombed nations of color throughout history? No. I could go on, but I think it would be useless educating someone who prefers to bury his hand under the sand than know anything beyond the Fox News station. The point is that we are not at the top of the socioeconomic and political food chain, especially through cruel means that would NEVER go away no matter how hard you or xPrae convince yourselves. It’s historical truth. Deal with it.

        Bottom line, your colorblind/blacks are more racist crap is just a trolling tactic. This blog was not design for your best interests. So, don’t expect a lot of these articles to cater to your feelings because they mean nothing to me. If you want to continue to troll over here like a blithering idiot, be my guest, but don’t cry when anyone here makes a bigger fool out of yourself than you already do.

      3. More paranoid racist crap. Africans did all the genocide and invading and killing and enslaving and land stripping you mentioned IN AFRICA. They didn’t have to go anywhere else to do it. I could go on, like cannibalism and widespread homosexuality and rape and slavery and pillaging but I think it would be useless educating someone who prefers to bury his head in the sand and can’t think for himself and doesn’t watch Fox News and does nothing more than follow the herd like a sheep. Being a racist has nothing to do with your socio-economic status it has to do with your head and your beliefs. If your beliefs are racist and paranoid then your a paranoid racist. Simple as that. You’re a sheep in wolf’s clothnig brotha.

        Oh, and the last time Africans did all that crap was during the Clinton Adminsitration and I wonder what those Africans are doing with those Nigerian girls they kidnapped. Oh, that’s rigth theey’re keeping them as sex slaves. So in answer to your steaming crap. Yes, Africans do all that crap and they’re still doing it. Your attempt to reveal me as a blithering idiot reveals you as a blithering idiot.

  1. And yet it remains true that while not all arabs are terrorists, the vast majority of terrorists are arabs. A movie about terrorism that is NOT about arabs wouldn’t be believable and no one would watch it.

      1. If you don’t know that what I said is true then why would you even comment on it? Anyone who has been paying attention AT ALL knows that terrorism comes overwhelmingly from muslim arabs today. Duh!

        Try what again.

      2. I’ll be honest and write real slow so you can understand. I pay attention to what’s going on in the world.

  2. Brothawolf I notice a flare in temperament in the third portion where you address “sellouts” or what you perceive to be sellouts. It’s a reminder that some people maybe only trying to survive and might not make the best decisions given situational moments. Even with every attempt CNN makes to make amends of their past behaviors and make aware of what people struggle through with their programming shows I still see that there’s still so much that will remain the same. My point is to talk and blog about but don’t take it too personally as there’s somethings that may be completely out of your control… Peace

    1. He didn’t write this I did as for sellouts the bottom line is that we are all responsible for our choices. Also I have a very BIG issue with black folks in the media who bitch about racism one minute then contribute to it the next. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem and if they truly want to end racism then they need to stop placating what the dominant society does. You can’t keep playing follow the leader then complain that the game is unfair.

  3. @ Viewer

    Do you ever consider the biases in media. What war industries sell war for profit and who are they majority owned by? Could it be that a biased media and not enough deep rooted research along with the deeply rooted racial biases you possess due your coddled experiences help narrow your view point in such a way?

      1. It’s something to consider. It’s right to be aware and pick out the strong issues regarding the disintegration of dignity, but then there’s the need for compassion and empathy. You take a step back and consider the “sellouts” and really examine their motives and what’s available to them before striking down a verdict.

    1. What a stupid post Teddy. I have no racial biases and you have no idea what my experiences were. Did you post such a dumb post because of your past as a child molester, or was it something else?

      1. What the hell are you talking about, TeddyBearChubs being a child molester? Are you that much of a prick to confuse insults as criticisms?

      2. Oh, so it’s okay for Chubs to insult me, but not for me to insult him? What kind of wacked-out blog are you running here? If Chubs has the right to say that I’m narrow-minded, with racial biases and a coddled experience and he even knows how much research I’ve done and he doesn’t know me from Adam then I can call him a child molester even though I don’t know him. You complain aboiut insults being used as criticism when that’s all you do. smh

    2. The people I criticize are adults and therefore responsible for their actions. I think many of the ones I call ‘sellouts’ get off on throwing other blacks under the bus. They think that keeps them safe and I say bullshit if white people who mock and vilify black folks what makes them believe they are special?

  4. I do wonder about that whole dressing like an old, fat, Black woman in movies.This is a thing now? I guess its a lot easier to slap different versions of PoC in the face for the price of one, well paid- for star.

    What bothers me is the lazy depiction of other countries down to one aspect of that country. Movies and TV shows about Africa never mention that there are cities, not much different from American cities on the continent and food is never mentioned at all.

    Paradoxically, Asians only live in cities. Apparently they don’t live in rural areas in Japan unless they’re wearing Kimonos. Southeast Asia is always depicted as a city in ruins, with traditional Chinese Architecture and people in pajamas.

    Native Americans are always depicted as Plains Indians, no matter what tribe it is.

    Its a form of lazy shorthand done by writers (Hell, the whole industry) that never bothers to do the most basic research about any of the cultures they depict. It gets tired.

      1. That could also be called The Big Lie. Everyone does it, even the ones accusing others of telling The Big Lie.

      2. It’s amazing how blind you are to your douchebag behavior.

        No they aren’t. This racist POS knows exactly what they are posting. The fact that he/she is claiming that Teddy is a child molester in order to rile up other posters is indicative of this fucking fool’s intent. As for calling others ‘raciss’, that’s just the white racists way of flipping the script. If this person actually thought that there was no serious racism around anymore and that white people do not think about blacks the way they are claimed to, what in the hell is this person doing here? Let the comedy commence!

      3. Well, I gave viewer the benefit of a doubt, but I also thought about him possibility trolling for shits and giggles. Either way, he’s playing himself if he thinks it doesn’t make him look foolish.

      4. @ Herneith you’re wrong as usual. Chubs insulted me so I insulted him right back. Do you think you racists are the only ones who can use insults? Since you’re obviously uneducated and illiterate I wouldn’t expect you to understand that so I tried to make it simpler for you.

  5. You guys just go ahead and keep telling yourselves the Big Lie and keep finding excuses for your own failures. Then make sure you go out and collect the white man’s check.

  6. I was in Aldi’s the other day and the store was really busy. It took me like a half hour to get through the checkout line. When I asked the clerk what was going on he said EBT day. I looked around there was not a single white personin the store and it was packed. We love to hate the white man but we’ll sure take his money.

    1. So your visit at one lousy store is proof that black people are the most welfare recipients. That’s intelligent and complex thinking.

      There is such a thing called confirmation bias and sampling error. Oh, but that would require some thinking, which is totally liberal and therefore, unacceptable. LOL SMH.

      You really don’t know how stupid you sound.

  7. Well, well, well, someone comes here finally and disagrees with the Brotha! I thought I’d never see the day! Good to see it. Looking forward to some spirited debate.

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