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We’re down to the final stretch, everyone. You will start notice, if you haven’t already, that xPrae tends to repeat his ‘facts’. I can only believe that he does this because he has no sources. So, he uses himself as a source and repeats his views to convince others that it’s the one and only truth. Please be on the lookout for statements he has said before at least once.

• White people, by far still the largest group in America, have been ridding themselves for a very long time — for good or ill — of prejudice of any kind. The incredibly swift rise of homosexuality from a diagnosed psychological order to a supposedly perfectly natural human “difference” to be celebrated (or else!) demonstrates this. The ability of feminism, to turn on their heads, the country, the workplace, the law, families, the idea of the family itself and all of society — without a shot being fired, and in the space of a couple of generations — supports it. Mountains of minority/women/gay-friendly laws, programs, policies, institutions, agencies — all put in place in a majority-white country — buttress the notion that white Americans are hardly prejudiced at all. Against anything or anyone!

xPrae has said that white folks have been trying to get rid of their prejudices for a long time. Yet, there are no source links or snippets from articles to back up that statement or anything else in the paragraph above. He uses this as one of a few resolves he uses to oppose the notion of white racism’s crippling magnitude. Note how he uses the same premise to conclude that whites are pushing for equality for LGBTs and women.

Furthermore, white people didn’t just decide one day out of the blue to hand over or provide wide access to vast wealth, social standing and power — again, with barely a shot fired. This massive acquiescence to nearly any demand at all from just about any bunch of people who could constitute themselves into an identifiable grievance group, has been brewing for decades and probably centuries.

But of course. People had to march, protest, boycott and even riot in order to get white people’s attention. History has shown that the oppressor never “gives away” their power. The oppressed must force the oppressor to make changes. However, there was no “massive acquiescence” as xPrae describes, and there are still heavy inequalities that suffocate the livelihood and progress of POC.

• Free stuff. Massive, unprecedented in world history, redistribution of incomprehensible sums of money — more than 20 trillion dollars — going vastly disproportionately to minorities demonstrates the lack of white bias. A simple point: If, as black people have told me, free stuff and money don’t compensate for the crime of slavery, then (1) recipients of the free stuff were always free to decline it, and (2) what, if anything, does compensate for slavery? Finally, (3) the extraordinary effort to hand over free stuff constitutes at least prima facie proof of a lack of anti-black animus on the part of white people.

I wrote about that here with links to sources to back up my position.

• After 9/11, America went immediately into a frenzy to warn all Americans to be absolutely certain not to do, or say, or even think anything that might be construed as even slightly anti-muslim. The odd term “Islamophobia” sprang up nearly overnight.

Puh-lease! America when into Islamophobia at full force, especially at the ‘fair and balanced’ world of Fox News. Even before 9/11, Americans had prejudicial fears regarding Muslims and Middle Easterners. And it’s worse now than it was years ago.

• It’s entirely possible that, based on objective evidence, white Americans are the least racist, the least bigoted, the least prejudiced definable group anywhere in the world today.

Once again, xPrae doesn’t present any of that “objective evidence”. I, on the other hand, have some that refutes his. Where is your proof, xPrae? 

If this is the portrait of an “oppressor,” then it’s no wonder billions all over the world are trying to shed their current oppressors, and live under America’s.

If you recall, in Part II, xPrae mentioned how POC from all over the world are coming here as proof that this isn’t a racist country. This is a clear sign of low-level thinking those on the right seem proud of.

So, really, I wish I could have found someone in the RGI who was able to advance a substantive argument in rebuttal to our hypotheses. I wanted to hear of things that could be used to draw conclusions about America as a whole, not anecdotes and long out-dated statistics and bromides.

xPrae has. He just can’t argue or debate with him/her without resorting to being a total drama queen. By the way, he’s repeating himself yet again.

From what we have seen, and experienced this past year, it seems likely — definitive? — that there simply are no substantive arguments against our point.

There he goes again.

We initially held out some hope for Abagond, who presents a more cerebral-seeming blog. However, he was quick to ban us from his pages, a sure sign that someone is insecure in his beliefs. Brotha Wolf hung around for a while, banned us early, then un-banned us, then re-banned us, and even came here to try to engage us for a bit. I give him a lot more credit than to any of his or Abagond’s readers, none of whom could produce anything more than the same tired old irrelevant or outdated dross.

Let’s get one thing straight, because I was there watching it unfold. Abagond banned him because he was being a dick. He called him out on his thinking and his troll-by-defintion tactics. He called him out on your abusive attitude, subjective views being held as ‘facts’ and outright lying. And instead of owning up to it like a man, xPrae went out in his false bravado claiming it’s part of a project. And I’m sure he said something else that was the final straw. So, Abagond needed to kick him out because he overstayed your welcome. And that’s why I banned him as well. He brought nothing new or enlightening to any topic he has crossed. And he has shown why I and many other people consider him a racist troll.

Even Brotha Wolf, though, proved unable to produce any substantive objections to our points, and eventually degenerated into a tired-sounding broken record, repeating over and over again the same old evasions, insults and irrelevancies just so he could get the last word.

Oh good grief! xPrae has to just admit that any different opinions or views, including those supported by actual information by qualified persons, is something he simply can’t stand.

It’s probably safe to say that the complete dearth of substantive opposition pretty decisively makes our case for us.

White racism is not a big problem in America anymore.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. xPrae ends it with his repeat verse. But he will play that same broken record at his blog where he and his friends will dance to the same old tunes once again.