xPrae’s Racism Denial: Part II

xPraetorius has expectedly written a response article as I knew he would. In the end, he’s just rehashing his points with no new developments or references. Let’s continue on.

From our dealings with the RGI, they have never — not even once — answered several glaring, hard-to-dispute points that indict their position: These points are:

• Despite the RGI allegations that America is a racist country, people of all colors are flocking to come here, not to leave. There is no widespread movement of people or peoples trying to get out.

It’s as simple as that, ladies and gentlemen. Since people of color from all over the world are coming here, then America can not be all that racist. So, the so-called RGI must be out of their minds with their claims of American being a racist nation.

• While slavery was an indisputable evil, black Americans today are likely far better off for their long ago ancestors’ having been brought to America against their will. Very few black Americans are trying to make the reverse trip back to Africa.

xPrae starts off with a point that I agree with, but then…He wants me to think we are better off today due to our ancestors’ being kidnapped. It’s no surprise that he also left off genocide, brutal beatings, lynchings, rapes, families being torn, and all other crap Africans went through. There’s no deny that times today are better than they were long ago, but today we still have to deal with the school-to-prison pipeline, stop-and-frisk, police violence, the prison industrial complex, gentrification, institutionalized poverty, unemployment and underemployment, being paid a fraction of what whites are paid for almost any job, poor education with history rewritten in favor of whites, etc. etc.

And by the way, the ends does not justify the means. The fact that African Americans are living in America does not cancel out the bloodstained origins of how Africans got here. Any attempt to try to turn the slave trade into some lucky incident shows a definite lack of moral intellect, something xPrae will deny having.

There have been large movements to return to the Motherland either in a physical or psychological sense. In any case, it was a way to reclaim that which was beaten out of African Americans. If xPrae would actually research instead of coming up with ideas from his backside and call them facts, it would not take long to actually find sources that highlight this part of history. But that’s assuming that xPrae has ever argued fairly.

• The unfettered ability of black Americans freely to publish, broadcast and disseminate widely, the most scathing condemnations of America stands as its own contradiction. How could a country supposedly so hostile to black people allow those same people to excoriate it so openly and so bitterly?

Easy, because there are black folks who know more about this country than most people think. Not all of us think like the brothas and sistas on the right. Believe it or not, we have individual minds of our own, because…well, we’re individuals. And some black people have seen the ugliness this country tries, and fails, to hide. They will not hide it, especially if it offends so-called “patriots”. They will tell their truths and opinions, because they have a right to.

• If a black person — really any person — (1) speaks well, (2) obtains an education, (3) works hard, (4) gets along well with others, and (5) presents himself pretty much normally, he can succeed in America.

xPrae has said this millions of times. I wonder if he’s trying to convince himself more than others. But anyway, no one is against such advice. However, the truth is that it’s not always the case. In many cases, it ain’t. Some people have succeeded with the help of connections. Some have gotten to the top based on cheating their way upwards. Some were literally born into environments where success is given to them based on bloodlines alone. And – I’m gonna go there – some have gotten what they wanted based on physical privileges by an unfair society.

• “Recourse.” For minorities there is recourse at every turn for abuses real or imagined. In a racist country, it’s simply not possible that such recourse could be so widely and readily available.

So, in xPrae’s mind if this was a racist country, there would be no help for minorities. That is mostly correct if we’re to put it in easy terms. But as with his point about this not being a racist nation, he seems to see this nation as a monolithic construct where everyone and everything is overtly KKK-level racist. But it’s not that simple. Racism was never that simple.

The United States was built on racism. It thrived off racism. And racism is still here as part of its life energy. But it’s in a form that xPrae doesn’t believe exist no matter how many examples you present. It’s more covert and complex. More intricate and deceitful. It’s something xPrae can not accept as the reality, because he seems to equate racism with the Klansman-level hate. Me stating this is the same as me not accepting my personal failures, a conservative move to avoid the issue and reality of racism and a dishonest attempt to prove a point.

No one said there was no help for minorities, but information shows that help is largely minimal, extremely hard to find, across the country. Compared to the structural-based inequalities that people of color are still facing, it is hardly enough. The trillions of dollars that xPrae repeats over and over again doesn’t heavily flow into black households. He has yet to produce any sliver of reference to that claim, let alone explained it in detail. So, one has to assume that he basically made it up.

We also made several corollary points, and none of these met with any serious opposition either. Oh, there was plenty of “You’re wrong!” and “You’re a racist!” but that was it. There was no serious, substantive disagreement.

I bet there was more than enough serious opposition to those points. But, xPrae continues to object them. Disagreeing with him means you’re a leftist. Therefore, your arguments are invalid. The end. To him, there is no such thing as a serious disagreement, even if there was no name-calling involved. It’s practically an oxymoron to him, the same opinion many on the right hold dear to avoid any serious discussion on racism, especially if they are racism’s participants and engineers, and shift the fault back into those who are on the receiving end.

I’ve called out xPrae on where he was wrong and racist, and explained extensively. He will deny that to be true, but there are witnesses who have seen how this guy argues here and on Abagond’s blog. Both of us have incurred the wrath of xPraetorius’ right-wing, racist white male paternalism and have responded with easily researched information, statistics and data, even though he is smart enough to do that himself, that support how wrong he is. At first, it was largely civil until he became almost childlike, insulting us, other commenters and our thoughts and opinions as if we don’t know as much as he does. To xPrae, we are children who need to be put in our place. That’s why many consider him a mere troll with a blog.

To be continued…


16 thoughts on “xPrae’s Racism Denial: Part II

  1. I hope you’re planning to let xPrae comment here about this. Otherwise, I don’t blame him if he takes this content to his blog to comment on it there. I wish I could see you guys go at it. I might even jump in once in a while.

      1. Waht do you think tha the has done that is dishoinest or not in good faith? I mean did he lie or someting? Or did you jsut not like what he said? I think yhou shoujld let him b ak because I want t o take a shot at him. I could beat him.

      2. Simple:

        1. He constantly tells me that racism is not a big problem in America.
        2. He considers my opposing responses “silly” and “poppycock”, among other words.
        3. He produces NO sources for his info out of himself.
        4. He wants me to join his way of thinking.
        5. He looks down on black people who does not side with the right.

    1. He was taking his comments to his page and arguing them there wayyyy before anyone engaged him or he engaged anyone. This was also done to commenters making comments on the blog post as well. It became very ugly when he had to actually debate his position. He wants one to agree on every thing he says. No agree to disagree or anything inbetween.

      1. I don’t know what that means. You all sound like you’r eafraid of him. I think we can beat him if we all get together.

      2. You must be talking about yourself, judging by your comments alone. We’re not afraid of him. At least, I’m not. I feel sorry for him. He has potential and smarts, but he’s a total sociopath.

    1. When he brags about how he has projects, connections and the like, I see his blogpage as a contradiction. If he’s that important, shouldn’t he have a website of his own, for starters?

  2. You guys are pathetic. I thought my own people wouold handle themselves better. You seriously BAN people here? I come form a contry where they banned peolple from speaking there minds nd I’ fucking glad I’m here. But my peopel are making me ashamed.

    1. I think I’ve handled myself pretty well. And yes. I ban people here when they act like pricks or just being trolls. I can do that because it is my blog.

      If you are “one of us”, you should know that yes, you can speak your mind here, but you also have the freedom to not listen, especially if they say nothing constructive or innovative. That’s what I did with xPrae, because he portrays himself as a snotty intellectual of low-level thinking.

      In my opinion, stop kissing up to a white man who thinks your opinion only matters if it’s synonymous with his, especially when you come here telling me that you’re on my side. If you are, you would see xPrae for the bully his is and not defend his actions. Period.

  3. Wow! I read what xPrae wrote over at his blog. It’s no wonder your afraid to debate him. He shredded your article. I’ll read your new one but I bet he’ll take that one apart too.

    1. It’s obvious you don’t belong here. So, why not go back to xPrae and cheer for him all you want. Otherwise, anymore responses from you will end up in the spam folder or deleted entirely. So, you wanna continue you’re juvenile cheerleading sessions, or would you rather leave quietly? Your choice.

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