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Map of locations and timeline of the massacre

Another chapter in a long history of disgruntled male violence has opened up in Isla Vista, California near the University of California, Santa Barbara. A young man, who has documented and taped his frustrations of “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires”, which include his hatred of women for supposedly treating him lower than sludge, went on a killing rampage that took the lives of seven people, including himself, and wounding thirteen. All of his victims were women and men.

It was reported that the young suspect was Elliot Rodger, the 22 year-old son of the Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. It was also noted that the younger Rodger had mental problems. He had Asperger syndrome and “trouble making friends”. But what is also mentioned is that he suffered from male entitlement that was denied, according to his video and 140-page manifesto, and he wanted the world, especially women, to suffer dearly.

I’ve experienced, what I believed, a boatload of female ostracization since puberty. I was played, picked on, teased and mostly ignored by girls in high school and women in college. At the same time, I saw my friends and even relatives get more ‘positive’ attention from women. It included things like sitting beside them, phone calls, letters and even involved cuddling, lap sitting and even laying on top of them. I was jealous, and bitter. I started to hate and fear women more than I disliked the men they seem to be more comfortable with. I blamed women a lot for my bitterness, which I still have inside.

Telling this to friends, some of their responses suggested that the problem may not be with those women, but with me. At first, I felt insulted. I thought I was the true victim. I thought for some reason I was targeted because I was nice and quiet and that girls love the thug types. In fact, one woman suggested that was the problem. I wasn’t “hard” enough.

Looking back at what I’ve went through comparing it to the massacre in Isla Vista, I can see the connection. Like Rodger, I felt like women didn’t like me, at least not to my satisfaction. I felt entitled to get the same affections I’ve seen with my friends, because I felt like I deserved it.

I never thought that I was part of my own problem. When I was getting played, I enabled those to keep getting away with using me. I was too nice not to stand up and say ‘no more’. And I keep hoping for something in return like a kiss. When I felt ignored or left hanging, I let it be known by making them fell worse than I did. Of course, there were some females who initiated some drama, but I was still responsible for the rest. This makes me wonder about Elliot Rodger’s experiences with women. Was he a victim of mean girls, or was he a total dick to them which caused his own sexual banishment?

Elliot Rodger

In his manifesto which details not only his rage, but also his plan to carry out his vengeance in great detail, Rodgers declared his ‘War on Women‘ for depriving him of sex. He says that they deprived him of sex for a whole month and gave pleasure to other men. He didn’t go into detail, but it he evidently pissed. So pissed that he wants to “deliver a devastating blow that will shake all of them to the core of their wicked hearts.”

Rodger seems to have his sights set on a particular group of women, the sorority of Alpha Phi which he claims is the hottest:

After doing a lot of extensive research within the last year, I found out that the sorority with the most beautiful girls is Alpha Phi Sorority. I know exactly where their house is, and I’ve sat outside it in my car to stalk them many times. Alpha Phi sorority is full of hot, beautiful blonde girls; the kind of girls I’ve always desired but was never able to have because they all look down on me.

They are all spoiled, heartless, wicked bitches. They think they are superior to me, and if I ever tried to ask one on a date, they would reject me cruelly. I will sneak into their house at around 9:00 p.m. on the Day of Retribution, just before all of the partying starts, and slaughter every single one of them with my guns and knives.

If I have time, I will set their whole house on fire. Then we shall see who the superior one really is!

To some, this makes it seem like Rodgers was the victim. They will conclude that it was the fault of women for being so stuck-up not to offer themselves to a dude, which is what they’re supposed to them, according to them. Some will go so far as to say that those victims had it coming to them. But his manifesto revealed clues that he was not quite the gentleman he thought he was.

Elliot Rodger not only showed off his male privilege in his text, but also his white privilege as seen in his view of interracial relationships:

How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more. I tried not to believe his foul words, but they were already said, and it was hard to erase from my mind. If this is actually true, if this ugly black filth was able to have sex with a blonde white girl at the age of thirteen while I’ve had to suffer virginity all my life, then this just proves how ridiculous the female gender is. They would give themselves to this filthy scum, but they reject ME? The injustice!

This brings more clues into his true personality. His racism is glaring as he vents about a black male hooking up with a white female while he is left with his virginity. Not only is his misogynistic attitude obvious, but also his white male sexual entitlement.

We also see that he was insecure as shown in his highlighting of a couple happier than he ever was:

On one of my very last days as a teenager, as I was sitting at my usual place at the food court outside Domino’s, I saw a sight that shattered my heart to pieces. A tall, blonde, jock-type guy walked into one of the restaurants, and at his side was one of the sexiest girls I had ever seen. She too was tall and blonde. They were both taller than me, and they kissed each other passionately. They made me feel so inferior and worthless and small. I glared at them with intense hatred as I sat by myself in my lonely misery. I could never have a girl like that. The sight was burned into my memory, and it caused a scar that will haunt me.

And, like me, Rodgers talked about women being attracted to the ‘wrong type of male’:

When I dropped my college classes, I crossed a threshold that I knew existed, but never actually believed I would cross. It completely ended all hope I had of living a desirable life in Santa Barbara. I realized that I would be a virgin forever, condemned to suffer rejection and humiliation at the hands of women because they don’t fancy me, because their sexual attractions are flawed.

They are attracted to the wrong type of male. I always mused to myself that I would rather die than suffer such an existence, and I knew that if it came to that, I would exact my revenge upon the world in the most catastrophic way possible. At least then, I could die knowing that I fought back against the injustice that has been dealt to me.

Students of the University of Santa Barbara mourn the victims of the massacre.

It’s hard to feel sorry for Elliot Rodger. Going by his words, he was not looking for love as much as he wanted to get some. He wanted to bang hot chicks, but he got no luck whatsoever. And still going by his words, I can see why.

Rodger didn’t appear to see women as people. He saw them more as objects for his sexual appetite. And he was starving. Something set him off to the point of no return. And he set out to make others pay. He shot, stabbed and ran over as many people as he could before he ultimately took his own life. All of this is due to the toxic environment of male entitlement that can damage and destroy many lives, not just women but men also.