Celeb Fights Over Missing Girls

The mainstream media has a funny definition as to what constitutes as “newsworthy”. It seems with all of its liberalism in news reporting, it shows that it can as racist as the conservative noise machine that is FOX News, albeit less obvious.

Several weeks ago, the internet learned of the kidnapping of more than 230 girls in Nigeria. Soon after, online news outlets, blogs and social media came out to address this crisis. It even gave birth to the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. Even First Lady Michelle Obama got in on the movement.

The mainstream media has not been reliable in covering this story. It seemed it had other priorities such as the Korean ferry disaster and the missing Malaysian plane. While both are indeed tragedies, why wasn’t the kidnapped Nigerian girls covered or, at least, covered in depth as the other two stories?

To make matters worse, the media literally jumped all over the story of Donald Sterling and his racist conversations with his mistress, and it became a top issue that reopened the conversations of racism at high levels of economic power. The media participated lighting flames in the firestorm lit by the dominant force in celebrity trash reporting TMZ.

Of course, most news outlets seem to follow TMZ as if it was the oracle of the private lives of Hollywood’s shining stars, ready to pounce at a chance to catch them make fools out of themselves. And it seems hellbent in searching any and all signs of black pathology perpetrated by black athletes and black actors more so than they do with famous whites. What did you expect from a company that took a poll asking what should black people be referred as? (Guess which one of the choices were.)

Harvey Levin, the man behind TMZ

Case in point, recently, the most popular celebrity news going around is the infamous hotel elevator fight when video cameras recorded Beyonce’s little sis Solange attacking Jay-Z. Naturally, TMZ was the first ones to obtain the footage. And in literally no time, after it was reported by TMZ, it because a sensational topic on almost all news outlets. It’s still trending on Twitter creating memes for cheap laughs.

The mainstream news media took almost a month before they went in on the story of the missing Nigerian girls, especially after social media made it a topic. However, it took the same media no less than a week to latch on to TMZ’s coat tails to report the Jay-Z/Solange fight. What does that say about how our media views today’s issues?

It’s a safe bet to conclude that famous people fighting is considered ‘news’ by a media cheapened by lazy reporting, especially if it always cites TMZ as its only primary source. But it gets worse. We live in an age where black folks, rich and famous and poor and disenfranchised, throwing blows on someone is extremely attractive to watch. In many cases, that is considered ‘news’. Worse still is that it gets more attention than news of black folks doing good deeds, engaging in acts of kindness and heroism or are excelling in certain avenues other than music and sports. And when we go missing, who cares? Negroes were fighting – again! That’s news!

It’s natural that humans love to watch a good throw-down. Black people are not above watching or participating. But let’s be real. Race always plays a factor in how it’s viewed just as much as race plays a role in who deserves urgent attention in cases of missing persons.


38 thoughts on “Celeb Fights Over Missing Girls

  1. Seriously TMZ should change it’s call letters to KKK that is one of the most blatantly racist shows on TV! They might as well be hosted by David Duke and having a bunch of house nigger assclowns around doesn’t make it any less so.

  2. Media sucks. They make a big deal over nothing. I hope that they find these girls but at the same time, I hope that they don’t divide Nigeria and stole oil from their land

    1. I’m trying to believe that white celebs fight like hell too, but either they don’t, hence the lack of such reporting, or they’re trying to cover that shit up.

  3. @ everybody:

    Dr. Umar Johnson says that all media — not just news but entertainment as well — are all part of the racist propaganda machine. Here are two videos where he explains this view (a poster put one of these videos here last year):

  4. Folks for every white racist piece of shit who is revealed in the media, you will get ten more stories about black ‘pathologies’. They underlying message; ‘it’s not nice what they say but those niggers deserve it’. Read between the lines and stop reading and supporting these sites. If you can’t, learn to figure out what they are really putting out there.

    1. But we still have to keep an eye on them and call them on their bullshit. It’s why they get so defensive when someone like me says something to them that isn’t flattering. I’m a Negro with a brain their worst nightmare.

      1. they do but other white folks will be DAMNED if they show themselves as negative. they need to keep up that ideal that they are perfect.

      2. Yeah, but it seems not nearly as frequent as black celebs. It’s like with TMZ, they know certain white celebs who will fuck up like Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. So, they follow them around. But with black celebs, it’s like they will follow any of them around, especially rappers and ball players, waiting for the chance that some shit will go down.

  5. Actually white celebs do it quite often (Justin Bieber, Colin Ferrel, etc.). Plus there have been a number of white celebs get killed when in the midst of drug induced idiocy (Sam Kennison, James Belushi, Chris Farley). The difference is that they get the benefit of their idiocy being placed as having been under the influence of drugs or alcohol and as a result get a pass. For us they just label it as “Negroes wilding out again!”

  6. Ok but i’m not sure what people are expecting?

    At least speaking for myself, i consider the kidnapping a Black world issue, so naturally i do not expect the white media to give it any coverage.

    1. Ann Coulter is a disgusting ratings troll whose views have no purpose among people with even the most basic shred of intelligence.

      I’m not sure when we jumped the shark in this country to allowing politics and ratings to trump basic (and I mean, BASIC) humanity. At the end of the day its dozens upon dozens of young girls who’ve been kidnapped and rather than express empathy (or just not mentioning it at all) people belittle those who express even a shred of empathy. Of course, given our history of slavery, racism, sexism, homophobia, and religious intolerance maybe we’ve always been this way and just allowed ourselves to believe we were something better.

    1. She’s mad because the dick is still there. She-male has not found a proper doctor to alter his genitalia.

  7. Hi B.Wolf

    Black male from England been reading your site for years. This is my first comment

    Yeah – You know what ? I blame white people for everything that happens to black people or any non white person, if it’s anything of any major impact

    I guess Boko Harem are the ne Al-Queeds

    Now they are very shrewd. They play both sides.

    The put up some people to do a kidnapping and then they put up some people to say “Let’s go get em !!”

    This is to cause confusion but it’s only black people who are gonna get hurt, on both sides. They give Boko all the arms and money and ability that it takes to disappear with the whole world looking for them now ? And they can not find them ? Now that should cause suspicion, right there

    This is a white man who can locate freaking star 25 million light years away

    But they can’t find these fellas and these black African are meant to be backward and stupid according to white supremacist logic. Right ?

    Cmon lol

    But these bogey men have appeared from no-where with their AK-47s, armoured vehicles, which need all kinds of maintenance, shiny boots and they have just vanished into thin air ?

    So then the white men says “Let’s saddle up and go get these guys” because they love the chase, now they could well find the girls dead but that’s just to incite more anger, then the white people say “OK, well we gotta stay in this area now because we got wipe these evil Boko Haram people out, we gotta hang around”

    Now that hanging around has a purpose because since when have white people, especially white supremacists been bothered about black vaginas or black wombs ?

    But all of a sudden all of these crocodile tears, comes from the white supremacists ?

    I don’t think so

    One thing I know about white people, when it comes to maintain their global dominance, they make long range plans, 5 year plans, 10 year plans, 100 year plans

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