Vern’s Venting: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Donald Sterling

I was originally going to call this post “Alcoholic Racist” after what a lady said in an interview with the NBC news show “Dateline”. The woman, who was an alcoholic, said that the best self-affirmation she could get that she didn’t have a problem with booze was seeing a down-and-out wino in the gutter. She could then point to that person and assure herself she was nothing like them.

The reason why I bring this up is that is exactly how I feel about so-called liberal white people anytime there is an incident like the current Donald Sterling scandal. By now, everyone with a pulse has heard the news that Sterling, a married man by the way, was pissed that his mistress V. Steviano put a picture on Instagram of her and basketball legend Magic Johnson and that she was seen cavorting with a black male rapper at a L.A. Clippers game, the team that Sterling owns. Apparently from the obnoxious, hateful and racist words Sterling used, he seems to think that owning a team of mostly black males means he owns them ala slavery days, particularly since he told Ms. Steviano that its ‘okay’ for her to socialize with Negroes. Just don’t do it in public. WHAT?!

He also claims that she and they should be more appreciative of his opinion seeing as how he takes care of them like the humble darkies of yesteryear I suppose. That is some straight up plantation mentality nonsense. Last I checked, asshole, they are your employees, not your fucking property.

This is the same bullshit we saw with Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert when superstar Lebron James dare pack up and leave for greener pastures with the Miami Heat. James took a lot of heat, especially from Gilbert, who wrote a scathing public letter about Mr. James alleged cruel betrayal. Yet, when noted activist Jesse Jackson spoke out about it, he was disregarded as playing the ‘race card’, even by other black folks. Wonder how those same quick-to-dismiss-blatant-in-your-face-racism folks are feeling right now. Probably the same as those in the media who hold Sterling up as a protection for their own racial failings. I’m not even talking about the obvious ‘racism is wrong’ crowd, but he has a right to say and think whatever he wants, and we can’t infringe upon free speech’ known as Fox News.

Dan Gilbert

No. I’m referring to the so-called liberals like Bill Maher, John Stewart, Barbara Walters, the little brats at TMZ and many others. The same people who denounce Sterling’s attitude even while they freely engage in his same mindset on a daily basis, unless you have a better reason to explain why is it that black male celebrities are singled out and demonized many times for behavior that white celebrities are equally guilty of. Since they can’t come up with one I’m going to go with racism, which is precisely why I hate when shit like this happens. Not because I’m upset that a blowhard, arrogant, stupid, worthless, old fart prick like Sterling is getting his. Not hardly. I hate that so many white people in the media, most of whom are no different than Sterling, are using this as an opportunity to clear their own bigoted conscience by pointing fingers of blame, all while secretly convincing themselves that they are absolutely above him and those of his ilk when nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s only their self-righteous, sanctimonious bullshit meant to make them feel good about themselves and, as usual, superior to others. That’s why this continued high and mighty grandstanding doesn’t sit well with me. Granted, I do agree with activist and author Shahrazad Ali that Sterling, being an old white coot and charter member of the boys club, is most likely just the tip of a very dirty huge iceberg. However, that still doesn’t mean he should get off scot free, especially when this is the same organization that has not let one opportunity pass to chastise or punish a black male player for looking at someone cock-eyed.

Sterling has since had to face fines in the excess of millions and has been banned for life from the NBA. To the head of the NBA, I say ‘good job’. I, for one, couldn’t be more thankful that he didn’t take the coward’s way out. Like those at Fake Noise who bemoan at the loss that Sterling now has to deal with, they have the nerve to denounce his comments one minute, then turn right around the next and say he still has a right to his despicable thoughts. Are you fucking kidding me?

Hell no! Sterling, who has the power to deny or allow a qualified individual a job solely based on skin color, doesn’t get a license to be a racist little shit and face no repercussions. That’s another thing that gets me. Those morons whine about his free speech while saying that what he said was terrible. Well, which one is it dumbass? It can’t be both.

Freedom of speech should never at any time be confused with hate speech. Sterling, like many of his kind, is a bitter, angry, pathetic old pig who, with his gang of cigar smoking, imported beer drinking buddies, have probably spent the past 6 years lamenting how low this country has sunk as they wax nostalgic about the good old days when Negroes knew their place and it damn sure wasn’t in the same space as him or in the big white mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That building was supposed to be reserved just for men like him. Much as I would like to believe that rich, white, conservative men and their families are the only ones who perpetuate that ideal of America, I know sadly that is not the case. The very same white people chomping at the bit to tear Sterling a new one do it with the phoniest of intentions. Not only do they not care but agree as well, leading me to gather that their whole goal is to make themselves the hero of the hour. However, it wouldn’t surprise me that behind closed doors it’s a completely opposite scenario.

I have a suggestion for them though. If you are going to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, then please do a better job of hiding your snout. We can see it from 100 miles away.


19 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. It’s so tempting to put fingers on the right wing conservatives, They’re obvious about their racism/bigotry, i.e., Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, the GOP. “Liberal” whites are also bigots/racists as well. They hide their racism under “social commentary”, “Ironic”, “hipster”, “satire”, etc.

    Bill Maher is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. His very hateful views of women, Muslims, People of Color, the working class, etc., are in league with Donald Sterling. Like Donald Sterling, he “dates” Black women while having racist/misogynistic views of us. He hates and ridicule Black men on a daily basis.

    He thinks that people like Sterling and Deen are misunderstood. We know better. Those liberals are more dangerous to us than conservatives.

    S. B.

    1. Yeah. Liberals talk a good game, but will play against us. Conservatives will not play with us, but will allow us to play with them if we accept their rules.

    2. Yeah a former fuck buddy Karrine Steffans said he used to make disparaging jokes about black people especially black women.

      1. Lavern Merriweather,

        Exactly. He thinks he can get into us Black women, disrespect us, demean us, and abuse us. At the same time, make hateful comments about Black men in general. Bill Maher is an epitome of white male privilege who can make racist comments about Blacks while sleeping with Sistas. He’s no different from slaveowners, KKK, segregationists, other privileged white men.

        I can’t wait for someone to write a scathing essay about Bill Maher and white male sexual privilege. Bill is a racist piece of work! I mean it.

        S. B,

  2. Well… At least you have taken the first step in differentiating between “white” liberals and genuine white Supremacists… Next up… Differentiating between “black” liberals and the nearly nonexistent genuine black Supremacist.

    1. He didn’t write this I did. And what you can now claim racism has affected you in such a bad way? Oh do tell maybe you need a hug or a telethon to ease your pain.

  3. This is too fucking funny brotha! It’s like these white racist assholes, once booted off one black oriented blog, are compelled to bounce to another until the are again banned! I had tears of mirth when I saw that moniker!

  4. Sorry Brothawolf….

    Are Jewish characters like Sterling actual white Supremacists?

    Some “on my side” seem to believe that the whole Sterling affair is evidence of liberals eating liberals, i.e., self-annihilation, and this is a reason for celebration, but I have warned them that in the eyes of the radical “black” liberationist this is an example of “blacks” liberating from “white supremacy.”

    How do you see it?

    1. Where did you read that Sterling is Jewish. (I’m not saying that’s not true, but I’m wondering where did you hear that?)

      If there’s a case of self-annihilation, it’s found more so in the case of white-on-white crime.

      I see this as a case of open-mouth/insert-foot syndrome where an apparent racist got trapped by his own words. In the end, it’s his problem that he doesn’t like black people, not black people.

      Also, why is the word “black” in quotes?

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