Police Brutality Hits Close To Home (UPDATE)

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Mother’s Day. Sadly, something’s come up that needs to be addressed. I just learned that a friend and former high school classmate’s brother is a victim of police brutality.

Jeremy Gordon is a Howard University student who was stopped by police on Sunday May 4. While riding in his car *with his girlfriend*, he saw police lights and decided to pull over. They yelled for him to get out of the car. As he did, they yelled at him to get out of the car, snatched him out and thrown him to the ground, handcuffing him. Then, while he was restrained, he was punched three times, injuring his left eye. He was pepper-sprayed and dragged to his feet.

Gordon maintains that he did nothing wrong. According to the video provided by NBC Washington, he is clearly scarred physically and emotionally. He says that one of the cops saw his car’s New York license plates and told him “Welcome to Washington”.

Of course, the Washington Police has a different story. Documents stated that Gordon was being combative when he was stopped, even punched an officer. When informed of this, Gordon adamantly defied those records, stating they are all lies. Even his girlfriend agrees that he didn’t do anything. Still he is charged with assaulting an officer.

This young man, my friend and her family are going through a tough time with this ordeal. I sincerely hope they get justice. Please keep them in your prayers.

*ERROR*: I talked with his sister. She informed me that he was on his way to pick up his girlfriend, which means that he was alone in the car when the attack happened. I apologize for the discrepancy.

25 thoughts on “Police Brutality Hits Close To Home (UPDATE)

  1. One of my wife’s fiends was arrested during a traffic stop nearby. He is Latino and was a passenger when the driver was pulled over for routine traffic stop.

    The officer asked him for ID and he refused because he knew he didn’t have to produce it. So he was arrested for failing to comply with police. They are going to trial over it and everything.

  2. Dang, that’s just f’cked up. Black men being profiled. I hope your friends sue the police department. The police academy must pass a bunch of idiots through to be law officers. And you know about the 93 year old woman in Hearne, Texas that racist cop shot to death. Shot her five times. That’s a damn shame.

  3. I am so sorry that this happened to your friend’s brother. I doubt he did anything wrong. I really hope that he gets a fair trial but after what happened to Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, I have no faith in the system. They will always target Black males and it makes me sad. This story makes me concern for my little brother when he goes out in the world because the police officers love to target our men.

  4. This is how these suckers roll. They stop a black man minding his own business, Depending on what mood they are in they may beat the shit out of him. They will usually charge the victim assault’ in order the deflect any potential complaint. Even if the victim is acquitted of the charges, he or she will have expended vast amounts of time and money to overcome the charges. Worse case scenario, they may plant drugs on him. If the person has no resources whatsoever, they are literally fucked! Whatever the outcome they are screwed as they have been victimized on multiple levels; financially, physically and perhaps the worse, mentally. I hope he wins his lawsuit and gets millions(that’s one good thing about the States, no chump change settlements if you win!)

  5. http://www.justice.gov/crt/complaint/
    Hope that your friend will quietly and discreetly file a complaint with DOJ. Thinking of adding the app I am recommending to my own phone. It is unfortunate that incidents like this are on the rise in this country, and it makes this country look horribly bad. It is also problematic for cops, who take their jobs seriously. I wish your friend luck in getting justice.

  6. Damn! It’s a cryin’ shame when we as POC can’t even look forward to spending a bullshizz free weekend from these sicko, twisted-nutters who claim to serve and protect (more like sever, and noT protect)! After reading about this terrible misfortune that your dear friend has went through Brothawolf, I most certainly (Literally) did say a prayer for justice, peace, and healing for this young man and his family, this issue should be addressed on a major scale, or else all citizens (besides POC) will eventually be subject to an ever-increasing police state, and let’s see how they would like that then!?

    1. It should be a national conversation just like the subject of race. But “they’re” not having it seeing as how they prefer to hold on to the post-racial society lie.

  7. @ Darker people

    Whenever possible, always stop for the police in a populated well lit area so that other people (witnesses) can see what’s going down. Never pull over in a dark and-or deserted area.

  8. ^Although, I dunno about calling us ‘darker people’.^

    With all due respect, are we not factually darker than them? Isn’t it the same as saying ‘people of color’ which are darker than white people? Should I have said PoC instead of darker people?
    Is darker people somehow offensive? Is it to you like saying ‘darkies’?
    I happen to not like the phrase, ‘non-white’ people because it places white people at the center and everyone else outside of this make-believe place.

    Is there a rule on this site about which acceptable terms posters should use when referring to blacks and other not white people? Do you see my point now? I’m tryin to learn from you why this term isn’t acceptable or seen as something that me be ‘less than.’

    1. I’m just saying that it didn’t sit well with me when I first read it. I’m used to POC, African Americans, blacks, brothas/sistas, and Afro descent.

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